The Weight Spell


"The Weight Spell" is another early Fast Majicke story. As initially written, it was my attempt to bust out of the confines of men's mags and sell to the women's market. The first place I sent the tale was the pre-Larry Flynt BBW.

They accepted the tale, but when I saw the contract that BBW offered (no payment; the magazine would own the story for eternity), I pulled back. I was eager to be printed but not that eager! Instead, I sent the story to Dimensions; it appeared in the magazine's April, 1989, issue. I may have taken away my shot at appearing in the women's mag market, but I felt better about myself.

Though the story is plainly a weight gain story, its primary theme is self-esteem. So many FA fantasies (mine included) focus on body change as an end in itself; "Weight Spell" uses magic as a means of crystallizing the extent to which our inner images override the outer package. To quote an old hippie rock song, "You're only pretty as you feel."

Though I've done a couple of grammatical tweaks, the story is essentially as it appeared lo these many years ago in Dimensions.


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