Laurie is 5'6" and weighs almost 600 pounds. She describes her body as "very wide and quite flat." She has very large arms and legs. Her favorite position is "doggie style" (she hates the term). Since she finds it difficult to kneel for extended periods of time, she props pillows under her groin until her behind is elevated to the proper height. She also places a pillow between her head and the bedstead or wall and braces her body against it, with head angled down. She then tilts her pelvis up so that her behind points upwards. Her partner kneels behind her and can use his hands for stimulating a whole range of erogenous zones.

Another position that works fine for her is with her on her side. Her partner kneels between her thighs, using one ample leg for support, and holding up the other leg by the ankle or calf. This works well with fat and thin partners.

A third position that also works well with any size partner is a modified missionary position in which she places her feet on her partner's shoulders. He can brace against a bed board or wall, or rest against her feet. This position gives very good leverage.

For variety, she can stand up and bend over something like a bed or a chair. This way, your tummy is completely out of the way and her weight is evenly distributed between legs and arms. This works well with a big guy, too. If he has a large stomach, he can rest it against her buttocks.

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