Sumo Night


Talk shows can be good for something: it was the chance viewing of an episode of "Jerry Springer" that inspired the following costume fantasy. Women's "sumo" was a relatively new phenom at the time, but as soon as I saw it being performed, I knew it was a natural topic for fanta-sizing. The story (which appeared in the fourth issue of Wilson Barbers Quarterly) came pretty quickly.

My two sumoettes' growth was inspired by a pair of Will N. Dorf graphics that appeared in Belly Busters newsletter. I took the names of all my leads from the daytime listings of TV Guide. R.B. Lawrence chastised me once for giving my two couples talk show host names: he felt it detracted from the story. Maybe he's right, but I didn't change their names for this reprint.

Ample Stuffing appears in two other tales ("A Small Percentage" and "Morphing," though only tangentially in the latter). I have no doubt that we'll some day learn more about this most intriguing specialty company.

This version of "Sumo Night" has been slightly revised for purposes of clarity and grammar.


July, 1998

-- Wilson Barbers