Poem to an Anonymous Fat Girl
by Brian R. Stuart

look at her;
			look at this woman;
	she is beautiful,
		but she doesn't know;
	you can tell she doesn't know;
it's in the way she carries herself;
		she acts like she thinks she is
she isn't;
		this woman is beautiful,
	and she doesn't know it;
			how could she?
	she has probably been told she's ugly
all her life;
			she isn't though;
	she's beautiful;
		I doubt anyone has ever told her
They are blinded as she is
		to her beauty;
	it isn't their fault;
			they were always told that
this was ugly;
			you can't blame them
		for listening;
	only a few people are able
			not to listen;
i hope this woman finds a man
	who will call her beautiful;
			she deserves that.
every woman does.

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