by T’Rina 97

“The curve of your thigh “
     he whispered
 When I asked him why he stayed
 “The touch of your skin against mine
      when I wake and don’t know where I am
          for that broken half moment in the dark  you are there
The feel of your body
   so wide and full beside me as you sleep
The taste of you 
     and the way it changes
         from place to place on your body 
The soft sigh that escapes you
    as I lift your hair to kiss the back of your nape
And the moan  you cant suppress 
   when I lick the ample flesh behind your thigh
Or the way you cant hold still 
    when I touch the soft crease at the back  of your knee
A there is that innocent way you look at me 
    as you do devilish things to me       
I stay because there is so much of you to explore”
       I am glad I asked

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