Three Years


Yup, a serialized WG fantasy: it became such when I realized that what I thought was gonna be a fairly simple li'l fantasy started growing like the victim of a Fast Majicke spell. "Three Years" is being presented in six parts, and as one who has read more than his share of unfinished serials on the web, I probably should note that all six chapters were completed before I started posting.

Like I say, the story is fairly straightforward, though it does some small playing around with issues of class and fatness, a topic that's shown up a trace less baldly in stories of mine like "Adipost Zone." It also deals with the fact that, as an FA who grew into sexual awareness during a period where clothing options for fat women were pretty limited, I still find some of those old Fat Clothes have their own special brand of sexiness. Perhaps younger readers - more accustomed to the greater variety found in today's plus-sized market - won't feel the same frisson that I do, but so it goes.

Fall, 2005