Ecstasy of Comfort
by Brian R. Stuart

this is another dream, right?
I'm awake;
not again;
I'm not reaching for her;
this isn't real though;
i can tell that;
but I am awake;
What are we doing?
we are together
i gather that
she is sitting,
no, laying
or lounging
or sitting
i think she wants me to come over to her
What could this be?
she wants me to lay my head
across her body
i think i...
... yeah, I do
i mean, well,
i mean "Wow"
this feels amazing;
the comfort puts me in a state of ecstasy
this feels great;
This i feel,
i think;
I feel her softness
it feels comforting
I don't know how to explain
it just feels fantastic;
I know this isn't a dream
i know this isn't real
but what then?
what is this?

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