I first heard of Denise Purchess from Bill Sherman, a fat admirer and avid web logger, last spring via email correspondence. "You need to see this, Wilson," he wrote. "I have no idea if it has an ounce of truth to it. But it sure reads like something out of one of your stories."

I followed the address that Bill included and found Purchess Blog, a month-long log detailing the fantastic experiences of its author. It took two entries for me to realize I was reading it backwards, but once I started at the proper beginning, I found that I indeed was reading something very familiar. Denise was living the story (it's always the same story, actually) I'd been writing for years!

Of course, I tried to contact the woman. But as will eventually become apparent, Denise's story was months out of date when I read it. And my attempts at tracking her down led to naught. I suspect her name was invented (it certainly is conveniently emblematic), though that doesn't mean the events she describes were.

I saved the pages of Purchess Blog on a diskette, and I'm glad I did. About a month after that f.a.'s email alerted me to its presence on the web, it disappeared - like so many sites - without any explanation. I like to think its author continued on the path she describes on these pages and would some day love to know how she's doing now. But I suspect the answer to those questions are only known by herself, a few close acquaintances and the man that she calls Tripper.

I wish her the best, though.

Wilson Barbers
Normal, Illinois
August 2002

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