BBW Superiority

by (aka "TR")

This article is directed at large models, but the ideas expressed may interest others, particularly BBWs who may have no interest in modeling, but want some insight into the minds of FAs like me.

Like many men, I like to look at erotic images of women (call it pornography if you want, though one of my favorites is Renoir's Blonde Bather, which is supposedly "Art"...but that's another topic). And since I'm an FA, I naturally like looking at images of women who are larger than average. In the last few years, thanks to the internet and thanks to the magazine industry's discovery of guy's like me, these images have vastly improved in quality and quantity and availablity.

So I really shouldn't complain. I'm incredibly grateful to all those large lovely women who are so kind as to share their images with myself and others like me.

But there's one thing that really exasperates me!

Ladies, we LOVE your pretty faces, your nice big breasts, your plump thighs, your wide derrieres, but just as important, we wanna see those soft, round, voluptuous

P O T - B E L L I E S !!!!

Actually, in my case, the pot-belly is the MOST erotic part of a woman, the part we FAs hardly ever get to see (ironically, hardly any woman will show off her tummy unless she doesn't have one!).

BBWs, your tummies are what most clearly distinguish you as superior to those skinny women who dominate the media! Pamela Anderson is beautiful, she has breasts, thighs, buttocks, the works, but does she have a tummy? No! To me, she looks an amputee!

So it boggles my mind when I see a cute BBW (who could blow Pamela away in the tummy department) show off every part of her body EXCEPT her sexy tummy! There are women who are more comfortable showing off their VAGINAS than their tummies!

Now, I understand why this is, of've grown up in a society that tells you your tummy is ugly and you've come to believe it. And sure, to be honest, there ARE a lot of people who think pot-bellies are ugly!

But THEY aren't the ones who are checking photos of BBWs! We are! The FAs who LOVE pot-bellies! So show off those sensuous, sassy, plump tummies proudly and receive the admiration and gratitude of FAs everywhere! aka "TR"

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