BIG FAT WOMAN (Get Your Fat Legs Off of Me)

arr. by Eric von Schmidt

Say, Big Fat Woman get your fat legs off of me
Now you Big Fat Woman get your fat legs off of me
Now it feels so good, scare the hell out of me

Oh, Big Fat Woman with the meat shakin' on her bones
Yes Big Fat Woman with the meat shakin' on her bones
Ev'ry time she dance, skinny gal'll lose her home

She got great big legs, she got wanton thighs
Big Fat Woman got wanton thighs
Ev'ry time she moves, make my temp'rature rise

She's a fine lookin' woman, got great big legs
Big Fat Woman got great big legs
Ev'ry time she moves, move like a soft boil'd egg

I love you mama, goin' get me kill'd
Big Fat Woman goin' get me kill'd
Lovin', lovin', lovin' get this poor boy kill'd


Copyright 1963 by Minglewood Music Inc., 1964 by WPVC
     Music Publishing Co. (ASCAP)

Note: von Schmidt, a Cambridge (MA) folk singer, assembled
     this song from a distillation of many different blues lyrics
     dating back to the 1920s. Tommy Johnson is believed to
     have originated the melody and key stanza (ca. 1928):

     Cryin' big fat mama, meat shaking on her bones,
     Ev'ry time the meat shake, it's a skinny woman lose a home.

     Variations on the theme include this verse by Mississippi
     John Hurt (ca. 1929):

     Wake up woman, get your big legs off of mine
     They're so heavy, make a good man change his mind

     this lyric credited to Jabo Williams:

     Said I'm goin' away mama, and I'm goin' to stay
     Them big legs, baby, gonna keep me away

     and this version of the key stanza performed by a blues quar-
     tet in Atlanta, GA in 1936, recorded by the Lomax brothers:

     Big fat woman with the meat shakin' on her bones,
     Every time she wibble, a poor man's dollar gone.

Recordings (Von Schmidt arrangement):
1. Jim Croce, on the LP "Facets" (Croce Records 101, 1966)
2. Jim Croce, on the LP "The Faces I've Seen" (Lifesong ECDSP
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