Darleen is a 425 pound, 5'7" woman with a queen size hourglass figure. She has very full breasts, a big, rounded behind, and a large, dropped stomach. Her favorite position is on her back with her legs in the air and her partner between them. Since her legs are heavy she can hold this position only for a short time and then relaxes into the missionary position. He then rotates 90 degrees clockwise, without withdrawal, into a position that places her left leg under his side and her right leg between his legs. In this position, his left hand is free to caress her breasts, stomach, and even pelvic area which he enjoys a great deal. This position puts his mouth right at the level of her breasts, which she loves. She likes this position best because it is completely comfortable, with no strain on any part of her body, and makes for good penetration.

Another position that she enjoys for variety is with her on top. She straddles him and he enters her, using his hands for guidance. She kneels over him with her hands high up bracing against the wall. Although she outweighs him by over 250 pounds, he finds her weight very exciting and not at all painful until his climax at which point, according to him, she instantly seems to gain 500 pounds. ß

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