Weight Room Title Bar

by Drew

Dr. Nathan Storm was a brilliant young scholar, he was on the foremost expert in the world on the subject of cryptoarchelogy. His latest theory was concerning the mysterious group of women known as the Amazons, a legendary group of women warriors which were thought to exist on a magically island somewhere in the Atlantic ocean. His theories were scoffed at by his contemporaries but he swore he would prove the Amazons to be a reality and more than a deluded myth.

Dr. Storm led a team into the Atlantic the next year. He searched all over the Atlantic for over ten years until one day he encountered a strange purple fog. The captain of the ship was scared and asked the doctor to turn back but after ten years of failure the doctor was not about to turn back now, he felt that if he continued his prize was only a few steps away and that the last ten years and his theories would finally be validated, so the doctor continued passing through the strange fog and lost consciousness.

When the doctor awoke he find himself on a strange tropical island, he was scared but he thought he had to be brave for the men so he decided to find some food and a fresh water supply, so they could make it until a rescue ship came by. The doctor proceeded into the mysterious tropical jungle followed by his loyal men. As they ventures into the jungle each of the men felt something sting them and they were knocked out, only Dr. Storm remained awake along enough to hear a sound in the bushed and make out a blurred object in the distance.

When Dr. Storm woke up he found himself in a strange building, it appeared to be a mixture of Greek and Roman temples. Nathan wondered around the temple for some until he come upon what appeared to be a gallery of statues, depicting some gods or rulers, it was then he heard a voice saying "Hold there infidel how dare you tread in the temple of the goddesses?"

"My name is Dr. Nathan Storm, I am a research scientist from America I have come hear in order to..."

"Be quiet." The voice ordered from the shadows. It was then that Nathan saw his captor for the first time. She was beautiful by all standards she had long blonde hair blue eyes and a thin figure, the real supermodel type. "Criminal you will be judged by our queen for you crimes against the Amazon people."

"Amazon did you say, I have searched for you and your people for years."

"Foolish man, I am not an Amazon I am merely one of their servants, you will know a true Amazon when you see one you poor fool." With these words the doctor was lead down a long dark hall and entered a magnificent palace, one fit for a god or goddesses. "Bow before our queen male."

"You may let him go Helena", said a beautiful voice.

"Yes your majesty. Rise male and behold your queen. Long live Queen Diana.", was heard echoing throughout the palace. It was then that Nathan first beheld Diana, Queen of the Amazons. She took was the most beautiful women he had ever seen he was a beauty beyond the dreams of Ruebens(you see in his own culture Nathan was a social oddity longing for the plus size beauties of the past.)

"Greetings your majesty." He said the wonderful mountain of female flesh that lay in front of him.

"Greetings to you stranger. I am Diana, Queen of the Amazons. Who are you and why do trespass in our sacred temple?"

"Oh great Queen I am Dr. Nathan Storm I come from America I seek to find the Amazon Nation."

"If you seek the Amazon Nation you have found it." Dr. Storm looked around in disbelief all the pictures on the all were of fat women each one fatter than the other, as she stared at the pictograms the queen asked him, "Do you not like what you see Dr. Nathan Storm."

"Its not that at all your majesty, I was expecting something different, all the legends I have heard of your people speak of a athletic warrior women."

"That was true in our past, but when we came to this magic island, we swore off our warrior ways, and promised that no man would ever take an Amazon again, so decided to make ourselves as unattractive to men as we possible could, but since we are a people of Aphrodite we could not refuse the beauty she bestowed upon us and we could not make ourselves ugly, so the ruling Amazon council decided that men lusted after us for our figure, so we decided to change it, we discovered that the foods on this island were magical, they give a person the ability to gain as little or as much weight as they want with no side effects, I will show you."

"Your majesty their is really no need for you to do this." I told her in protest.

"This is the time for the mid-day meal, and believe me Dr. Nathan Storm we Amazons never miss a meal."

"Yes, my Queen I can see that." I said to her as I stared at her cellulite overflowing threw her body. I looked as the moving mound of fat that was the Amazon Queen slowly sunk her teeth into the fruit, as she did this I could see her body begin to expand and her fat roll over her stomach once again. As the juice form the fruit ran over her massive cleavage her breasts began to inflate and double over, they must of been 6 feet long and 4 feet wide. As I looked on I could feel myself lusting for this beautiful queen, my penis began to grow and pulse. Queen Diana began to notice my feelings for her as my dick began to increase in size.

"Dr. Nathan Storm it appears that you seem very taken with me?"

"In my culture your majesty, women like yourself aren't considered to be sexy in the least, in fact they are the opposite of the sexy norm. This is a problem for men like myself who feel that women of size are wonderful, and the bigger the better."

"What a strange culture you must some from. In your world this is considered sexy," she said as she pointed to the supermodelesque guards that stood around her throne.

"Yes my queen."

"That is very strange indeed. This world you come from is very strange to me tell me more of it."

As the hours past Nathan recounted to Queen Diana about his culture. He told her about his society and their views of attractiveness, and about the women of his society.

"My poor sisters, truly they sound like miserable creatures struggling against nature, and this evil things, what did you call them, diets? They sound absolutely horrible, no Amazon has ever, or ever will suffer like that."

"I can see that you Amazon are truly advanced, if only the people of my society were as advanced as you. Here in the remotest part of the world have you established what some people would call Utopia."

"Then stay with us Dr. Storm, you need not return with the others, in fact I believe that they do not wish to return either," she said as she stared into the distance seeing the doctor's crew with their new mistresses.

"Yes I could stay, I could finish my research into the Amazon culture," The doctor said excitedly.

"Then stay and be one with the Amazons Dr. Storm," Queen Diana said to him as she caressed her huge massive stomach..

"It will truly be my pleasure you majesty," the doctor said like a man recently freed from prison.

The next several years found the professor happily enjoying his new role as the Queen's personal advisor and feeder. He made sure that the Queen ate at least 6 meals a day of the magic fruit which made her stomach grow and stretch more and more with everyday that passed. Over the years she grew from a small 750 pounds to a massive 5000 pounds her fingers and toes where lost under the rolls of fat which pilled upon her arms and legs.

Queen Diana listened to Nathan more and more until he became her most valued advisor and trusted lover. Nathan used his influence with the Queen to make his every FA dream come true he instituted feeding camps where the guards where fattened by loving male feeders. He began classes in food preparation and love making for plus size women. He created his own FA paradise in this little remote corner of the world, this was his heaven.

Nathan continued his work with the men and women of the island helping them reached their maximum potentials until not one person on the island was under 250 pounds. His first love was always for his queen who had given him something he had always dreamed of. He spent long night rubbing oil over her giggly thighs and massaging her swollen clitoris. He stroked and rubbed her belly, he rolled her tit mound like they were dough and tweaked her massive sausage like nipples. He spent entire night making love to her rocking her with one orgasm after another until her whole body quaked, quaking the palace with it. He loved to sit and watch her eat as her stomach stretched and stretched in front of him with every new pound the queen packed on his love for her grew more and more. Soon Queen Diana grew so massive she took up most of the throne room, the people would gather and giggle her fat as a sign of respect to their living goddess of a queen. Her girth became the things of legend and all Amazons aspired to grow as big as her and maybe one day bigger. The women of the island ate day and night stuffing their faces with the magic fruit, watching their fat lap over their stomachs time and time again.

The men were mysteriously drawn to the island by some irresistible force, each one had encountered that strange purple fog and that been stranded on this forgotten island. In time the men can the see their situations as a blessing. Here on this island they were free to pursue their ideas of beauty, here their most secret dreams could become reality. The men were all assigned to Amazon eaters the minute they were interned by the guards, but this was a gift more than a punishment, each man was able to sculpt his Amazon into his idea of beauty, from chubby to supersized. The spent their days encouraging their lovely Amazon goddess to eat and grow large. They made love and pleasured the women as rewards for growing, the men would begin to make love to the women as they ate, getting lost in the mountains of cellulite that would build up as they ate became all the pleasure that the men needed. In time the Amazon women grew to large to move and became totally dependant on the men. All the men asked was that the women continue to eat, grow, and be happy, this made the women of the island happy. They spent days gorging themselves in massive orgies of weight gain, which was all that the men needed to stay happy.

In time women from all over the world were attracted to this strange island. here their were liberated from society's views of beauty and they were free to indulge themselves, transforming themselves from stick figures into true island goddesses. The women found the island as magnificent as the men, here they could indulge not only in their own beauty but the beauty of other women like themselves. As more and more women came to the island, female FAs came, soon women were joined with other women forming the feeder/ feedee bonds that entrapped the men. Soon women began to love each other in the same way as the men loved them. Now supersize women were considered the zenith of attractiveness, the lusted for each other, they didn't forget their nature as Amazons. They kept the men on as feeders and sperm providers but soon the women of the island started to see each other as the men saw them and they acted upon this. Supersize, plump, chubby, and fat women made love in huge orgies of sex and weight gain. Giggling and orgasming as their fat and cellulite slapped together the women became lost in their own ecstasy, the island shook with the force of their orgasms. In time the island became a haven for feeders, feedees, FAs, and other like people, until it could truly be described as heaven on Earth. This is not the end, but only the beginning.