Weight Room Title Bar

Alicia Silverstone
by The Man

This story is fictional.It may or may not happen.Thank you.

As Alicia was getting ready to go to her Batman and Robin movie premiere,she realized that her dog had one of her shoes.Damn dog she screamed as she lunged for the glove.She grabbed the glove and put it on.Whoah.She got in the limo and headed off.

In the limo there were all sorts of candy and drinks and Alicia sampled all of them.Mmmmmmmmm.These are good,she thought.When she got to the premiere her dress,which was already tight(due to the fact she gained 12 pounds after buying it)was even tighter.She sat down next to Chris O'Donnell for the whole movie.After the movie,she went out to McDonalds to get a bite to eat.That's when her story begins.She ordered a Large Shake,2 Big Macs,and a large order of fries.She piled it in and was full.

The next morning she awoke to find that the papers said she was Disastrous in the movie.Feeling depressed,she grabbed the bags of cookies,chips,and nachos and sat down in front of the t.v..She woke up feeling still a little depressed,she grabbed the ice cream out of the freezer and dug in.At 136 pounds,she could really pack it in.She finished the ice cream and went to bed.She woke the next morning to find her pants starting to rip at the sides.She then looked on her info wall.Oh Shit!I have to go to lunch with Alicia Machado!She put on a tight pair of jeans and headed off.

She got there 5 minutes late."Hi Alicia" she yelled."Sorry I'm late."

"Its ok."I took the liberty of ordering for you."Alicia Machado was very fat.Since passing on the crown,she had packed on 69 pounds and was now 187.She was wearing tight jeans as well.When dinner came,Alicia was shocked to see all the food that was piled in front of her.She didn't want to hurt her friends feelings so she ate all the food.Mmmmmmm.Alica said.Now for dessert.I hope you like cake.

"Yep.""Now,what kind of cake?"

"Chocolate."Its really good."They both dug in and finished min.later."Well Batgirl,I gotta go."See you."As she got up,her pants ripped exposing her big butt.

It had been three weeks since Alicia's movie had come out,and because of the constant ridicule of her role in Batman,Alicia had gained weight.Her clothes were too tight,and her jeans had ripped at the sides and the butt.She was 157 pounds now,with the start of a double chin.She continued to eat everyday until all her clothes were unwearable.The jeans she had been wearing since starting her eating binge were ripped everywhere.Her stomach made her buttons on her Flannel Shirt pop off.Her face was soft and round with a double chin.She was 164 of fat.She got up,stomach jiggling,butt swaying side to side,her breasts bobbing up and down.She went outside and went shopping for new clothes.She bought a size 20 so that they would hide the weight that she had gained.

It was about Thanksgiving when Alicia got a call to star in a new movie.Alicia was now 188.Her stomach over flowed her size 20 jeans.She accepted the job and headed off.While making the movie Alicia went through many wardrobes,manly because she wouldn't stop eating.The movie had Alicia at many weights.She started off at 188 and ended at 205.She went to the premiere and looked at herself on the screen and smiled.