lyrics by Steve Goodman, Paula Ballan, and Toni Mandel
music by Steve Goodman

When I first met you, baby
You fed me on chicken and wine
It was steak, and potatoes, and lobster
And babe, I sure felt fine
But now all you give me is seaweed and alfalfa sprouts
And sunflower seeds, and I got my doubts
Babe, you left me here with the chicken cordon bleus

My stomach's so empty
And all I got is food for thought
And I've been sittin' here thinkin'
'Bout the twenty pounds of groceries we bought
We bought ten pounds of brown rice, and five more of beans
And five pounds of granola, and you know what that means
I'm just a regular fella with the chicken cordon bleus
(Now I want you to play me them fat licks)

I'm starved for affection
And babe, I can't take no more
You know this stuff is so weird
That the cockroaches moved next door
Babe, can you see that old dog? He's out in the street
He's got a big smile on his face 'cause they let him eat meat
And babe, I got the lemon and the chicken cordon bleus

Babe, I'm goin' down to the bakery
And I'm gonna find me a jelly roll
And some cannoli
Some French pastry
A chocolate eclair don't sound too bad
How 'bout some lasagna?
You know fat is where it's at
My shadow disappeared ...


Copyright 1972, 1973 by Buddah Music/Turnpike Tom Music (ASCAP)

Performed by Steve Goodman on the LP "Somebody Else's Troubles"
     (Buddah BDS 5121, 1972), re-released on "The Essential Steve
     Goodman" (Buddah BDS 5665-2, 1976) and "The Original Steve
     Goodman" (Buddah SCD-4923, 1989)