Body Types


The inspiration for “Body Types” will be obvious to anyone who's sat through a Gen Psych course in an American college, but for those who've skipped this edifying experience, I probably should start by stating that the personality theory that forms the basis of this tale is an actual one. Sheldon was one of the first theoreticians to posit a genetic component to human personality, an idea that's been given some credence in recent years even if his view of body types seems quaint. First time I came across his theory I wanted to play with it in a story, though it took me years to actually get to it. Thankfully, I'd saved my notes from grad school.

The tale is another of my “realistic” ones, and it takes place in the same university community that was used in my first published story, “Chubby Maker.” It appeared in the January 1995 issue of BUF then reappeared again in one of its reprint issues. With both appearances, I (as usual) found myself focusing on my grammatical flubs; this version corrects most of 'em.

July 2000