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The Arrangement
by mjm

Bill and I drove over to look at the old house he had inherited from his aunt. It needed a lot of work and it was much too big for he and Carla. Although, if Bill could manage to keep Carla gaining, they were going to need a bigger place. As I saw it Bill had only a few options. Sell it or keep it. Since the real estate market was dead it made more sense to hold on to it at least until the market improved. Then I had an incredible idea.

The phone was still on and I called Phil and asked him to come over. While we waited for Phil we continued to inspect the property. As soon as Phil arrived we showed him around and then I presented my idea.

"Here's the deal. All three of us are each struggling to keep our ladies well fed and growing. We're all friends and our ladies get along very nicely. We each have different work schedules during the week but are off on the weekends. My idea is for all of us to move in together. We pool our resources so we can buy groceries in bulk at a savings. At least one of us is going to be off work and at home to take care of our ladies so they keep stuffed and getting fatter. Also our ladies will have constant companionship."

"It's brilliant but it won't work." Phil said.

"Look, we need this. We have to make it work. You need it even more than Bill or I since Chris has a tendency to go off her feed unless she gets constant encouragement and you can't give that to her 24 hours a day can you? We could and would. Try to imagine how fat she could get if there was someone ready to keep her motivated and gobbling 24 hours a day."

That last statement really hit home with both Phil and Bill and they began to day dream about the possibilities. We all shook hands.

"Honey, I'm home." I said as I entered our apartment and found Julie sleeping off a big feed. I was really quite proud of Julie's progress. She had put on about 200 since we first met and at 5'2" and 437 was really starting to get huge which just thrilled me. Although I wanted her to keep gaining it would have been all right with me if she leveled off at say 450 just as long as she kept herself stuffed. Unlike Bill and Phil, I had more than enough income to keep Julie well fed. Our problem was that Julie was lonely a lot because I had to work so much to keep up with our grocery bills. So I figured that my idea of all of us living communally would help out a lot.

After Julie woke I explained the deal to her and although she was a little hesitant at first she agreed that it was a good idea.

Bill and Carla were the first to move in although Phil and I spent as muc htime as we could at the house making repairs and preparations for our own move ins. Phil and Chris moved in next followed by Julie and I. I had thoughtt hat getting all the details and schedules worked out was going to take a bit but Bill, Carla, Phil and Chris had everything all established so there was little for Julie and I to do other than step in and get started.

We were all happier than pigs in shit. The girls got round the clock attention so they could basically eat almost constantly which resulted in some very rapid gains by all three plus they were sort of in regular competition to see who could eat the most. Phil and Bill were very pleased because they could now afford to keep their ladies gaining and I was thrilled that with companionship Julie was keeping herself stuffed to bursting almost constantly.

Julie and I had only been there about two weeks and Julie was already up to 451 with Chris and Carla not far behind. It really did seem like everything was going to work out quite well until Julie began complaining that Chris and Carla were getting more attention than she was. It was true of course. They did get more attention than she did but they needed more. I tried to get Julie to be more understanding but she can be very stubborn when she sees things as being unfair.

Eventually, Julie calmed down and everything seemed to be going quite well. I have to do quite a bit of business traveling. Normally, I'm only gone for a few days at a time. However, now that I had this new arrangement I felt like it would be OK for me to consolidate a group of trips and be gone for several weeks. I discussed it with everyone in our little "commune" and they all agreed that it would be alright. I offered money but they refused it.

My trip had me on the driving or flying, meeting or selling, conferencing or consulting almost constantly for three weeks. Almost every time I called in to check on things and talk to Julie, I was always told everything was fine and that she was sleeping off a big feed so she couldn't come to the phone.The only times in four weeks that I actually got to talk to her, there was so much static and interference on the line that I could barely hear her.

After four weeks of being away I got to come home. When the airport taxi deposited me at the house I was dumb struck. The place looked terrible. The lawn needed mowing and the yard was a mess. I entered and saw that the house was a mess too. Things had not been fine. Suddenly everyone except Julie screamed "Surprise" as they rolled out a big hospital bed containing Julie or at least a woman that resembled Julie except this woman must have weighed close to 600 pounds. Her huge belly was stretched tight as a drum and was covered with new stretch marks. "Hi" she said. It was Julie. I was speechless.