Tabloid Life


The seeds of this story will be obvious to anyone who's ever read a supermarket tabloid. Like many FAs, I have a love/hate relationship with 'em: I enjoy the occasional photo that'll crop up; hate the condescending tone of tabloidese in the stories accompanying these pics. "Tabloid Life" is my attempt at redressing that situation by making the writer her own eventual subject.

When I was writing it, I kept using Rainer Seifert's graphics for inspiration: the harem-styled women with their bellies reposing on pillows, in particular. (If you haven't checked out Karl Neidershuh's display of Seifert drawings in The Weight Room, I recommend doing so.) Seifert's mega-beauties have a disengenuous sexiness that really connects with me. His women have popped up in more than one of my stories.

"Tabloid Life" originally appeared in the July, 1996, issue of BUF. It has been revised slightly for home page posting.


April, 1998

-- Wilson Barbers