by Don McKinnon

Now you've all heard the story about the long, tall woman
And I know you've heard about the short ones too.
Well let me tell you my story about my pride and glory,
Yes, about my fat, fat, fat.

Well, I've got a woman four hundred pounds,
You've never seen nothing like that.
When she starts to shakin' the stitches start to breakin',
Yeah, I like 'em fat, fat, fat.

Some likes 'em skinny, some likes 'em tall,
Some likes 'em in-between
But I like 'em bulgin' from too much indulgin'
Yeah, I like 'em fat, fat, fat.

Well, talk about your lovin', you ain't had no huggin'
Until you've been squeezed flat.
Ain't nothing quite as pleasin' and, buddy, I ain't teasin'
As being smothered in fat.

Now when I'm dead and buried six feet down
Lying on my back so flat,
It ain't no illusion to come to the conclusion
I died lovin' my fat, fat, fat.


Copyright 1964 by Pamper Music, Inc.