Winnie's Loss


The celebrity story that had to be written (if only for its inspiration's contradictory stances on size and self-esteem), "Winnie's Loss" originally appeared in the November 1992 issue of BUF. The character, in her pre-transformation state, has appeared in some of my other writings, most notably in an as-yet un-filmed screenplay.

I've gone back and forth on this story, but while transcribing (and mildly revising) it for web posting, I started noticing its good points. The transformation scene -- influenced by a similar moment from a tale I remember in the F.F.I. Newsletter -- has its moments, while I also enjoy the way the whole story hinges on a question of personal belief. Behind the sex and fanta-sizing is a quasi-serious conundrum. Which carries more weight: quiet certainty or public affirmation? There are times when circumstance forces a different answer than the one we're comfortable with.

This tale has been lightly revised for the home page.


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