The impulse behind "Suddenly" is pretty easy to describe: I wanted to write a Fat Majicke story totally from the perspective of a heroine who never catches on to what's happened to her. One of the hidden themes of the magical sudden weight gain stories has always been the speed with which our lives can unexpectedly change for the better or worse. "Suddenly" takes that theme and makes it pretty explicit, I think.

It was originally written for the men's mag, Juggs - the last of my stories to be accepted for that august publication by Dian Hansen (movie buffs may recall her being interviewed in Terry Zwigoff's Crumb), an always conscientious editor who managed to yoke many of my tales to Ned Sonntag graphics. The story appeared in autumn of 2001, alongside Ned's very funny illo, but I missed picking up the issue - I suspect it is the last of my men's mag submissions, however.

Once again, I've made a few small corrections for this version.

March 2002