FAT BOYS (A Love Song)

by Andrew Ratshin

Skinny boys got nothin'
To lean against in bed
Bony arms and shoulders
Only bruise my head
And when they try to wrestle me
I beat them pound for pound
Skinny boys got nothing
To wrap your arms around

Skinny boys got visions
Of godlike qualities
But every time I greet one
There`s nothing there to squeeze
All that wasted effort
All that vanity
Skinny boys got visions
Of immortality

Something `bout those muscle-bound boys
Practicing their clean and jerk
Oiling up their bodies for the shine
Never liked those tan and lean boys
Too much pressure, too much work
Looking in the mirror for a sign
I just want a baby-fat boy
Double-sized and double-chinned
Belly big and pillow to my brain
I just want a spacious lap boy
Jump right on and sink right in
Loving handles driving me insane

All of that extra weight
All of that extra muscle to play with
Gives me another reason to stay
With the fat boys, fat boys
Everyone cleans the plate
Truly inspired the last of us lingers
To sit by the fire and lick off the fingers
Of the fat boys, fat boys

Skinny boys are losers
Who seem to try too hard
But every time they talk to me
They won`t let down their guard
All that blind devotion
All the foolish pride
Skinny boys are losers
With no place left to hide

I don`t want no squeaky clean boys
So repressed and so refined
Walking like their feet don`t touch the ground
I don`t want no Mama`s best boy
Undeveloped, undefined
Waiting for his chance to be profound
I just want an overgrown boy
Unconditioned, unrehearsed
Fleshy body waiting for the squeeze
Overweight and overblown boys
Whet my whistle, quench my thirst
Chubby cheeks just drop me to my knees

All of that extra skin
All of that extra stuffing to yearn for
Gives me another reason to burn
For the fat boys, fat boys
Everyone wants to sin
Truly discerning the last of us hovers
To turn up the music and turn down the covers
With the fat boys, fat boys

Fat boys so massive
And fat boys so sweet
Fat boys to fondle and bite
Fat boys to feed me
Whenever we meet
Fat boys to turn out the light
Fat boys so ample
To sample and hold
Fat boys to brighten my day
Fat boys so grand
To manhandle and mold
Fat boys to steal me away

All of the extra cheek
All of that extra cargo to carry
Gives me another reason
To marry the fat boys, fat boys
Everyone takes a peak
Truly determined we go through the paces
We`re puffing our chests
And we`re stuffing our faces
For the fat boys, fat boys


Copyright 1984 by Liu-Tunes

Recorded by Uncle Bonsai on the LP "A Lonely Grain of Corn"
     (Freckle Records FR-01908, 1984) and the CD "Boys Want to
     Have Sex in the Morning" (Freckle Records FRC 01911, 1986), re-
     released on "The Inessential Uncle Bonsai" (Yellow Tail Records
     YT-10002, 1992).

Thanks to Christine DiBlasi for sending in these lyrics.