Ah, the Recipients. Some storylines carry a resonance beyond their initial appearance, and, for me, this is one of 'em. I've written three stories on the subject (though this 'un, I think, stands on its own) and wouldn't mind returning again. Something about the basic situation speaks to me: perhaps it's the way the series' family collects the protagonist couples (sorta like the townsfolk in Seerhaven) and works to keep 'em happy once they've been fully transformed. A good many weight gain stories have a subtext of nurturance and responsibility (or maybe just co-dependence?) It's one aspect of the fantasy that keeps it, I suspect, from turning into horror fiction.

The story was originally written in 1997 for the pay-per-view section of "Fat Magic." It was my first direct collaboration with an illustrator: FA artist "Will N. Dorf." We collaborated through email: Dorf would send me jpg. roughs of the original images and I'd make suggestions for revision; when he sent the finished pics, I had a second set of suggestions. (Can you say: pain in the ass?) Four years later, the end results remain satisfying (though the part of me that continues to criticize and revise my own stories can't help noticing that the transformed Jill is taller than she should be).

Dorf has plenty of admirers, myself included, for his ability to render go-for-broke weight gain fantasies. The guy takes visual risks, and, more often than not, they pay off. Though neither one of us made a cent off the pay-per-view experiment, I definitely enjoyed working with him. I only hope he can say the same for me.

December 2001