The Recipients


"The Recipients" was originally written in the Winter of 1993 for the first issue of Wilson Barbers Quarterly, a foray into self-publishing that to date has lasted six issues. The format of WBQ has remained the same throughout: two stories, one "realistic," the other a "fat magic" style fantasy. For the first four issues, the realistic component was taken up by a serialized erotic novel; "Recipients" was the premiere's fantasy tale.

It was a remarkably quick write: most of my stories are produced haltingly (and, at times, read like it), but "Recipients" came out quickly and - more importantly - still looked okay the next day. The idea behind it was partly sparked by George R. R. Martin's shared world s-f series, Wild Cards, though, looking at it today, I'm damned if I can see the connection.

This version has a couple of small revisions (typo corrections primarily), but it's substantially unchanged for the home page.


October, 1997

-- Wilson Barbers