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The Big Life
by Biggie

Sarah viewed the x-ray, turning it upside down, and up once again. She frowned and looked at the doctor. His expression was grim. She felt a surge of nervousness building inside her thin body. She brushed her red wavy hair from the side of her stunningly beautiful face and adressed the M.D.

" Well... ?What is it ? "

The doctor stood up and took the x-ray delicatly from Sarah's hands. He held it up against the light and pointed to a dark mass appearing on it.

" This...I'm afraid this is a tumour. A CANCEROUS tumour. Right next to your heart. This is difficult...I'm sorry. It's...terminal I'm afraid. The way it's situated, I'd say you have not much more than one year to live... "

Sarah was stunned. She looked at the doctor, searching for any hints that this might be a bad joke. But he was quite serious.

" I'm sorry...there is nothing we can do. "

Sarah walked home slowly, oblivious to the worls around her. " one year ! " It kept coming back to her. Just one year. At 24 years old, she didn't feel this was her time to go. It couldn't be.

She sat for a whole week in her living room. Not answering the phone. She had tons of messages on her answering machine asking her to get to work, or reminding her of her new photo shoot. She had made millions of dollars as a top model. But all her life felt like a lie. For the whole week, she sat in front of the TV. Not changing channels or even really watching it. She started on the second day to absent-mindedly snacking on junk food, while watching the screen. There was a convenience store in her block. To the surprise of the owner, the svelte, diet-obsessed lady bought bags of fattenings snacks to bring to her loft. It was at the end of that week that she came to a decision.

Sarah was unattached since about a year, so nobody would care. And she had more than enough money to last ten years without working if she wanted to. More than enough for her remaining time on Earth she figured.

Since she was a child, she disciplined herself to be thin, and to avoid the evils of food. She had made a career at staying extremely thin and portraying the ideals of modern beauty. But after a week spent snacking non-stop (was it her subconscious trying to tell her something ?), her 6 feet, 125 pounds frame had somewhat softened. She didn't feel her ribcage poking through her skin anymore. There was slight love handles starting to form over her jeans. She might have gained about 10 pounds. Which wasn't surprising considering the huge amount of food she ate, compared to her usual in

No more would she deprive herself of the pleasures of eating. And if she was going to get fat, well why not. Was it going to change anything if she were. She would still die in two years, Fat or thin. But just eating wouldn't be enough. She decided that she needed a goal. She found it when she looked at the restaurant section of her newspaper. She lived in new york city. In such a town, there was hundreds of restaurants. Maybe enough to be able to try a different one every day for one year. She made quick calculations, going through the yellow pages and the internet touristic guides. There was over 400 restaurants in the New York area. More than enough for her plan to work. She would eat it all, she thought, feeling a bit megalomaniac. She would eat all that she could find on their menus. Of course, she would start with small restaurants, but hopefully, her stomach would stretch enough to be able to take all the food she would consume. It was set. She would begin the very next day.

She went to the small pizza shop early in the afternoon. In preparation for the feast, she hadn't had a bite since taking her decision the day before. She was absolutely ravenous. She sat down and looked at the menu. Good, only 6 kinds of pizzas. She'd take the smallest ones, which at 12 inches, were still quite impressive when put in front of her. She started with the standard Pepperoni and cheese. She ate slowly, savoring every calories-laden bites. She had all day to go through that menu, so no use rushing.. After finishing the first pizza, she was starting to realize the folly of her plan. She already felt full. Yet there was still 5 other kinds of pizzas to eat. But it was still early, so she decided to take a little stroll around the block. She told the cook to keep the next pizza warm. As she walked, she felt the tightness in her belly subside a bit. She stroke her swollen abdomen. It felt nice and round. She smiled and concluded her walk. She sat back at the table to attack the meat-lover. The first bite was an exposion of richness. She was so delighted that she went through it without any pains. As she finished, she felt ready for the Vegetarian. It was a little bit disappointing after all the richness she just experienced, so she asked for more cheese. She then went at it like if there was no tomorrow. The whole day went like this ; eating, walking a bit, eating, walking some more. At 8pm, Sarah was finishing her last piece of all-Dressed. She sat back and patted her swollen belly. She had to unbutton her jeans and the flesh was peering from under her stretched t-shirt. She stood up, stumbling a bit, and paid the owner. She then walked out sleepily, not noticing the stares of the other patrons.

She fell asleep as soon as she got home. Feeling some disconfort but also a sense of pride and accomplishment. This was a great plan.

The following weeks went pretty much as planned. As she ate more, her stomach grew to be able to contain more food. The more she ate, the more she got hungry, the more she got hungry, the more she ate. After a month, nobody could have told that Sarah was once a super-model. Sure, her face was still exceptionally beautiful, but it was also rounder. And her weight had doubled. She was now 247 pounds. She was gaining as much as 3 pounds a day, and enjoying every new inches of flesh appearing on her body. She kept an hour glass figure, though her belly was stretching the middle of the hourglass a bit much. She delighted in the way she was starting to develop a waddle. Laughing when parts of her bumped into things. Her upper arms had grown especially large, something, she figured was genetic, since her grandmother and her mother, both large women, had ham-sized arms. She liked their softness, feeling she was made to hug people. Which she did occasionaly when she went out at BBWs dances. She discovered this new world while surfing the net. She was overjoyed at the idea of people loving large ladies, and also at the concept of feeders. Never before in her life had she heard of such a thing. There was some moments she was sad because she felt she couldn't profit from this new life for long. So she tried not to grow too attached to the men she met, and threw herself back at her task.

As she grew, the size of the menus grew also, she had planned her progression that way. It was sometimes a struggle to finish all the meals in a restaurant when they served huge portions as they did at Cozy's soup & Burgers. These burgers were so damn large, it was actually a feat just to finish one. When she got outside, she noticed the picture of 600 pounds wrestler Yokozuna, who had eaten just as much as she just did, if she was to believe the posted article. She felt quite proud of herself. When she came home, she went to her new heavy-duty scale to check on her progress. It had been three months now, and she was simply huge. 466 pounds ! The gorgeous woman who stared back at her from the wide mirror seemed like a stranger when she glanced at her old cover from a sport magazine, framed in the lobby of the apartment. The face seemed familiar, but the wide expanses of flesh that it was overlooking was totally alien to the lithe paper figure. The breasts were full and round, stretching down to her belly button. They were framed by arms the size of a regular woman's waist. The belly, swollen, stretch- marked and majestic, hung down to the middle of her thighs, and her hips were as wide as the bathroom door. She liked to wear lycra outside, and being nude inside the house. Everywhere she went, she became the center of attention. She also became quite popular with the feeders at the dance floors, who kept trying to get her number and also gave her a constant flow of fattening treats ; She always came back home with at least 5 huge boxes of chocolate. Which she was able to go through by the next day's binge. One guy was really sweet, though, and seemed quite enamored with her. Still she tried to brush off those feelings, not wanting to be hurt.

After six months on her new diet, she had come to a turning point. She had developped new difficulties in moving around. At 734 pounds, she started to avoid walking like the plague. Adopting a wheel-chair and paying a staff to help her on her daily chores. The sheer massiveness of her body was astounding. She couldn't reach her belly- button with her outretched arms anymore. When she sat down to eat, she more often than not had to put the food on the shelf formed by her belly and tits. Her enormous legs were spread apart by the enormous amount of folds on her thighs, and the drooping ball of flesh that was her belly. Seated, it would actually be about six inches from the floor, stretching to the bursting point the custom-made lyra outfit that she liked to wear. Her round face looked like a china doll's, only bigger. On the rare occasions that she would walk, her whole body would sway from left to right, in an hypnotic quivering motion. Some rolls of fat seemed to have a life of their own, seemingly trying to escape from the tight confines of her outfits. She never lifted her feet more than about a quarter of an inch from the floor. Actually, she more or less slid them in an approximation of what walking should be. At this point, she never could get full. No menus were too big for her. And since she didn't go out much anymore, much less dance. She accepted to get visits from her would be suitors. Including her favorite sweet guy. Over twenty men would come in the evenings, after her day's gorging, to feed her some of their favorite treats. Her days were orgies of food, causing soon yet another stage in her ongoing quest.

After one month of this perpetual overfeeding, and four months from her goal, she had gained an additional 175 pounds, bringing her up to 909 pounds. Her whole days were spent in bed now. Surrounded by feeders who relished in making this dream come true grow to new dimensions. She still had to accomplish her feat, so she had to make hard bargains with restaurant owners to have their whole menus delivered to her home. Sometimes, she would have to pay the chefs to have them cooking in her newly redesigned kitchen. This new found immobility brought her a sense of immense joy, as if she had managed to reach a rarely attained plateau. She would actually ask for bigger portions, in the hopes of breaking the half-ton barrier as soon as possible. With every bites, she was fast approaching that new goal. Mark, her favorite lover, would spend more and more time with her, taking care of her and helping in organizing the difficult scheduling problems of the visiting chefs. He also had taken the place of her nurse in the duty of bathing her, which always brought her immense amount of well-being. She was growing to love this guy. But again, she didn't say a word about her predicament, and decided to just enjoy the moment.

At 8 months, she had surpassed the 1000 pounds mark by a hundred pounds. She was eating huge quantities of food every waking moments of her days. The restaurants had bigger and bigger menus to propose, and she hardly had enough time to go through a whole one in a day. Mark would even feed her little bits of food when she was napping. She had grown so used to eating constantly that she could nibble without even waking up. She was like a sultan, sitting on mounds of cushions and with men all around her, feeding her non-stop. Her hands were on her immense belly, covered partly by her billowing breasts. Her legs were spread apart by the voluminous mass of her abdomen, which flowed 4 feet in front of her. She was living a life of ultimate excess and enjoying every moments of it. On a good day, she could gain as much as ten pounds. And she still had a lot of restaurants to go. She still felt healthy, and figured that she would be able to finish her journey towards extreme obesity on time.

Just a bit before the one year mark, Sarah was the fattest human being on record. She was getting loaded off the scale with the crane when the doorbell rang. Mark went to answer and came face to face with the doctor. The preoccupied M.D., stared for a moment at Mark, failing to recognize him. The he glanced at Sarah. His mouth opened and his eyes grew round.

" Sarah ? Is that you ? "

Huffing and puffing as she was getting back on her gigantic bed, her mass flowing like lava over the edges, Sarah answered slowly. Her head was lost in a sea of fat, her legs almost completely covered by the vast overfed belly that had become her most noticable trait, that is, with the exception of her stunning face, still framed by long waves of fiery red-hair.

" Hello...doc...,coming...to...check...on...me..., how...nice "

The doctor stumbled towards the huge woman that sat before him. He was looking through his bag while bumbling helplessly.

" Huh..I...Hem ! I seem to have made...Haah...a slight mistake. You see, I...somehow misplaced the...huh...RIGHT x-ray. The one you saw was from a veterinarian colleague. We found out about a week ago when one of his client's ...hem...dog died from a cancerous tumour near the heart...You are absolutely fine...er...I mean... "

Sarah looked at the doctor in silence for a long moment. Then she replied happily.

" You mean... I'm perfectly... healthy ! " Her whole body was rolling with ripples and waves across her acres of flesh.

The doctor stood dumbfounded. For the first time, he noticed the numbers still flashing on the digital scale ; 2154 pounds. His former patient was now over a ton !

" Yes. I mean no. You...you should go on a diet. It's definitely not healthy to be that large. I mean, you could... "

Mark escorted the doctor to the door as he was lecturing Sarah. When he closed the door behind him, there was a moment of silence. Mark looked at Sarah, smiling and frowning at the same time.

" What was that about ? "

Sarah looked at the flashing numbers, then at the expanding horizon of her belly. Finally, she looked back at Mark and at the rest of her crew who stood in silence, waiting an answer from the woman who had become the center of their lives. She then started to laugh, a gleam in her blue eyes shining bright.

" It's a long story, boys. Don't worry about it. C'mon, bring that meal, I feel like I could eat a horse ! "

Biggie , april 26th 1997