by Chunky A (Arsenio Hall) and Attala Zane Giles

I've had many Girlies
In my life and time
Women of all kind

Sister named Velda
Snow named Gidget
I even got busy
With a cute little midget

Nothing made my heart sing
Nothing seemed to last
The future looked dim
Just like the past

But surprise from the sky
Came a dream called you
No one's ever rocked me
Like the way that you do

It hurts so good
When you do what you do
You're the end of the line
I wanna spend my life with you

Whitney Houston
And even Brooke Shields
Don't come close to you
The real deal

You're erotic
A chocolate ton of fun
Every woman I need
All wrapped up in one

More cushion for the pushin'
I hope I can hang
Let's spread cake on yo' body
And we'll do the wild thang


Copyright 1989 by Black Lion Music/Captain Z Publishing/
     Hallywood Music

Recorded by Chunky A on the CD "Large and In Charge"
     (MCA Records MCAD-6354, 1989)