by T’Rina

You wanted the perfect woman and never realized it couldn’t be me
   I live wrong
     I laugh to loud
You said my humor was course and my wit was vague
   It drove you crazy  that I talked in my sleep 
      but never to you  
         and that I cried when I dreamed
            but wouldn’t tell you why
You wanted a wide awake 
   middle of the day dream girl  with gentle humor and a sedate laugh
      who never thought of sex before you
          and unlike me never forgot your mothers name
I’m not like that 
   I bruise
      I breath 
         and god forbid but I do bleed
I will always remember you shushing me 
   Looking around like a convict and telling me 
      “Don’t laugh so loud, people will hear.”
As if at any moment the JOY POLICE would come and take me away
Now your gone and living with some other poor girl
   who wont be any more perfect then me
But maybe she’ll listen to your bull 
   and be afraid to laugh and live
And every time I think of you 
   I just laugh a little louder.

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