Frustrated FA
by Brian R. Stuart

I am an FA;
		<fat admirer>
	I've said this a lot;
			I try not to make it;
		"in the closet";
	It is who I am;
and it is perfectly normal
		it can get frustrating;
	when people don't even try to understand me
				and attack my position;
I'm not Stupid;
			I pretty damned smart;
		and I find fat women sexy;
this is normal and healthy
			but it can be frustrating
	when people act like
		I don't know
what I'm talking about;
			It can be frustrating
	When I feel like
I'm the only person who can see the
		innate beauty
so often found in women
		who don't look like Barbie;
	it can be frustrating,
			but I am sure it could be worse;
Much worse.

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