Tammy, who at 5'6" weighs about 440 pounds, carries most of her weight on her lower body. She has very large legs and a large, dropped stomach. Her favorite positions work well even if her partner is a fat man himself:

In the standard "missionary" position, she and her partner both brace their feet against the wall of a sturdy foot board. This way, she doesn't have to support their weight, is able to raise her legs quite high, and can remain in this position for an extended period of time.

A second favorite is with her on her stomach with legs spread wide and slightly drawn up, pelvic tilted to raise the behind to make the vagina more accessible. Her partner kneels between her legs and supports his weight on his knees and arms, with his hands resting on the bed besides her, or placed lightly on her buttocks.

A third position that works well for her, as it should for most women who have big stomachs but relatively flat buttocks: She lies on her side, her partner behind her, spoon fashion. Her knees are pulled up slightly and his body is cupped under her buttocks. The partner can vary this position by resting on his knees and leaning over her from behind.

Tammy points out that intercourse isn't always necessary. She says "I have so many places on my body that are soft and moist and smooth that a man can make love to, especially if we have no protection and can't practice safe sex vaginally. I had one lover who thought just being under my stomach was heaven and could climax almost immediately. Many men, non-FAs included, also like it between the breasts."

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