The Abductions
by R.B. Lawrence

Maggie O'Shea stood across the street from the bar, and while closely watching the door she just walked out of, she thought to herself, "I gotta be outta my mind!!!"

Maggie was a cop. And perhaps, was the right word. Three years ago, she was on the regular city police force. A patrolwoman with aspirations, as well as enough talent to become a detective. Then it happened. The family curse.

The fourth, and youngest daughter of an Irish cop and an Italian seamstress, she carried the same looks and the rest of her sisters. Dad's blue-green eyes, his reddish/blonde hair which blazed in the bright sun, her mother's dark complexion and her magnificent breasts and ass, which moved in all the right ways! She, like her sisters, also inherited the family curse.

All the women in both their parent's families were fat. Ranging from pleasingly plump Aunt Catlin, to her Cousin Maria, who, at age 28, having given birth to her fourth, weighed over 400 lbs.

She remembered the baby shower, and Maria, who at only 5"1', looked like a human balloon, being helped though the crowd by her husband, Tony. He was a hunk and a half to Maggie, which amazed her, considering he could have any woman he wanted, chose Maria, this huge woman, who sat in a couch built for three and was nearly filling it! She also watched around the room at the faces of the family. Most were faces of approval to Maria, not for the baby, but her size! Other's were of younger men, eyeing the single women of the Minelli and O'Shea clans with lust, especially her sisters.

She watched as each of them, soon after their 24 or 25 birthday had turned from being bombshells into blimps. Each had, in turn, become as fat as the other females, averaging 180 to 260 lbs. each. And the rest of the faces were on her lithe form that night. Looking, searching for that first bulge of fat to show up. It was her 25 birthday that past month, and she too searched the mirror every day for the same thing. She also heard a disturbing rumor that night. It seems that in her mother's family, there was an interesting fact. That the last daughter to each of the families had usually become the fattest one in the family. Maria was the youngest daughter of Uncle Angelo. And Maggie was the youngest of Angelo's sister.

Six months later, the curse hit. It took only a year from the first day that Maggie had discovered that her breasts were fuller, her ass a bit wider, and her belly had swelled and began to roll up over her pants. Each month found her trying a new diet, a new exercise gimmick, a new doctor with hopefully another pill or powder. And each month found her becoming larger, literally rising like dough in her eyes. A year later, she found that she weighed 230 lbs. Too big for patrol car duty, street duty, a detective's gold shield. For the past three years, she worked at the city jail woman's division, and for each of those years, she got even bigger, as well as stronger. Every day she worked out in the weight room, to help grow muscles that would help her survive a few fights in jail. She now weighed 310 lbs., built like a brick shithouse, with enough strength to knock it down. She also knew that she would continue to gain more weight, eventually washing her out of the jail watch, as well as law enforcement completely. Then, three days ago, the chief of detectives came to see her.

She had a good idea what he was going to say. It was about the disappearances. Within the past six months, over thirty women had mysteriously vanished with out a trace, without sign on struggle, bank accounts intact, no ransom, a few notes; mostly ramblings of "Finally happy...going where I'm you!" to loved ones and family.

The only really strong tie in; they were all fat women in their late twenties to early thirties, and averaging 250-300 lbs. each. Just like Maggie. And they needed to catch him...bad. They tried everything; stakeouts, line-ups, undercover officers at a local dance by a big people's club. No luck. Now the chief made his pitch. They wanted to try a decoy squad at a bar were some of the women had been seen in soon before they vanished. And Maggie, being an ex-street cop, as well as a physical match for the victims, was perfect for the job.

She wanted to go back to being a cop so badly, she didn't even hesitate in saying yes. She left the jail, changed out of uniform and left with the chief. The downtown precinct housed the task force office. As she walked though the doors, all work literally stopped as all eyes turned toward her. She looked around, and when some of the officers began smiling and nodding, she thought," Oh great! I'm perfect for the job...I'm gonna die!!"

She then heard a voice that made her wish she was dead. I came from behind her, and she had no problem recognizing it.

"Hello, Mags!" She turned to look into the eyes of Tommy McMahon, her squad leader in the academy, her partner for so long, and for a short time, her lover. He was now Detective Captain McMahon, and the head of the task force, and was standing so close to her that it hurt not to touch him, fat lady or not!

"Hello Tom. It's been a while."

"Yeah.. I know. We'll talk about that later. Right now, I want you to meet your back-ups, discuss the cases as well as help brief you on what you'll be doing. How's your range scores been?"

"Still can outshoot you any day", she smirked, cause every time they qualified together, she always beat him, twice by perfect scores of 300.

" may need it. When you get to your first break, take this slip down to the armoury. They'll have your concealed weapons permit as well as your choice of pieces and ammo....Ok?"

She nodded, and walked towards the waiting detectives. As she walked away, she though she heard Tommy say, "It's really good to see you again, Hon." But went she turned, he was gone. Four hours later she was taking notes during her final briefing of the day. She tugged a little at the small holster under her arm. During her break she got her weapon. A small revolver called a Rattler. It looked like a toy gun, all chrome, with a tiny, one inch barrel, small enough to almost disappear in her hands. But this was no toy. It was a .357 magnum with limited accuracy at long range, but just right for a close up job. It also carried a special load: Glaisers.. A pre-fragmented bullet suspended in Teflon with a heavy power charge behind it. Enough to stop who she needed, when she needed...permanently! She felt good...she was a cop again!

After the briefing, she was headed out the door when a detective told her the captain wanted to see her in his office. She walked over to the door, knocked on it a little hesitantly, and walked in when invited.

"Sit down." he said, motioning to a chair, his head not looking up from the file he was reading. She sat there, uncomfortably for a few more minutes, until he raised his head up, closed the file and stared at her before speaking.

"We never really got to say good-bye last time, and here we are saying hello. I really missed you. Why didn't your just answer one of my calls? I needed to see you!"

"But I couldn't see you! Not like this. The Maggie you knew, you worked with, who you made love to that night after Maria's baby party is gone! The slim, attractive girl was kidnapped and a fat woman stepped in! Did you really need to see the fat lady!"

"That's part of the reason you're here. You were part of a list I was handed of candidates for this detail. I picked you. I wanted to see you again. And as for your size, I've always known that it would happen to you eventually. Your mom told me long before the party. And, don't you remember that I had my eye on your sisters that day. I was just imagining you as if you were that size already! And I liked it!"

With that, he stood up behind the desk, walked around it over to Maggie, and, taking her in his arms, gave her a passionate lingering kiss the curled her toes. She felt so warm and wet inside.

They broke apart. She was breathless. He said" I am going to make sure that you are completely covered out there. And when this case is finished, we have a lot to talk about!"


The next evening found her in a singles bar downtown, waiting for someone to pick her up. There weren't many takers, mostly bozos that just wanted to cop a feel or shrimps who wanted to get tied up and be brutalized by a big, domineering woman. They usually chickened out at the last minute or never followed her outside. At the end of the night, she was tired and frustrated by the lack of success. She turned in her gear, and turned to hail a cab, when Tommy drove up.

"Need a lift lady? It looks awfully cold out dere!"

Her drove her home, walked her to the door, and then kissed her goodnight. The goodnight kiss lead to her bedroom. He made love to her bulging body with a fire and intensity she had never known before. She also discovered erogenous zones she never knew she had! After the third time, they lay awake for a couple of hours, talking, cuddling, occasionally, Maggie would cry a little, especially after Tommy would tell her how he really felt.

"When I first went to Sunday dinner at your folk's house, I was really very touched. With both of my folks gone, I hadn't had a good Sunday dinner in years. I missed being with my own family. And sharing yours with me was something special. Although the menu was unique. Spaghetti, calzones, and everything Italian on one side, and on the other, cabbage, corned beef, potatoes cooked every way imaginable, it was most amusing. And informative."

She looked up at him and asked, "How so?"

"It started when I first met your sisters. I was shocked by the family resemblance. But I was also surprised at what I felt! I was actually turned on by your "big" sisters! I couldn't believe I could be turned on that way by a big woman, but all three! Up until then, I had only been attracted to well stacked ladies, just as you were back then. Then, when I was in the kitchen talking to your mother, she told me all about your families, your sisters, and the so-called "family curse" as you once called it. Your sisters had a very healthy appetite, while you barely ate anything, as if you were afraid of become like they were."

" When it happened to you, you hid from me, scared of what I might think of you. I had hoped you'd come to me, and I tried short of coming to see you. I didn't just want to walk in. But, I kept track of you. Saw you at the jail. In fact, I had planned to arrange a "accidental" run in at the jail soon, but the case upped my time-table."

They talked more about themselves, and the case. The task force had researched a few periods of time in the files and had found a disturbing fact. It seems that disappearances like this were occurring in an eighty-year cycle. They too lasted about six months, and when over, they police were just as baffled as they were when it began. And always just in this city.

"Enough shop." she said, and drew him closer.

After the fourth time, she fell asleep.


Her eyes lit up when she saw him come out of the bar after her. She had a feeling this was the guy they were after. She turned and began to walk away, glancing in the shop windows at his reflection which was following her.

"Do you see him?" she said, seemly to talk to thin air.

She saw a flashlight go on and off twice in the alley across the street. Yeah, they heard her on the mike, and saw him.

She was approached after only an hour at the rear of the bar. The tall, fair, well-built man with the drink in his hand sat a few stools away from her. Smiled and began to make small talk. He then bought her a drink, moved a few stools closer. Another drink, and he was sitting next to her.

He went on and on about how society had mistreated the big woman, and how it was only recently in history that this had occurred. That large women were loved and even worshiped in most societies. She kept up her end of the conversation, all the time watching for some sign that would tip her off. Finally, he said it. "Wouldn't it be nice if you could find a place where you were appreciated."

That woke her up. The key phrase in several of the letters left behind by the others. This must be the guy.

"Yes." she said, "I could get into that."

Then conversation lasted for at least another hour. He kept talking, as Maggie looked for any other indications of this guy being the kidnapper. In fact, a lot of his speech sounded like Tom's little talk last night about large ladies. She needed more, and, getting him to follow her home was a good way.

She looked down at her watch, faked a yawn, and said, "It's getting late. I have to get up early tomorrow. Can I see you again, perhaps here tomorrow night, same time?"

His eyes lit up at the suggestion and he agreed.

She walked out of the bar, across the street, and waited for him to come out. She was beginning to wonder if she made the right call. She did. He came out and the chase was on.

She now walked down the alley they had targeted for the ambush. She was still worried, although she knew that at least a dozen cops, as well as Tommy, were in the area listening to every word and watching every step of the way. She turned a corner into a side alley and watched the path she just came from, waiting for her pursuer. She then became aware of a humming sound growing louder. It seemed to all around, then just from behind her. She turned around just in time to see the guy from the bar standing behind her, smiling. She was about to scream went she saw a blinding blue light and heard a loud popping noise.

It took only five seconds for the first officers to get there. Another minute went by, and the whole task force was combing the alley for any trace of Maggie or the stranger. All that was left was a faint smell of ozone. They immediately called for back up to search the area. Captain McMahon just walked away, shaking his head. But, if the light was better, they would have seen a wide grin on his face.


She woke up in a very brightly lit, white room, sparsely decorated with a small end table and a wide comfortable chair in which she was seated. There were no windows, and only one, very plain door in front of her.

Her purse was gone, but she still felt the pistol in the special holster under her blouse. The fold of flesh under her boobs made a great hiding place.

She heard movement outside the door and quickly looked up in time to see the guy from the bar come through the door carrying a tray of fruit and what resembled wine in a decanter with a crystal goblet along side it.

"Aah. I see your up. We have much to talk about. It seems I have made a mistake in bringing you here."

"And where exactly is here?" Maggie asked.

"I'm afraid my...superior has prevented me from telling you, but I can assure you that he will be here soon to tell you. Until then, I brought you something..."

As he placed the tray on the table besides her, she reached up, grabbed him around the neck and brought the Rattler up to his temple. Despite her size, Maggie was quick. As she began to squeeze the chokehold tighter to emphasize the point, she said, "I want answers now! Where are we, where are the others, and how do we get out of here?!?".

"I can give you the answers, Mags."

She looked up and was stunned to see that Tommy was standing in the doorway. "I can answer all your questions and more. But first, release Lombac. He was just following my orders."

She slowly released her captive. He coughed, and then bowed before Tom.

"I'm sorry, sire. I have twice made a grave error in judgement."

"Get up, Lombac. No need to apologize again. I should have warned you about her. Now get going. You only have three more days, or you will have to wait until next time to choose a mate."

Lombac arose, and headed for the door, but paused just long enough to turn and say, "Thank you, sire, and may I say, you have chosen well for our people." He then exited in a hurry.

Tom then turned to the stunned Maggie and said, "Come with me. There's a lot I have to tell you."

He held out his hand. She took it and he lead her out the door. They walked in silence down the softly lit corridor to a curtained archway. Tom stopped, reached for the edge of the drapes and said, "Better get ready for a shock." He drew the curtain aside, and lead Maggie through.

Her breath caught in her throat. She found herself standing on a balcony overlooking an incredible sight. It was a shoreline, but one like she never saw before. The sea went on forever, a sea of glowing light like spun gold with flecks of green shot through it. The sand was crimson, darker than wine. The sky was the color of blue neon with three suns shining brightly. The coast was dotted with amazing futuristic castles poking out of an emerald forest which seems to glow with their own light. The sky teemed with birds she had never seen before, as well as skyships out of a science fiction movie.

She turned to Tom, and opened her mouth to ask a question, but no sound came out.

He smiled, nodded, and said, "I know. It's a bit overwhelming. I'll try to explain."

"We are on a world that occupies the same space as Earth, but in a different dimension. It's called Marwell. Our civilization is thousands of years older than yours. Long before the first man crawled out of the caves, we achieved great advances in technology, medicine, art, space travel and peace. There has been no war here since the discovery of fire on Earth."

"About two thousand years ago, a space probe came back with a virus we had no protection against. It was totally benign in men, but 100 % fatal in women."

"A lot like Herbert's 'White Plague'." she said.

"Yes. In fact, it was a little frightening when you lent me that book. Too much like a biography of my world. We spent years working on a vaccine, to no use. It eventually mutated to a non-harmful phase, and we killed it off. But not before all the women died."

"We were so lonely for a very long time, until one of our scientists discovered a gateway through space to Earth. It was an answer to our prayers. But with some problems."

"Let me guess." Maggie offered. "It could only be opened every eighty years, and for only a few months at a time."

"You have been doing your homework! You're exactly right. We started enticing some young women to our world. We never kept them against their will. Those who stayed would be worshiped like they never were before. Those who chose not to stay were returned to Earth, their memories erased of all knowledge of Marwell."

"But why only large women?"

"Our society for eons had worshiped the full sized female. Since ancient times the large woman was the standard. Her size gave her more power in the tribes. Made it easier to conceive, as well as give birth. She gave greater comfort, and, unlike slender earth females of this century, had greater peace of mind, not always worrying about fitting into a size 9 dress. She had a robust hunger for all things, from food to sex. The latter help keep peace between our ancestors many times over. In fact, without our women, the peace we had for so long began to waiver.

"But now, it is almost over. The last of the mates will soon cross over the bridge. And the disappearances will stop forever.

"There's just two thing's I have to ask you, Tom. First, what am I doing here?"

"I was going to bring you across myself. I have been on Earth since the last bridge was opened, looking for my bride. I tried several times before with no luck. When I found you, I moved heaven and earth to get near to you. I watched as you grew up, saw your sisters get bigger, enrolled in the academy with you, using falsified records, as well as reprogramming the computer to get you teamed up with me. I watched and waited for the day the bridge would reopen so I could take you here. To make you my bride."

Her eyes were lost in his. "But, the last bridge was eighty years ago, how..."

"A side effect of the atmosphere here is that it slows down the aging process to a crawl. We, and now you, are for all intents and purposes, immortals. You had another question?"

Her eyes were welling up in tears. "Lombac called you sire..."

"...As he will call you your highness after we are wed. After all, that is a proper title for the wife of a prince, isn't it, princess?"

She openly cried as she embraced him, nodding furiously. "I wish Maria could see all this."

"She can. She's in her own castle several miles away. Her husband's one of us."


There were two more disappearances that week. But by that time, Capt.McMahon had quit the police force. His letter of resignation claimed he had felt responsible for the disappearance of Officer O'Shea that night. The cases were never solved, and eventually, the file was stored away, and was forgotten.

Maggie's parents came across a letter from her while cleaning out her apartment. It, like some of the others, went on about her being happy and finally appreciated, as well as not worry about her. They found a similar letter like that in Maria's house.

And, in another place so close, yet so far away, a princess was living an incredible fantasy. For, as her size grew, so did the love of her husband, as well as her subject's.

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