Greetings From Cyberspace
by Dani Osborne

Dani Osborne

Whether you are familiar with the internet or just starting out online, Dimensions Online is a great place to start for all things related to big beautiful women and fat admirers on the world wide web.

Hello, my name is Dani Osborne and I am the new online editor, which basically means I help take care of the web stuff. I have been building web pages for a few years now and was running my own web site for BBW and admirers until a few months ago. The site was called and it was quite popular. It was something that I was doing in my spare time but it got to be a very time consuming project, so after much contemplation I decided to give it up. It was then that I was offered the position of online editor by Dimensions Magazine, which I accepted immediately. We decided to merge the best of my site and Dimensions Online into what some have called one of the greatest BBW/FA sites on the web.

The best thing about the web is the ability to constantly provide new content. We are able to keep people updated with news and commentary from the size acceptance front on a daily basis. It provides a place to archive articles, photos, stories, and more. We have also been conducting model searches via the web which allow people to see pictures of model wannabes and to vote for them online.

A few more features that you will find at Dimensions Online are chat rooms, several web boards, the Weight Room, LinkMANIA, a phat fashions section, an ImageMall with many of Dimensions’ models, Wilson Barbers’ Fat Magic realm, and the popular Future Plumpers lookout.

The chat rooms are live and in real time, which means when you type something, other people will see it within a matter of seconds, almost like the chat rooms on America Online. There are usually several people chatting at any given time and you can interact with all of them.

The web boards are web based bulletin boards where people can post new messages and reply to existing messages as well. Unlike live chat, you may have to wait a day or two to get a response. The debates can get quite lively on the boards, and we've had days where people posted a hundred messages and more.

The Weight Room was set up for those who enjoy weight gain and food related fantasies. It includes a large weight gain stories section, a picture gallery (including many of the ever popular "before and after" sequences), and related commentary.

LinkMANIA is our comprehensive and up-to-date list of size-related links. It includes approximately 300 links to other size-related resources and fun pages on the web.

Sandie's Phat Fashions is compiled by Sandie Sabo, Dimensions fashion editor, and gives you a sneak peek into her fashion column for the magazine, as well as a large list of fashion related links on the web. Sandie concentrates on hot new boutiques and mail order businesses that specialize on the needs of large women.

The Image Mall contains thumbnail pictures of Dimensions models with links to information on purchasing larger versions for a small fee. Also for you lovers of very large women, we have the 500 Club which exclusively features women over 500 lbs!

Fat Magic is Wilson Barbers’ homepage. It includes several free stories from one of the masters of weight gain fiction, "pay-per-view" stories which you can purchase for a modest fee, and Barbers Pick o’ the Month relating to matters fat and growing fatter.

Future Plumpers is where we keep track of the ups and downs of some of our favorite stars, including photos and commentary. This is in the "Just for Fun" section which is exactly what the name implies. Included here is "The Gallery" where frequent visitors to the web site can post their pictures and a bit about themselves, and "Success Stories" where we post photos and stories of couples who met each other via online services or other unusual ways.

We also have an Exhibit Hall which features permanent and rotating photo exhibits. Currently, you can see collections of art from Botero, Delacroix, the grand masters, and a cross section of contemporary art. There is also an exhibit on sumo wrestlers and two especially lovely Dimensions models.

These are just some of the features of Dimensions Online. I've barely scratched the surface. You could spend literally hours exploring this site and never get bored. But realize that Dimensions Online is meant as a complement to Dimensions Magazine, not a replacement. As much fun as it is to surf the web, nothing beats being able to sit down, relax, grab a cup of coffee, and curl up with the latest issue of Dimensions in your lap.

See you next time. Or on the web. ß

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