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The Au Pair
by Dave

After finishing the last examn of her school she went as au pair for one year to a family in Boston. She has always been a slender girl (except for a short time when she hit puberty), 5'6" tall, not more than 110 lbs, I'd estimate, and was doing a lot of sports. Until last year in August.

Then she started her year in Boston. She was soon very happy with her au-pair-family and loved the two little children. She sent us regularly letters with pics of her and "her" kids included. They were all very cute. And after one month there wasn't any change in her.

But the letter, which reached us at the end of September, brought us a somewhat different picture of her. I wasn't really sure if I was right, but - her face seemed to be a little rounder than before. I didn't tell my observation to my wife or to her family. But the next letter - it was at the end of October - showed a definitly fuller Kathrin. Her face was fuller than I had in my mind, and her jeans were skin-tight over her thighs. I've never seen her before with such round and full thighs!

My wife also noticed her weight gain. "She's getting fat", she said. "Think of all the hamburgers and sweets she will eat. She isn't used to that food." I agreed, because Kathrin always tried everything new and funny. Why not all those unknown sweets?

Her letter from November brought no new photo, but Kathrin admitted for the first time that she had gained "a few pounds". "They have a different way to make meals her. Often they don't cook anything but go to a drive-in and have a lot of burgers, fries, donuts and icecream. In the beginning I tried to be careful and eat just salads, burgers only once or twice a week. But after a few weeks it grew into a habit having this sort of food every day. And - you may believe it or not - they have sweets I've never tasted before! Strange, but I'm afraid that I'm now somehow addicted to them." How fat might she be?, I asked myself every day since this letter.

The next letter came a few days before Christmas. With all the good wishes for the new year - and a new photo! It showed Kathrin with "Santa Claus" in a shopping market. She was smiling happily - with a very round face! And although she was wearing a baggy pullover, I could see her belly protruding beneath the fabric. Her hips seemed to be wider, too - but they were hidden from her long pullover, too. "I'm looking forward to Christmas in my family", she wrote. "There will be a large feast, so I'm told, and directly after that I'm going with the other au pair to a short trip to Mexico. It must be very nice!"

After only two and a half week we got a letter from Mexico. It felt thicker than the others we got before. Should it contain some more photos of her? I was excited, and I opened the letter quickly. And I was right! Before I read her long letter I looked at the five pics she had sent with. They showed her and her friend at the beach - and she was stunning!!! There was nothing left from the slender, athletic girl who has left our country. Instead of that I saw a very well-nourished girl in a blue bathing-suit with well-developed curves and a cute pot-belly! And on every photo she showed herself from another side (she was never shy showing herself!).

Pic No. 1: Background: Blue sky, blue water, white sand. Foreground: Kathrin frontal to the camera in her one-piece bathing suit with a soft drink in her hand. Smiling - as on every photo - over her round face. She seemed to develope a double-chin! Full upper arms and round and full breasts. Her hips had widened considerable, and her thighs were poking out of the too narrow fabric of her swimdress. Wow, her thighs were really plump!

Pic No. 2: Background: Blue sky, blue water, white sand. Foreground: Kathrin in profile with a soft drink in her hand. Yes, she had a double-chin! And from this perspective her belly protruded a lot more than her breasts. And how voluminous it was! Nothing to speak of a little pot-belly, but of a nearly melon-sized stomach! I was wondering if she already had difficulties to bend over. Her butt had also grown. She must have gained 30-40 lbs since she departed, I estimated.

Pic No. 3: Background: Blue sky, blue water, white sand. Foreground: Kathrin sitting on the beach in a two-piece bathing suit with a soft drink in her hand. Every other girl wouldn't have been sitting in this pose in front of a camera, if she has gained so much weight. Not so Kathrin - she showed her new roundness proudly. Two large rolls of fat were spilling over her bikini-panty, her voluminous breast were sagging in her bikini-top (perhaps she buyed it a number too large?), and her thighs were looking really ample, because she was sitting on her feet. Should she be fatter on this pic than on the other two?

Pic No. 4: Background: Blue sky, ice-cream-seller. Foreground: Kathrin, eating a very large bowl of ice-cream. Must have been eight or ten cones. She was smiling! And wearing a way to narrow cut-off jeans and a belly-free top. And her belly was really "free" - love-handles were spilling over the waistband, and her tummy-fat was hanging over her jeans. They were really tight, and bulges of fat formed at its boundaries, at the beginning of her thighs. The photo told me that she hadn't lost their pleasure in living - and eating.

Pic No. 5: Background: a dining-room. Foreground: Kathrin and her friend (quite a plumper, too), each eating delightful something like a BigMac, in front of a whole meal of another burgers, large portions of fries and large cups of milk-shakes. I could imagine that this photo could be taken not only every day, but two or three times daily!

Then I read her letter. She wrote four pages! In the beginning she described her christmas in Boston: "I don't know if you can imagine but we've eaten from December 24th to December 26th nearly without break, with just a few hours of sleep inbetween! On the 24th arrived a lot of relatives, Aunts and Uncles, Grandma's and Grandpa's (yes, at least three Grandma's and two Grandpa's - strange), and the feast started. I offered to help in the kitchen, because all the cooking was just too much for my au pair-mother. There were also two younger cousins of her, around my age, who were helping us making the cooking. They were funny! - So, we seldom sat at the large table in the dining room, but we were eating lots in the kitchen - during the cooking and afterwards. Later in the evening, when the family was sitting round the christmas tree, we were still making the dishes and eating left-overs... And then it happened: One of the cousins found a sort of kitchen-bar: a couple of bottles with liqueur, which may be usually used for cooking. At first we smelled at each bottle. The second round was a test with a spoonful of it in every mouth. The third round - and each following - was a half filled water glass, which passed from girl to girl. It was great - with the amount of cake from the afternoon and the different liqueurs we had a very funny evening. After finishing the dishes and finishing the cakes (I don't know where these relative slender girls put all the calories) we nearly finished the first bottle of orange liqueur - it was very funny, and we could barely walk after that. Because of cake and orange liqueur. You can imagine how I felt the next morning.

It went like this during three days. Then the relatives drove home, and I was stuffed like the turkey we had on thanksgiving. None of my jeans fitted any longer! But I needed trousers for our trip to Mexico. So I drove in the morning of the 27th (our flight went at 12.00 a.m.!) to our shopping mall and buyed quickly two new pairs of jeans and a new bikini - unfortunately two numbers too large, but I was just afraid of spilling out of my old blue bathing suit. And I wasn't used to my new measures."

I'd like to know her measures, but she didn't told them in her letter.

"In the evening of the 27th we arrived at our hotel in Mexico. The first sight on the buffet showed me: stuffing will go on during these two weeks! They had really everything you can imagine: Chicken, turkey, fish, steaks, fries, hamburgers (really!), pudding, ice-cream and so on. I didn't eat much the first evening, but during the next days we didn't do anything else than eating, sleeping, sitting at the pool or laying at the beach. The specialty of the hotel was the making of soft drinks, so we had a lot of them during the day, with and without alcohol. - So, can you imagine what happened? We put on weight like nothing else! I didn't find a scale in this hotel (this had reasons, I think), so I just could feel how tight my clothes were getting. The two pictures with me in the blue bathing suit were taken on our first day at the beach! After the first week I couldn't longer manage to pull it over my hips, so I wore in the second week only the bikini, and I grew into this two-numbers-too-large-piece. - The photo with me in my cut-off jeans is also taken in the first days - I think you know why... My friend Marcie was also getting rounder. As you can see on the photo, her appetite was as large as mine! (And her belly too...) - When I arrived back in Boston, I went at once on the scale. And I was stunned! The scale showed a huge, fat "160" on the top! This is nearly 73 Kilo! I arrived with 110 lbs on my hips, and now I'm carrying 50 pounds more! (This is 22 Kilo more!) I hope I can loose some of those pounds in the next weeks. We'll see..."

This was her letter from January. We heard nothing from her until March. Then we received her next letter, and it had no photos included. But she wrote very open about the weight thing, and it sounded as if she had a little delight in being plump - and getting plumper. "At first I was dieting. I lost ten pounds in two weeks, because I didn't eat anything. Just drank water and had vegetables. But I was still at 155 lbs - and the mirror in the bathroom showed me still my protruding belly and my full hips. So I decided to stop my diet and eat like before. It only took two days to bring me back to 160 lbs! My special liking for sweets is another source for my growing weight. Jill, my au pair-mother, admonished me not to share my sweets with the kids - they look a little pudgy since I'm back from Mexico."

She sent new photos in May. They showed her standing in the garden with the children at their family's home. It must have been a hot day, because she was wearing shorts and t-shirt, nothing else.

"Look at her! She's gotten really fat!" my wife exclaimed.

"Yes, she's quite a plumper", I confirmed. "Look at how big her belly is. She has definitly stopped her diet."

"And her breast are going to burst out of the fabric. Why isn't she wearing a larger t-shirt? Her mother must be shocked by this sight!"

For my part, I wasn't shocked at all. "Perhaps she is enjoying her body and wants to show that?"

The little children which were playing with her looked indeed plumper than on the first photos she sent last year. The girl had developed a round and protruding tummy and was rather fat, and the boy could be described as nothing else than roly-poly. Seems to be a certain influence from the au-pair-girl...

Kathrin wrote in this letter: "As you can see, I'm getting fatter with every month. Today I'm at the highest weight I've ever been - 182 pounds! You should see me in my four weeks old bathing suit - I'm looking like I'm soon bursting out of it! Perhaps I can send a photo of me in that bathing suit in the next letter."

The next letter was the last letter before she came back to us. It arrived at the end of June, and we got that photo of her in that blue swimsuit - in profile! Great, just great how this girl had gone from a little schoolgirl to a voluptuous, full-bodied young woman. Her belly was swelling forward like a water-filled balloon, and her full breasts were resting on it. She had a nice round butt developed, arching backwards in two large globes. She stood there with hands in her hips very proudly - she has always been very self-conscious about her body.

She wrote: "You may believe it or not, but I've still gained a few pounds. I'm up to 196 today. This is a gain of 24 pounds in four weeks. Imagine, 10 Kilo in one month! I'm simply eating too much, but it tastes so good... And a full belly gives me always a good feeling... Hope you will recognize me when I arrive at the airport!"


Indeed, it was hard to recognize her, when she came through the door at the airport. Yes, this young woman with that smile on her face could have been looking a little like Kathrin... I tried to recall the photos in my mind which she sent to us. Yes, this was Kathrin! She looked again fuller than on her last pictures, and her jeans were rather tight.

"Here I am! Do you still know me?" she laughed. We hugged each other - she felt soft, and I had to bend over a little to reach with my face to hers, because of her round belly and her full breasts. When I looked at her in profile, I saw her belly protruding in her jeans and hanging over the waistband. She saw my looks.

"I've been getting fat, haven't I?" She patted her stomach. "Estimate, how much I weigh!"

"Ah... yes... 200 pounds?"






"Say it!"

"212! Yesterday morning. I couldn't believe it. In the last two weeks I've eaten as if I would die from hunger in Europe."

"Oh, you needn't... Just have a look at the meal we've prepared for your arrival!"

"Really? I'm hungry again, although we got a good breakfast on the plane."

We went to our car. When she sat down, she opened her jeans. A large roll of fat appeared under her t-shirt.

"I've got to buy some pairs of jeans in a larger size. Gee, these old ones have gotten so tight, I could barely snap the button."

I had the feeling we could speak openly. "When did you start to eat so much that you did gain weight?" "I gained a few pounds during the first three months. Not much, about 10 or 15. I think it was during our large christmas-eating-festival, that I discovered how much I liked to eat. Boy, we were eating from morning 'til late night, and after those three days I looked like I was six month pregnant! I gained another 15 pounds, and I continued eating when we were on our trip to Mexico. Gee, I ballooned up to a 40-inch-waist!"

"Back in Boston you tried to slim down, you wrote."

"Yes, for one week. It was so frustrating - I could eat just salads, and the weight didn't fall. I lost for or five pounds, but that didn't make any difference. My fat belly looked still the same in the bathroom mirror. And so I decided to eat again what and how much I wanted. That was the time since when I steadily got heavier and fatter."

"I could see it on the photos. But you weren't the only one to get fat."

She giggled.

"Yes, that's right. Little Ann and small Peter always got the place of my hidden candies and sweets to know, and when we drove together into the city, they were always nagging to get ice-cream or fries or donuts or what else they saw in that moment. I knew that they weren't allowed to, but you know how kids can nag... And I didn't consider it as too dangerous for them to get some ice-cream or a donut..."

"Perhaps not dangerous, but they looked rather plump on that photo..."

"Yeah, right, that was after their mother had to go to the hospital for two weeks. She had nothing dangerous, but she had to stay there for two weeks. Her husband couldn't go on leave, so I had to cook for the children alone. And I cooked those meals they prefered - pizza, noodles, fries, burgers. They usually got those things only once or twice a month, and these two weeks were kind of paradise for them. They were eating without stopping, and I got aware of the consequences only when Ann complained, her trousers were getting so tight... I don't know how much she gained during this time, but suddenly she had a fat tummy and didn't fit into her pants. And Peter had also become roly-poly. It was a little shock for her mom, when she arrived back from hospital!"

"I can imagine. And what happened?"

"Not much. Their mother didn't want them put on diet, and I had still to make all cooking and shopping because of the weakness of my au-pair-mom. Uh... Perhaps you can imagine that the kids didn't slim down... On the contrary, they still got fatter. Ann's belly swelled so much that she had difficulties to bend to her feet. The same with Peter. I have to say, it was kind of embarrassing for me to have fattened up the kids like this. But I had so much to do with the housework, I couldn't look after the kids every minute and watch, what they were eating now..." She sighed.

"But you didn't mind getting fat yourself?", I returned to her voluptuous body.

"No, not at all. It was somehow great to see my belly getting rounder and fuller from day to day, from week to week. On some days I stood for half an hour in front of the bathroom-mirror to see my new curves and my protruding belly."

Finally we arrived at home, where Kathrin should stay during this day, before she was going back to her family a few hundred kilometers away. My wife had prepared a typical north american meal - lots of burgers, fries and donuts. With enough Coke to drown a whole family. Kathrin was eating for three and enjoyed it.


Global gaining - she hasn't lost her appetite yet. I'm looking forward to see her again...