Dimensions Columns:
Conrad H. Blickenstorfer Ph.D.
Editor At Large
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The Editor's column has been providing insight and commentary to the size acceptance movement since 1984.

Where is Dimensions going?
(Dimensions #82)

Where does the size acceptance community stand?
(Dimensions #81)

More on things that change and those that don't
(Dimensions #80)

Things sure have changed for FAs
(Dimensions #79)

Contemplating electronic progress, size rights, and our purpose
(Dimensions #78)

The diet drug tragedy, and why we haven't seen the end of it yet
(Dimensions #77)

Of Fat Rage and Shifts in the Movement
(Dimensions #76)

Reflections at the Occasion of Our 75th Issue
(Dimensions #75)

Electronic Communication and Size Acceptance
(Dimensions #74)

When Government Fails The people
(Dimensions #73)

They're Ganging up on Fat People, and Why Oprah is a Menace
(Dimensions #72)

Of swimsuits, fat Vogue models, and weird statistics
(Dimensions #71)

The good and bad of the Web; and--yikes--Dr. Atkins is back
(Dimensions #70)

The media's tendency to portray size acceptance as an extremist issue
(Dimensions #69)

Of the social vs. political struggle, sandbox wars, and hidden promise
(Dimensions #68)

Of personal ads, self acceptance, and trust
(Dimensions #67)

What Dimensions is all about
(Dimensions #66)

Men need to talk to each other more often
(Dimensions #65)

Never have so many done so little to defend their own rights
(Dimensions #64)

Of the need for a united front in the face of adversity
(Dimensions #63)

Dimensions Office Move & Inner Struggles
(Dimensions #62)

How the information age will change your life
(Dimensions #61)

Of a different kind of freedom of choice
(Dimensions #60)

Of "healthy eating," thigh cream, and discrimination from within
(Dimensions #59)

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