Our Time
by Paul

I meet Lesta Jarmin while coaching her son's Little League team. She was in her late thirties, married with three kids. As anyone who is at all familiar with Little League, it can be a very intense and competitive environment for all involved. I was 20 back them and still remembered that sports were supposed to be fun, especially for the kids. Sports had been very good to me, I was signed by Toronto after high school and was well on my way 'til a shattered collar bone ended my chances of ever pitching in the Majors.

So, I took fresh approach in coaching these Little Leaguers, concentrating on sportsmanship, fundamentals and good, clean fun. And in the process I developed a winning team if ball players.

Lesta and her husband seemed to really appreciate my attitude toward the game and the kids. It wasn't long before they were inviting me over for dinner or cookouts. I really enjoyed the entire family, they were really good to me. And as a young bachelor far from home, any home cooked meal was meet with thunderous applause.

Before long, I was like their fourth child. I think I spent more time at their home than at my apartment. Lesta's husband was an administrator at the hospital in town which often necessitated long hours and frequent business trips. It also allowed Lesta to stay at home.

Lesta was a great mom, a wonderful wife and an incorrigible flirt. I say a flirt but that was all it was, she was never lewd nor did she ever encourage anything or anyone but I found that more and more I was enjoying her company. I started finding excuses that would bring me over to her house during the day when I knew it would just be her at home. I looked forward to seeing her and I enjoyed her flirting and the attention she showered me with.

No where up to this point had I considered making love to her, she was the mother of one of my ball players and she was married to a great guy I liked and respected. But things were starting to change in my mind.

I guess I should tell you that up to this point in my life I had fallen prey to that Great American Lie; you know, the one that says big ladies can't be beautiful or sexy. I wasn't to with hold friendship simply because someone was "overweight" but I had refused to look at any lady that was heavy as someone I could love. I was terribly wrong for being so closed-minded.

Lesta was a large little lady, standing only 5'2 (I am 5'10) she was wonderfully rounded. I guess you could say she was the mother of three with a glorious body to prove it. She wasn't ashamed not terribly self-conscious about it and as a result neither was I. She had the absolute greatest smile, blue eyes and short brown hair. I know because I found myself watching her, studying her features and admiring her beauty.

I would find chances to brush up against her soft form or simply be close to her. It progressed to the point that I was touching her cheeks with my fingers, reaching around her from behind to wash my hands at the sink or lie next to her on the floor playing with her new kittens. She never seemed to grasp my ulterior motives and she continued to drive my wild with her simple, innocuous flirting.

I had wonderful, erotic dreams of her at night, causing my awake with a rampant hard-on. I found that I was no longer dating nor were the young, skinny bodies of girls my age turning my head. I was obsessed with Lesta, with her smile, her body and the thought of being with her. I was masturbating two or three times a day with images of her in running through my mind.

On Thursday it happened, I meet her at her house shortly after she had returned from some sort of social brunch function at the country club. She was still wearing her dress when I arrived. It was just like all of the other times I had come over, nothing different, no silent resolve on my part, it was simply another opportunity for me to enjoy her company.

As we were talking we went to her bedroom at the back of the house. In her closet were the kittens. Lesta had been nursing these kittens for over two weeks since finding them abounded by their mother. She picked the shoe box filled with kittens up and flopped down on her bed with them and proceeded to start nursing them. I couldn't help but notice that as she reclined on the bed that her dress had ridden up her legs exposing them to mid-thigh. I found the sight of her legs to be very alluring, I didn't want to stop looking at them but her voice brought me back out of my illicit reverie. Laid down facing Lesta, helping keep the kittens occupied while she fed the individually.

At one point as she laid on Lesta was laying on her back, I reached out to pluck a soft, furry kitten off of her stomach, instead my hand found her soft, warm body. I just let my hand linger there. Listening to her continuing to talk I could feel her voice through my hand as well as the rise and fall of her breathing. I had never been so aroused by such a simple touch. It was electric, my whole body responded instantly to the feel of her.

I was snapped from my private trance by the absence of her voice, she was looking intently at me with some wonderment in her eyes. She looked from my eyes to my hand that was slowly stroking her stomach and the back to my eyes, all without saying a single word. I was lost in her, I realized that I wasn't going to stop unless she was to ask me. For what seemed like minutes we just watched each other as if we expected to awaken at any minute to find everything back to normal. I slowly leaned up and over her and gently kissed those lips as I had dreamed of so many nights. My hand trailed up to her breasts, barely touching it as it might vanish. Her only response was a quickened breath and a rising nipple.

I wanted to make this moment last...forever. Our lips met, dryly at first, then with more urgency and moisture. We drank each other in through our lips. It was like kissing for the first except this time I knew what I was doing. Her lips felt so new and warm and as she parted them for me I was able to taste her tongue as we gently teased each other.

I shifted my body closer to her voluptuous body, I could my hard-on pressing against her warm thigh. I gently disengaged from our kissing and, with trepidation, asked if this was okay. Without whispering a word, she nodded her assent with only her bright blue eyes and that was most eloquent yes that I have ever received.

With more confidence than before, we kissed again as we both began the explore each other. Our tongues were intertwined as my hands traced across her neck and the valley created by her soft breasts. Her skin was electric, so warm and soft. I could feel her hands running up my arms and down the side of my back.

I slowly raised myself up so that I was able to open the buttons that ran down the front of her dress. She tried to somewhat shy away, I stopped my endeavors and gently pulled her face toward mine and told her that I wanted to see her...that she had been the object of my desire more several months and that I found her so very sexy. I explained quickly that I just wanted to feast my eyes upon her charms.

She responded with a smile the size of Texas.

Upon opening her dress I was rewarded with seeing her clad in a simple bra, panties and pantyhose. In all my days, I had never imagined that a body could be so divine. This was what a lady should look like, soft and pleasing to eye and I told Lesta this.

She blushed and giggled slightly as she sat up and kissed me long and hard. Our kiss was full of unabashed desire and passion for each other. She then told me that it was my turn to undress. She helped me out of my T-shirt and ran her hands over my chest as I struggled pulling the shirt over my head. I was in complete bliss with her touching me and she really seemed to appreciate my young, fit body (ok, quick male-ego time: I am 5'10 165 lbs w/ a 40" chest and 28" waist...). I then had some much appreciated help stepping out of my Levi's and boxers.

I settled back down on her bed her removed the last vestiges of her clothing. Her beauty did nothing but increase with the loss of each piece of clothing. Her plump, proud belly was simply erotic and the fullness of her thighs and calves were the sexiest legs I had ever seen. I stared in complete awe and admiration for several long minutes with my strong hands lightly tracing her outlines, from her neck down to below her knees.

Reaching her lips, I let my tongue trace softly over them, she responded by opening her lips and beckoning me to kiss her properly. My hands reached under her pendulous breasts and firmly cupped them. The sheer weight of her breasts emphasized how substantial of a woman she was. I deliberately lowered my body as I kissed and nipped at her neck, revealing her own unique smell.

I raised my leg up and over her hair-clad mound and rubbed it with my thigh, I could feel her body respond to the pressure of my thigh. I buried my mouth on her right breast, circling her nipple with my tongue without quite touching it. Her breath was coming much quicker now as her hand inched lower down my stomach, tickling me in such wonderfully sensitive areas. And when she grasped my dick in her warm hands I knew that I was close to heaven.

After several long minutes of feasting on her breasts and teasing both of her glorious globes, I inched ever lower. Licking her proud stomach, enjoying its heaviness.

As I started to taste her sweet nectar, she reached down to stop me telling me that she wasn't sure about me going down on her, asking her whether it was because she didn't want me to or because she wasn't use to it she admitted that it had been more than 7 years since her husband had treated himself in this way. I told her that I wanted to taste her sweet nectar, that I wanted to feel her climax with my tongue between her legs.

Slowly opening her outer lips, I placed my hot, wet tongue up against her clitty and began to gently lap against it....riding the length of my tongue against her clitty. Her hands found the back of my head and began to direct my movements to her greater pleasure...and mine. I found myself being enveloped in her voluptuous body. Her thighs gripped my face with surprissing strength as my tongue increased its pace, occasionally dipping lower and probing her sweet hole. I kept returning to her clitty, feeling it grow hard under my care. Lesta was beginning to whisper my name, pleading with me not to stop, of which I had no intention of doing until she was come.

I have always enjoyed pleasing a woman orally but never to the extent that I did with Lesta. Her roundness and fullness made it all the more erotic for me and from her cries and the gyrations of her hips I knew that she too was enjoying the attention to her mounded triangle. It wasn't long before I felt her rising up and crying out that she was coming. And come she did, nearly breaking my neck was so violent her climax, I nearly came myself so intense was her's!

Rising myself back up and over her, she invited me inside her. Even without the need, she deftly guided me into her well lubricated channel. I slowly lowered myself into her, feeling the sides of her pussy stretching to accommodate my rock-hard dick. There was such a feeling like being enveloped in warm velvet. She impatiently raised her large hips up, forcing me deeper into her.

Not knowing if I would ever be this lucky again in my life, I was determined to make this last for both of us. After settling fully into, I was surprised to find the tip of my dick resting against the back of her pussy, it was a stunning feeling for both of us.

I began to drive deep, slow strokes inside of Lesta, whispering her name, recounting the endless nights of being tormented by erotic images of her. Her hands grasped my butt cheeks, kneading them and helped guide me deeper in her wet, tight pussy. With her extra weight it seemed as if she was so incredibly tight yet very willing to take all of me.

She shifted her wide thighs open, allowing me to bury my dick up to the hilt, grinding up against her clitty. I was entranced by the way her belly and breasts giggled as we made love. Her belly rippled up to her breasts with my every stroke. Her blue eyes were open and smiling at me as I drove deeper into her sweet hole. Lesta began raising her hips to challenge me, she was getting close to another orgasm and I could feel her pushing against me.

I wanted to see and feel Lesta on top of me...very much on top of me. As we rolled over I could feel her pussy muscles quiver and gripping my raging hard-on, it was nearly too much for me. She just laughed softly at me and told me not worry. She began a slow rhythmic motion with those wondrous hips of hers. I could actually hear myself sliding in and out of her dripping pussy.

I leaned up and sucked am erect nipple as far into my mouth as I could, swirling it around my tongue and then ever so gently nibbling at it. At one point I thought she might smother me, I was caught between her two breasts when she squeezed her arms tight. There I was engulfed by her flesh, tasting her and smelling her glorious odor.

It was a sexual overload, I was quickly losing all pretense of control. This gorgeous, married mom of three was more than I could handle, he soft, generous body was the most erotic and attractive form I had ever witnessed.

Lesta was sharing in my urgency and started riding me faster, taking longer strokes, taking more of me inside her. My right hand found her clitty and I managed to keep a thumb on it as she quickly rode me to ecstasy.

I went to warn her that I couldn't hold off any longer and that I had better pull out she leaned over me and french kissed me deeply. We were still lip locked as I launched my sperm deep into her belly. I keep cumming and she keep riding me, taking all I had to offer her. After a few more minutes, she collapsed onto me, I was still inside her and could feel our sweat mingling together.

As I rubbed her back she told me that she had had three orgasms, she made me promise that this wouldn't be the end of our friendship or the last time we made love.

Both were easily agreed to by me. For the first time I was truly satisfied after making love, this wonderful BBW was everything I had ever wanted in a lover.

I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon with and then stayed for dinner. This was to be the first of many wonderful experiences for me.

Lesta and the events are all true, and as this is my first attempt at writing, if anyone is interested in more, I would love to continue this story.
Any suggestions, criticisms or comments are welcomed

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