by Ted Murry and Raymond Leveen

There is a boy I'd like you to meet,
He's so happy all the while;
When he goes walking down the street,
Ev'rybody starts to smile:

Roly Poly, Roly Poly
Fattest boy of all;
He has such a funny walk,
He rolls just like a ball;
Roly Poly, Roly Poly
Ev'rybody's friend;
He's so very, very stout,
He's much too fat to bend;
Ev'ry day he adds a pound,
He doesn't grow tall, he only grows round.
Roly Poly, Roly Poly
Like a big balloon;
In a little while, he'll be
Much fatter than the moon.


Copyright 1948, 1949 by VOCO, Inc.