Weight Room Title Bar

by Rebel

The first one to notice didn't say anything about it. When the reporters asked her about the incident later, she said that she hadn't noticed anything different at all that day. She lied, of course. The secretary had already been through enough that day without admitting that she might have stopped it from happening. Besides, she only remembered thinking that a Vice President should be able to afford a suit that fit...

The executive walked into the office that day feeling better than she had in years. It was not just a good mood, in fact she felt a little cranky. No, this was a physical sensation. She felt strong. Yes, that was the word; strong. Instead of the elevator, the big blonde took the stairs to her office. Even though it was only three floors, she was surprised to reach the top not the slightest bit winded. As she walked down the hall to her office, she hardly noticed the way people moved aside to let her pass. She was too wrapped up in how good her body felt.

By walking just a little faster, she was able to make her flesh bounce erratically. Her big bust led the way proudly, a huge pair of jumping drum majors! From behind, the other employees stared at the grand curves of her broad hips. They just couldn't help it, they had to watch in awe.

When she reached her office, she decided that she must be getting used to her weight. She didn't feel herself bouncing the way that she did at the top of the stairs. Walking past her secretary without a word, she scooped up her messages and sat down at her desk.

"Well good morning," the secretary chimed as she followed her into the office. "The boss isn't going to be in today, so you'll have to cover for him some. Your meeting..." She changed her voice from professional secretary to girlbuddy. "Is that your new suit? It's starting to look a little tight already!"

"So what are you saying? You think I'm gaining weight again?" The big blonde wasn't in the mood for this today.

Her secretary didn't think she looked fat at all. The suit looked like it was too tight across the shoulders. Before she could say that, her boss started talking again.

"I could do just fine today without that kind of crap from you today. Now get back out there and go to work." The executive was a little sorry for snapping at her that way, but she found that she liked the edge her voice was taking. It seemed to fit with the way her big, powerful body felt this morning.

Just as her secretary disappeared, one of the other lawyers from down the hall poked his head in her open doorway. He was smiling a grating little sheepish grin that annoyed her the moment she saw it. Neither one of them noticed that the pen she was holding snapped in her hand as he started to speak.

"G'mornin'," he began what he hoped was a friendly banter. She just looked at him. "Okay then, I'll get right to it. You know that property exclusion I was supposed to do for Idaho and Utah? Well I just haven't gotten a chance to get at that yet. I'm so backed up with all my usual work that I just don't have time for these kinds of things." His feet shifted, betraying his nervousness to her. She still hadn't responded to a word he'd said, so he went on. "So I went to the Senior VP and he's assigned that project to you."

If he'd wished for a reaction out of her before, he took it back as soon as she stood up. Her heavy thighs crashed into the desk, rocking it and pushing it forward about a foot. "You did WHAT?!" She stepped out from behind the desk and took slow steps toward him. "You really did that, didn't you? What makes you think that your time is that much more valuable than mine? I've got twice the caseload you do now, before you dump this on me!" She had almost reached him.

Some people say that modern man has retained some of the instincts of his primal ancestors. It must have been true in her office that day, because the lawyer bolted like a rabbit. Something warned him that he was in danger from this amazon, and he believed it with all his heart, machismo be damned!

She grinned when he spun, and hesitated for a second before pursuing him. This was a moment to be savored. When she finally did start after him, it was with a furious scream that dragged everyone out of their offices. Her strong legs closed the distance with her prey in no time at all. Then like a deadly jungle cat, she leapt across the space between them and hit him squarely in the top of his back. He dropped like an empty sack, and she clung to him to land with her impressive weight driving him down into the short carpet. They skidded to a halt where he began gasping for air so that he could beg for mercy.

She sprang up and flipped him onto his back with one arm. With a loud rip, her suit gave up. Deep ripples rolled across the muscles of her back and shoulders clearly visible beneath her blouse. Her swollen biceps kept her sleeves on her arms and out of her way. The tailored skirt was splitting at the seams also due to the rigid flex of the awesome bulges of muscle on her legs. After no more than a glimpse of her new body, everyone decided to leave her alone, and her victim to his fate.

The blood of the scrapes on his face excited her even more. The way his eyes bugged at the sight of the cords on her forearm excited her more still as she grabbed a handful of his tie and collar to lift his face up to hers. When she grinned a terrible feline grin right into his face, her white teeth glittering and green eyes glowing, he lost control of his bladder.

"You flaccid little man. You puny, lazy, ridiculous little slug. I and the other women on this floor have been making up for your little inadequacies so long that you don't even know how useless you really are." He was so scared that he kept his eyes clenched.

She looked up at the crowd around her, catching the eyes of all the men that were there. "That goes for every single one of you no-balled penis-haulers! There's not a man in here who can stack his workload and productivity against any woman in this department." She dropped the injured lawyers head to the floor and held him in place by planting a heel under his collarbone.

"That ends today. TODAY!!" She looked around the crowd, twisting her heel into the lawyer as she turned. His pitiful whimpers were a perfect punctuation to her words. "From now on, if you have to ask for a woman to take any of your work, then you'll give her part of your salary with it. If that doesn't work for you then take your masculine ego to some other company. But things are going to be different here, aren't they?"

They all stared in stunned silence. "AREN'T THEY!!" she roared. There was a general emphatic agreement. "And awards, raises, and promotions will be given out fairly from now on. Won't they?" Silence again. She bore her weight down into the little man's shoulder. Taking the cue, he shrieked "WON'T THEY!!" Again, the assembly agreed.

"And when we have a party up here, all the men will bring some sort of food ,too. Right" She glared around.

"RIGHT!" they all said like a choir. It made the blonde amazon smile to hear it.

"All right then," she said calmly, "now let's get back to work. Ladies, keep an eye on them. Don't let them get away with anything."

Several of the men darted instantly back to their offices. The rest went more slowly, taking a nervous moment to check how tight the other women's suits were fitting.

The big blonde bent and easily scooped her prey up by his collar. Twisting under him, she flung him over her shoulder so that he was face up. His spine curved over at a nasty angle, but he didn't say a word to complain. It seemed he knew that she had to carry him that way to keep from getting his wet pants on her clothes.

The Senior Vice President's office door burst open suddenly. The amazon stormed in and dropped the lawyer on his desk like an empty sack. Her massive breasts surged forward as she leaned across the furniture to stare right into the Senior's eyes.

"Are you going to assign me any of his work?" she asked in an oddly business-like tone. He merely shook his head. "Good." Straightening, she smoothed her rended suit as best as she could. "I'm going to go home and change. If you get any memos from Legal about changes in procedure while I'm gone, it would be best to just do it. All right?"

When the Senior didn't answer right away, the lawyer on his desk shrieked "ALL RIGHT!!"

The amazon smiled and walked away. She felt stronger than ever, and now she wasn't even cranky. Not even a little bit.