The Weight Spell
by Wilson Barbers

When Amy found the weight transference spell in that old paperback, all three of the Halston Hogs knew who they wanted to try it out on. The book in question, a battered copy of Fast Majicke (author anonymous, publisher unknown), was discovered one Friday night on a divan in the eight floor lounge, where Amy had plunked her pudgy bod for an hour of Thomas Magnum and a late night snack. She picked the book up during a commercial and, for once, forgot all about the show on the lounge set: it appeared to be a book with real magic spells that could give you anything you wanted. Amy knew what that was - at two hundred plus since early teenhood, she had one overriding obsession: to lose weight. The battered paperback, its binding cracked down the middle, opened right on the very spell she needed. She had to show the book to the rest of the Halston Hogs.

The Halston Hogs had not named themselves. A trio comprised of the three largest residents in Halston Hall, they'd accepted their rude title with the resignation that came from years of being the butt of other peoples' fat jokes. Of the three, sophomore Amy was the smallest, with three-hundred-plus junior Carol being the undisputed pound-for-pound leader of the pack. Freshman Belinda fit somewhere in the middle of the group, weight-wise, but where that was she'd never said. All three were bonded by their weight and one more fact: they'd never had a date in all the combined years of collegiate life.

The Hogs had a third area of commonality: their envious resentment of Carol's roommate Dina. Smart and shapely with the kind of full-blown curves that had guys piling over themselves to ask for a date, Dina was not the kind of girl to flaunt her physical fortune over her fellow woman students (indeed, she was one of the few girls in the dorm who didn't call the Hogs by their nickname) but was so incandescently self-assured that Amy and her friends couldn't help but bristle at her. Once Amy showed the spell to her portly pals, it was inevitable that they chose Dina to be on the receiving end.

"So how this thing supposedly works," Carol said, falling into the El Ed teacher voice she used when she was explaining something that everybody else already knew, "is to transfer weight from the sender. . ."

"Or senders," Belinda interrupted, her mouth full of Amy's O'Grady's potato chips.

"Or senders," Carol continued, "to one special receiver who, over a period of time, gains our weight with every bite she takes. The only ones who know anything about the spell are the ones who've cast it; as far as the receiver and rest of the world goes, the spell's end result is reality as they've always known it." Carol sniffed derisively. "This is pure bogusness, of course."

"But wouldn't it be wonderful if it were real?" Amy sighed, her round face wistful.

"Sure would," Belinda piped in, and Carol nodded in agreement. "I move we try it, anyway."

Of course they decided to go ahead with the spell. They had, each told herself, nothing better to do - though deeper down all three wanted to believe in the book's magic. They spread a line of incantations on the floor of Dina and Carol's room and then covered it with a rug. They spoke the spell's words aloud, they ordered a pizza and waited for Dina to return from her date.

An hour later, the pizza cold and all three mouth-wateringly hungry from its smell, Dina came in. Casually sexy in acid-washed jeans and a sweater, she smiled welcomingly at the threesome perched on the two twin beds. At last, they thought, they could complete the spell. For the transference process to begin, they needed to all break bread together, share the same meal. "Just ordered a pizza," Carol told her roomie. "Want to join in?"

This was a first for Dina; she'd never been invited to share a thing with Carol and her friends, and she was glad to accept. Though they'd been roommates for four months and she'd tried to get on sisterly terms with Carol, they hadn't done any of the nighttime things that roommates were supposed to do. At times, Dina wondered if Carol was even capable of being open with anyone, though she obviously had some kind of camaraderie with Belinda and Amy. Squeezing in on the bed beside Belinda, she grabbed a piece of pizza and ate. They sat there, silently chewing their pizza for a minute, than all three of the Halston Hogs said, "It's done."

"What's done?" Dina asked, puzzled.

"What?" Carol said, wiping her chubby hands with a Wet One from a dispenser she kept alongside several packages of cookies and chips.

"You said, 'It's done,'" Dina persisted.

"You must have heard wrong," Carol answered. "I said, 'I'm done.'" She patted her huge belly. "At my weight, I don't need anymore, anyway."

"Me, either," Belinda and Amy chorused.

"Well, I'm starved," Dina said. "It's been a long night." She reached for another piece and quickly devoured it. Wiping her face with her hand, she noted. "This is good but cold. Who did the delivery, anyway?" Belinda gave the name of a fast food pizza chain.

"You know, I'd call up and complain about the pizza being cold," Dina said, her mouth crammed with her third (or was it her fourth?) piece. "Maybe they'll give you a freebie to keep you as a customer."

"Sounds like a good idea," Carol agreed.

They watched Dina eat, and before they knew it, the pizza was gone. Belinda and Amy said their goodnights; standing at the door, they took their last look at a slender Dina. In fact, though they weren't quite sure, it looked she had maybe put on a pound or two already. She'd unbuttoned her jeans and looked like she had the beginnings of a belly pushing out. They went to their respective beds with dreams of thinness and of boys around them.

Back in her room, Dina was folding up the pizza box, picking up stray strands of mozzarella. As she dumped the package into a trash can, she turned to Carol and said, "I don't know why, but I'm still hungry. Could I have a couple of your cookies?"

Inwardly triumphant, Carol threw a package of Almost Home cookies to her roomie. "Help yourself anytime," she said. "What's mine in yours."

Next morning, Carol woke up to find Dina already dressed and downstairs in the cafeteria, her tray loaded with syrup-drenched French toast and sundry breakfast items. If she had any doubts about the spell's validity, the sight of Dina up in the early a.m. was enough to answer them; she'd never seen her roomie up before a ten o'clock class all year. "You're up at an unusual hour," she said, pulling her tray up alongside Dina's. Was that the start of a second chin on Dina's full-cheeked face?

"I know," Dina answered, smiling welcoming at Carol "I woke up starved." They sat in silence over breakfast, Dina shoveling in great forkfuls of French toast and getting up for seconds on milk and pastries. Her hips had noticeably widened and were starting to push against each other. As she returned to the table, Carol smiled at the way Dina had already broadened: no longer svelte just a little bit overweight. "You're looking particularly cheerful today," Dina said as she bit into a cruller, that double chin line already more prominent. "You been on a diet or something?"

"Something," Carol answered. "Do I look like I've lost some weight?"

A puzzled expression came over Dina's face, as if she'd just said something she couldn't understand saying. "Well, you just didn't eat very much for breakfast," she finally said, taking another bite.

"I wasn't hungry," Carol answered, and, in truth, she really didn't feel like eating much. She looked over at her reflection in the door window and noted with some satisfaction that she had indeed lost a couple of inches of waistline. She resisted the urge to look under the table to see where they'd gone.

And so it went for the rest of the weekend and into class week, Dina getting up each morning to begin a day of class and repast, the spellbound trio noting every pound of weight loss they felt. By the middle of the week, they were no longer known as the Halston Hogs (and, indeed, nobody but them could recall that they ever had been), while Dina had become truly humongous, a huge beauty who acted like she'd always been that way. Her face had grown full and multi-chinned. Her breasts were into the upper forties, resting on a belly that spread fully before her in two folds. Her hips, which were the largest part of her body, spread out into the lower sixties, flattening into a small fold of outspread flesh when she sat on the floor in her shorts. Her full and fleshy arms squeezed against her against her torso, jigging with every gesture. She was fat, and she was lovely.

She still had dates, too: fat admiring men of all shapes and sizes were attracted to Dina. She'd always dressed well, and as she grew with the spell, her clothes changed with her. Dina may have lost her slim figure, but she hadn't lost a bit of her self-confidence. Dina looked like she could have been a model for a store catering to super-sized women. One guy in particular, a portly English major with glasses and a cutely sardonic smile, seemed to have become a regular item over the last week. They'd go out for a second dinner together and spend hours eating and telling each other their dreams.

On the other side of the spell, the trio had stopped gauging their weight loss and instead turned to waiting for the men to magically appear. None did. For if Dina had retained her infuriating self-assurance, all three had similarly kept their personal insecurities. True, they no longer felt too fat to be attractive, but there were plenty of other individual flaws to get in the way. Unused to dressing as if anyone would want to look at them, they continued to dress drably. Unused to talking to men as if the possibility of anything personally positive would come from the discussion, they retreated to their usual belligerence, mousiness or just plain silence. They no longer were the Halston hogs, but they still were dateless.

By the end of the week, an even more horrifying reality occurred to them: they had not read how to stop the spell! The three women had grown undeniably slight by this time, one step away from looking pinched and malnourished. Dina, sleek and massive on the other hand, positively glowed with energy. If this kept up, they might lose themselves altogether! Frantically, they combed the book for instructions on stopping the spell. Amy finally found it in an appendix entitled "Magickal Relinquishment."

"According to this," Amy read, "the way to stop the spell is to simply re-enact the ritual."

"We've got to do it tonight," Carol said nervously. "There may not be enough of us here tomorrow!"

They found Dina at lunch, her attractive new beau by her side. She was wearing a floral print camp shirt and shorts, and her fully curved legs kept stealing her male admirer's full attention: her calves were succulently large and firm, while her fleshier thighs draped over the top of her calves. She was truly vast now, with a belly that pushed out and forced her legs apart, hanging over and obscuring the chair seat. When Dina's latest flame got up to carry their trays away, Carol slipped into his seat and invited her to a late night pizza. "It's a replacement," Carol told her, "for that cold one last week."

Dina said she'd come. That evening, the trio re-scrawled the floor with incantations and nervously waited for her to return from her library date. She came in at ten and said with a satisfied smile, "I think I'm in love."

"Great," Carol answered, "tell us about it, but let me order the pizza first." She dashed out of the room to grab the hall phone, and when she came back, Amy was asking Dina how she was able to get so many men interested in her.

"There's a second part to that question, isn't there?" Dina said. "What you mean to ask is: 'How do you get so many men interested in you when you're as fat as you are?' Well, I don't swallow the line that weight is the key to happiness. There are all kinds of men out there attracted to all kinds of women, and the trick is to be sure enough of yourself to see the ones who are attracted to you."

"I don't seem to be able to see any of them," Amy said ruefully.

"Trust me; they're out there," Dina answered. "But you need to make yourself noticeable: you dress like you're trying to hide yourself."

"So do you have any tips on making us up differently?" Carol asked.

"You need to find what fits your personal style," Dina told her roommate. "I've got magazines made for women my size that have tips anybody can use. Want to go through them?"

They spend the next half hour poring over Dina's copies of BBW and Radiance, offering suggestions to each other and generally feeling so close that it was a surprise when the deliveryman buzzed from downstairs. Carol brought the pizza up and the magazines were scattered to make room for the spellbreaker. They all took a bite of the (warmer) pizza, then the trio repeated in unison, "It's done."

"What?" Dina asked.

"I said, 'This time it's really done,'" Carol answered. "Good thing, too. I'm hungry tonight."

And that is how the weight enchantment ended. With the spell over, the transformed trio found their original appetites had returned. In time, they would eat themselves back to their original shapes. But that didn't matter: under Dina's tutelage all three fat beauties were soon able to catch the eyes of compatible companions. As for Dina, she was at a size where it didn't really matter what she ate anymore - her body adjusted to maintain its own vastness - but she'd developed a love of eating that went beyond any magical stimulation. She remained satisfied with the form fate seemed to have dealt her: mountainously feminine and attractive to her fat admiring boyfriend.

The Halston Four built a friendship that lasted past college into each member's respective marriages. Dina and her husband eventually opened a boutique specializing in plus sizes; all three of her old college friends visited the store regularly. The weight spell had lead to happy results that none of the former Hogs could have foreseen.

The anonymously written paperback, which Amy had fortuitously found that evening, was lost when she tried to look for it under the bed one night. It was never found.

Fat Magic

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