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Favorite FatSongs

Jazz & Big Band Classics
A-Huggin' & A-Chalkin'
Big Fat Mamas Are Back In Style Again
Egyptian Ella
I Like 'em Fat Like That
Mr. Five by Five
Roly Poly

Blues Masters
Big Fat Woman
Big Legged Woman
Built For Comfort
Little Bitty Man
Three Hundred Pounds of Joy

Rock & Pop
Another Fat Song
Big Fat Blonde
Dare To Be Fat
Davy the Fat Boy
Fat Bottomed Girls
Fat Boys (A Love Song)
Fat, Fat, Fat
Fat Gal
Fatty Patty
Happy Being Fat
Hotdog In A Hallway
I Need A Miracle
Ro-ly Po-ly
Skin and Bone
Thunder Thighs
Tubby Tillie
Unskinny Bop
Whole Lotta Rosie

Soul, Funk, Rap, Reggae, & Ska
Baby Got Back
Big Fat Women
Big Legged Mamas Are Back In Style
Gett Off
Snack Attack

Country & Western
Big Boned Gal
Chunky People
Fat Gal
Roly Poly
Skinny Legs
Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry

Comedy & Parody
Big Bottom
Chicken Cordon Bleus
Colonel Sanders(R) Thighs
The Drinking Man's Diet
Grow Mrs. Goldfarb
Hail To Thee, Fat Person!
Too Fat Polka

Fat Links
FatGirl Song List
"Big Fat Woman"/Arlis Tyner
"The Food Police"/Barbara Millward
"Wanna Bun"/The Spice Git
The Ultimate Parody Site
Demented Lyrics
"Weird Al" Lot-a-Links

Much More To Come ...
but we need your help. If you've found a song that makes you feel good about being fat - or tells the world how you feel about the BBWoman, BBGuy or BBKid in your life - then share the wealth. Get out your CDs, your LPs, your tapes, your 45s, your 78s, your wax cylinders, your piano rolls, and send us the lyrics, recording and copyright information we need to make this site complete. If you've spotted a gap in our musical education, fill it up. You might even get credit for it.

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