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Looking over my first entry, it occurs to me that I haven't said anything about my personal life: well, that's easy - I don't have one! Back when I was an undergrad, I was fairly active, but most of my gal friends left town when they graduated - and the few guys I dated weren't anyone I wanted to see outside of college. As for the doofuses who hang around the temp agencies, well, let's just say I've seen more promising specimens standing outside the Unemployment Office.

The reason I even mention this now is simple. This afternoon, I met the first man in ages who immediately tripped my trigger! His name is - naw, better not write that yet - but I met him at my job interview. No, I haven't graduated into full-time professional yet, but the job does sound like it'll be fun.

I'm gonna be a Mystery Shopper.

What this means is: yours truly will be getting paid to visit restaurants & stores - and spend money! Said business establishments are contracting for an anonymous person to evaluate the quality of their service. (In the case of restaurants, I'll also be evaluating their food!) The job requires some writing skills, since I'll be doing reports on each visit. But it's not like I need to be an expert on what I'm going in to buy. Main point is to be observant, check out cleanliness and staff friendliness, clock how long it takes me to get served - things like that. Like I said: sounds like fun.

Probably shouldn't name the agency that's hiring me, but it's a small subdivision of a larger company you probably haven't heard of, anyway. Trigger Tripper is the regional office manager: he's about five years older than me (and, no, I'm still keeping that bit of info to myself), but it's clear that he did a much better job acing the post-college job lottery than yours truly. Medium build with short curly hair and dark eyes that have definitely seen more than they let on. No doofus here, but we're not talking the grim brooding type either. One minute into my interview, and I was totally at ease, though it's obvious this guy doesn't let much get past him. Bet he'd make a great Mystery Shopper himself.

Tripper's the man who'll be doling out my assignments, and he's made it clear that if I'm not afraid to drive around a bit (looks like the barge-on-wheels'll be getting a work-out), there are as many shopping gigs out there for me as I want.

I'm ready to be a round-the-clock customer.

Tomorrow, I fill out the paperwork and receive my first assignment. Hopefully, this experience'll make a good blog topic: a peak into the mysterious world of customer service. We shall see.

[7:45 a.m.]

Well, here goes: thought I'd try my hand at this web log thing. At first blush, it doesn't seem all that different from the diary I kept as a young girl (over a decade ago! - and, no, I'm not going to tell you my age: don't know you that well yet!) though theoretically this is much more public, of course. Still, I can't see a whole lot of people being all that interested in the thoughts of a Midwestern former farm girl, struggling in the abyss known as temp work. Suppose I should introduce myself, though.

Like the heading says, I'm Denise Purchess. Until I can find a decent photo to post, a brief description of me will have to do. Like so many other small-town Midwesterners, I'm of German/Scandinavian ancestry with longish blond hair. I somehow missed out on the height department, but I've been told I look "healthily Nordic." If you ask me, that's just a polite way of saying I look fat - and like most American women I have days when I definitely feel obese. By any objective measurements, though, I'm not: just an average girl who wishes her legs were longer, so I could reach the top shelves in the kitchen.

Been living in tempville since I graduated from college (no, I don't have a marketable degree!) I'm looking for something a bit more stable, of course, but so far it's been no go. Got an appointment this afternoon, though, so, maybe - if I'm lucky - you'll soon be reading the blog of a full-time working gal.

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