Temp Trish


A straightforward men's mag sex tale (nothing too complicated or twisty, here!) written for Juggs in 1995 (hence the slightly cruder language and focus on our mid-sized heroine's breasts). When it appeared in the October 1995 issue, it was accompanied by a graphic by Ned Sonntag that made my hero older than I originally visualized but compensated by giving him a shlong like you wouldn't believe. Editor Dian Hansen also changed the title to “Trish's Trove;” I've returned it to its original bad pun title.

I haven't done one of these stories in a while: last time I tried, I kept adding plot complications. Readying this tale for posting, I found myself tempted to play with it, too, but in this case I kept the fiddling down to a bare proof-reading minimum.

September 2000