by G.K.

It had been almost half an hour of searching through the vast selection of CD’s and still Mark could not decide what he would buy for his sister Karen. She was very much a lover of music and had a wide variety of Cd’s ranging from country, to hard rock and jazz. He had looked over the top twenty CD’s and knew that she had remembered her having almost all. Maybe a CD wasn’t such a good idea and as Mark started to walk out of the store, a voice from behind the counter said cheerily to him.

“Hey Mark, you look like your having problems finding something, can I help you with anything?”

Mark turned to look at the pretty brunette behind a counter perched on astool with calculator and pen in hand. She had called him by his first name and he couldn’t recognize who she was. He could only see her from the waist up. If it wasn’t for the size of her large arms, Mark would have figured her to be a woman of medium build, not that he looked at all woman like this, but Denise’s pretty face and friendly voice had already captured an immediate interest. Mark smiled back curiously and replied

“Well I was trying to find something for my sister......Ummm, how did you know my name?”

Denise smiled with a bit of a giggle. “I’m psychic! Just kidding, I know your sister and she has a family picture in her livingroom and well she’s talked about you and I just recognized you. By theway, my name’s Denise.”

“My names Mark, Oh yeah, you already know that, That picture Mom finally got us to go for, I didn’t think I really, it just didn’t look like me.” laughed Mark.

“It does sort of, you just look better in real life .” winked Denise.

“Anyway Mark, I was really busy here adding up some inventory, we usually attend to our customers sooner. You’ve been here for a while, I was just so busy, so looks like you need help.”

“ Tell me about it, Karen has so many CD’s, I just don’t know what to get her.” shrugged Mark.

“I know, that’s how come I know her, I also live in the same building as her, so lets take a look.” said Denise getting up from the stool and walking out from the counter to an isle of CD’s.

Mark’s eyes just about popped out of his head in disbelief as from Denise’s amazingly narrow waist, her hips were extremely wide in comparison. He couldn’t help but stare in awe at the sight of the biggest, well rounded behind and massive shapely legs he had ever seen with each step she took, her huge behind bounced as her wide hips moved from side to side in her too tight, revealing pair of denim faded jeans. Her legs too were massive and so shapely. It wasn’t until Denise turned to look at him, did Mark quickly turn his eyes away. Denise stood in front of a selection of classic rock from the 70’s.

“Come here, I think I got something.” Mark gingerly approached her.

“You have.... g..great.” stuttered Mark.

“ I know Karen would like this one, she’s talked about getting it last week. She said she had it on an album, but since she doesn’t have a turntable any more, she couldn’t hear it.” said Denise pulling out a Super Tramp CD.

“Crime of the century, yah she use to always play that, so did I. I use to really like that one called hide in your jail or something like that.”

“It was called hide in your shell, not jail!” laughed Denise.

“Whatever.” chuckled Mark. “I’ll take it, I need it for tonight, she said she’s having a party with some friends and I somehow got invited as well. That never would have have happened when we were kids.” grinned Mark.

“Sibling rivalry, what fun it was, so..... I guess I’ll see you there tonight.” winked Denise.

“Oh, so your going too!” said Mark trying hard to not show any exitement.

“Yah, I’m also a friend, remember!” said Denise with a playful swing of her wide hip into Mark’s hip and waist. “I knew that.” chuckled Mark.

Out of the elevator Mark walked an already he could hear the loud music from down the corridor. Upon approaching Karen’s apartment, Mark stopped and took a deep breath. From the time he left the music shop, the anticipation of seeing Denise the same night at the party were predominantly in his thoughts. He knocked on the door, but with the loud music playing, he let himself in and saw more people then what he had expected. Karen always had quite a large amount of friends, but never did she ever have any parties of of this capacity. Mark walked through the hallway of mostly unfamiliar faces, walking past the livingroom into the kitchen.

“Hi Mark.” yelled Karen from across the kitchen and rushing forward, she welcomed him with a hug.

“Ohhh, this for me.” she said taking the wrapped CD and a bottle of spirits from his hands.

“Yah Sis. Happy Birthday!” replied Mark.

“Quite a full house you’ve got here.” laughed Mark.

“I know, word got around that I was having a party. Oh... Some one was asking about you. I take it you met Denise today.” remarked Karen with an inquisitive look.

“Now you what I got you.” chuckled Mark looking over at the pile of presents on the kitchen table.

“She might know what it is, but not who’s music it is.” laughed a familiar voice from behind Mark.

Mark turned to see a glamourous looking Denise with her hair done up in a bow, wearing a black dress, which clung tightly over her wide curvy hips.

“Oh hi Denise.” replied Mark again feeling so mesmerized by her beauty. He felt that sensation from before in the store, his heart beating stronger, his hands starting to sweat.

“Looks a great dress. I mean party. Nice dress too. You look really good.” said Mark with a friendly grin.

“Yah it is a nice party. I just wanted to say hi. I’m just going back into the livingroom and uh... thanks for the complement.” giggled Denise.

“Uh Mark, you didn’t bring anyone?” asked Karen.

“No I didn’t. Was I suppose too?” replied Mark.

Karen was about to speak, but paused. Mark looked at her cocking his head to the side. “What is it Karen.”

Karen looked into Marks eyes and nodded and then bringing him close to a wall she said in a low voice. “Well you seemed kind of interested in Denise. Maybe I’m wrong, but I saw that look in your eye. So before you go into the livingroom, you might want to know that Denise brought a date. That’s all.”

“Well we just met, like I wasn’t really expecting anything. She was just a lady working in a music store who happened to know you. She recognized me from your picture of us in the livingroom. I came here cause it’s your birthday and I wanna party!” cheered Mark.

“Allright!” laughed Karen and reaching into a cooler of beer, she handed one to Mark and they toasted to karen’s birthday. Others had seen the beer bottles and clash from the kitchen pass through from the living room and also lifted glasses and beer bottles to toast Karen’s birthday.

Mark had put on a good show, but as he leaned up against the wall listening to the cheering party goers, he felt the pain and dissapointment inside. A growing sense of foolishness over his impulsive flirtatous behaviour seemed all to overwhelming. “Why did I comment on her good looks.” said Mark to himself. He wanted to leave but knew he could not, so continuing his brave face, he ventured into the livingroom. Most of the people were standing or dancing a little to the music. All the chairs were full and there Mark saw through the corner of his eye a large, muscular man with his arm around Denise in a love seat. The man was talking to her softly in her ear and Denise was nodding. Her glowing look he had seen before was more of a plain, expressionless look with the odd occasional smile.

A chatty thin blonde named Lenore, who Mark had known over the years came up to Mark. As always she wore way to much make up, but then less make up wouldn’t help her much either. She greeted Mark with a kiss, leaving half her red smudged lipstick on his cheek.

“Did you come alone?” asked Lenore in her nazled, shrill like voice.

“Uh yah, I did, I feel like an odd ball here.” replied Mark.

“Oh not to worry, I came here alone. I guess we’ll make just fine company.” she said batting her eyes as she clung on to Mark’s arm.

The rest of the evening as Mark was off socializing, Lenore was there by his side, her bony hand clinging to his arm acting as if they were a close married couple. Not even his break aways to the washroom detered Lenore from rejoining him. Finally Karen had blown out the cake and when it was served and presents open, did Mark make try his escape from what seemed the longest party he had ever encountered.

“I saw you saying good bye to Karen and a few others. Going so soon?” asked Denise as he opened the door.

“Yah, I have to get up early tomorrow. So it was nice bumping into ya, sorry I didn’t have time to talk to you.” said Mark apologetically.

“Well maybe that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t keep avoiding me.” said Denise.

“I wasn’t avoiding you.” said Mark.

“Yes you were. You saw me with that guy and figured I was attached or something.” replied Denise in a challenging tone.

“Well aren’t you, isn’t that guy your boyfriend, not that it’s any of my business.” That guy I’m with is Brad from a few stores down. I asked him to the party before you came into the shop. I just didn’t want to come here alone, but he’s got to go and work tomorrow or so he says. He’s been getting some ideas and I’ve kind of let him know that I’m not interested, so he’s about to leave, so if you wanna take my keys, I’ll meet you back at my place.”

“Well OK... uh sure, I’ll see you in a while, if your sure about this.” asked Mark.

“Well only if you are?” smiled Denise.

“Yah I am.” said Mark reassurringly

Inside Denise’s apartment Mark waited with somewhat nervous excitement. He wasn’t sure what to expect, or what Denise’s intentions were. They had just briefly met and here he was in an apartment of a women he barely met. Her apartment was nothing Mark would have imagined as it was much smaller then Karen’s It was clean, but needed painting badly and the furniture was well used and sparse. Mark sat in a lumpy sofa and beside him was an old wire converter connected to an old Zenith which was perched on a sagging television stand. A few pictures hung on a wall. All that was modern was an excersise bicycle.

Mark had been flicking through the channels when Denise came back a good hour later.

“Sorry I’m late, I thought he was going to stay the night.” said Denise with rolling eyes. She walked over to Mark and sat her self down beside him. Her huge thigh was barely touching his. “So can I get you a coffee, I also got a few beers.” suggested Denise.

“Yah, a beer, coffee, doesn’t really matter, what ever your having.”

“OK, how’s about a beer.” “Sounds good replied Mark and Denise walked off into the kitchen. The dimly lit apartment didn’t seem so bad. It had come to life with Denise’s prescence.

“Here ya go.” she said handing him a beer and then opening her own, she walked over to a patio door and walked out on a balcony.

“Coming.” she said and Mark followed to see her leaning over onto the rail as if to purposely stick out her huge behind. Mark walked up beside her feeling excited next to this big, beautiful woman.

“Nice out here tonight.” she said taking a large gulp from her beer. “I’m really thirsty.”

“Yah, I can see that.” smiled Mark and looking into the night he said. “What a good view you have.”

“That’s about all that’s good here, the place is a real fuckin dump, but.. not much else can I do right now.”

“It’s OK.” encouraged Mark.

“No it’s not.” giggled Denise.

Mark just shrugged. “Well you can’t complain about the view. It’s really clear tonight, You can see the lights on Grouse Mountain and Seymour, usually the best time after it’s rained”

“Yah talk about rain, that’s all it seems to have done since I got here.” sneered Denise.

“That’s Vancouver a lot of the time.” laughed Mark.

“So how come a good lookin guy like you doesn’t have a woman, or do ya.” asked Denise.

“No, if I was, I wouldn’t be here with you.”

“Smooth answer.” praised Denise and bringing her hip closer into Mark she continued to say. “I’m glad you came up tonight.”

“Me to.” smiled Mark and then as they both looked out into the night, Mark slowly began to move his hand down onto Denise’s wide hip, but then moved his hand away from her. “Your just too attractive.” chuckled Mark

“What do you mean by that?” asked Denise.

“Nothing, I just don’t want you thinking I’m moving to fast....”

“Mark!.... I can handle myself. If I don’t like where this is going, I’d let you know all about it. Your not moving to fast.” smiled Denise and turning to Mark, she took his beer from him and put it down on the patio floor with hers.

She brought her arms up and around his shoulders, pressing her plump thigh into his erection.

“Let’s go inside.” suggested Denise and back into the living room they went.

Mark followed Denise to an old scratched up desk against a wall, where she sat on it.

“Come here Mark.” said Denise and as Mark walked in front of her, she swung up her big legs and wrapped them tightly around his waist.

Mark tried to kiss her but Denise turned her head. “You can’t kiss me right now.”

“And why is that, your so pretty and...”

“I just wanna tease you a bit first. ” grinned Denise

“You already have!” moaned Mark and digging his hands underneath Denise’s huge behind, he tried to lift her up off of the desk.

“Don’t....” warned Denise.

“I was just trying to.. I don’t know what I was trying to do.” grinned Mark.

Denise laughed. “You just want to see how heavy I am. I saw the way you were staring at my big bum when you first came in to the shop.”

“You didn’t!” replied Mark.

“I sure did. When your in sales sales, your frequently look at the over head mirrors for theft purposes, but from what I saw you were just stealing glances and I didn’t mind one little bit. I was also looking you over. That’s why I kind of let you look around for awhile.”

“So you were looking me over too. I never noticed.” chuckled Mark.

“That’s cause a woman are more nonchalant about it. So that’s why I wann atease you so bad, I know what you like, I know what you want.” she said giving a gentle nip to Mark’s ear and then releasing him, she pushed him back.

Mark fell back against a wall and Denise came forward and turning around she leaned into him pressing her huge buttocks into him. “Could you undo my dress, it’s kind of uncomfortable.”

“Yah Sure.” moaned Mark.

Slowly he pulled down the zipper, giving gentle kisses around her kneck. The zipper came down easily until past her lower back where her hips started to balloon out. Mark had to tug somewhat to pull the zipper the rest of the way down.

“Undo my bra too.” moaned Denise.

Again with gentle hands, Mark undid her bra. He brought his hands up through her dress and cupped her small, but firm breasts.

“Mmmm.” cooed Denise and then walking forward, she hiked up her dress over her shoulders, tossing it down on the floor. “Oh wow.” said Mark out loud. Only her panties were on, but did little to conceal her long, deep juicy crack and the bottom of Denise’s huge bouncing buttocks hung out in all there glory. He felt scrawnier then ever now as one of her gigantic thighs were much larger then his waist.

Denise beamed proudly and strutted over to the couch swinging her wide hips from side to side making her huge behind bounce even more then usual.

She looked over at him provacatively, running her hand up her thick, solid thighs onto her large behind, up her hips and onto her waist to press her breasts.

Mark drew nearer to her and Before Mark knew what was happening, Denise seized him by the arms. Mark could feel himself being pushed back slowly until he fell back onto the couch. Mark looked up to see Denise turning around as if getting ready to sit on his lap.

“I’ve been just dying to sit on you. I think you would really enjoy it.”

“Like you wouldn’t believe.” said Mark reaching forward to pull Denise down, but Denise swatted his hand away and looked down into Mark’s eyes with a rather sly expression.

Denise pushed Mark down further until he was flat on his back and then jumping up on the couch, she stood over Mark and pulled down her panties. Again that sly grin came over Denise’s pretty face and then down she sat, slamming her huge ass over top of his head.

Mark began to lick inside her wet moistness and immediately Denise’s body began to shake and quiver. The feeling was sensational, but as Mark started to run out of breath Denise leaned back and lifted her big legs up in the air to fully sit her full weight on his head. It was a thrill to feel such crushing weight, but soon Mark was struggling in desperation to lift her off. His arms of course were no match for Denise’s far too ample weight. It wasn’t until Mark was on the verge of suffocation, did she finally get off of him.

While Mark gasped for air, Denise strutted over to the desk and and bent right over it. She stuck out her huge ass proudly.

“What’s the matter, my sexy...little man? You look as you could use a little air.” teased Denise.

“You almost suffocated me.” gasped Mark.

“Not much of a fighter, I guess my ass is just too fuckin big for a little guy like you too handle.” smirked Denise.

“Yah right.” chuckled Mark and up he got, staggering to towards Denise. Mark got up behind her and gripping onto her wide, curvy hip, he tried to thrust in only to feel Denise’s magnificant behind buck him back, sending him down on the rug.

Mark was in total exctasy, Denise came forward. “I think I’ve teased you enough.” she said and taking his hand, she pulled him up where they kissed in a wild like frenzy.

“My bedrooms this way Mark.”

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