The Undercover Connoiseur


“The Undercover Connoisseur” is the first of my realistic restaurant tales, a series that continues with Consuming Interests and an as-yet unpublished novella. (Jeri makes a cameo appearance in the first and has a small speaking part in the second.) Like many of my stories, it focuses on questions of personal restraint vs. liberation. It's one of my more explicitly sexual stories - the sex scenes are inextricable from the tale, though as I've typically done with these web editions, I've dampened some of the character-violating men's mag language that was in the original printed version.

The story appeared in the May 1992 issue of BUF alongside two early Delacroix graphics that may or may not've been done for it (the pics were general enough to fit my heroine), but were still pretty nifty. The printed version had the typical BUF-fy editorial glitches - two columns, for example, were pasted out of order - which have been corrected for this appearance in “Fat Magic.” I'm once again grateful for this opportunity to set the story straight.

January 2002 Proceed