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Bill and Jill
by Steve

I walked into the saloon, with 6 guns blazing, bullets flying everywhere, but not one bullet from the blazing 6 shooter, touched the beautiful, voluptuous, redhead, sitting at a table in the corner drinking alone. Her eyes didn't even flinch,as glass shattered, and men ducked under tables for cover. She continued to drink, eat, and not even raise an eyebrow. I thought to myself, That's my kind of woman! One tough hombre . I must get to know her. I holstered my pearl handled, steel gray pistols, and went over to what would soon become my destiny.

"Howdy, Ms Red, may I have the honor of knowing your name?" "You are the most beautiful lady that I have encountered this side of the Pecos, North of the Rio Grande, West of the Mississippi; A woman, who in the face of danger can sit there and continue with her libation, and not even bat an eye? "

She replied "My name is LiL, but you'll call me Jill, and I came from a place high on the hill., what do they call you, you sweet talkiní man?"

"My name is Still ( named after my grandpappy) but they call me Bill, I came from a place near the old mill:, may I sit down?"

Before you knew it, Bill and Jill were beyond idle chatter. Bill was so taken by Jill's cool manner, her physical and emotional strength, brilliant red hair, and full voluptuous figure. He was smitten!

Jill invited Bill to her house at the end of the street, a small cottage, with a front yard, white picket fence, a few patches of vegetation, but a warm, cozy structure.

When Jill invited Bill inside, she sensed Bill was in need of food and good company. Earlier Bill had told Jill he had been traveling for over two weeks, was a bit cranky after not having a good home cooked meal, a hot bath, and clean clothes.

Which probably contributed to Bill's outburst at the beginning of this story, only to be subdued by Jill's womanly charms.

While preparing dinner, the two could not seem to stay apart, which was beginning to make it impossible for Jill to concentrate on the preparation of fried chicken. She told Bill he would have to go into the other room or help with the meal. Bill wasn't used to having a woman or anybody else for that matter, order him about like that.

To his own amazement he didn't mind, and even more amazed that he offered to help.

Little did Bill know, Jill had a plan that would eventually tame the wildness she first encountered.

She would feed Bill a little bread that had been baked earlier that day, it was crusty on the outside, and soft and moist on the inside. The noise of crunching, and watching Bill devour the bread pleased Jill. Bill thought it was only fair that he give Jill a few nibbles, before either one could finish another piece of bread, they caught themselves in a passionate embrace, they looked into one anothers eyes, smiled, closed their eyes and kissed very convincingly.

Bill didn't stop there, his hands were exploring the soft fleshy curves, and gravitated towards her well rounded buttocks. She in turn seemed to place her left hand on his right buttock and the other on his side squeezing the beginning formation of love handles. This was extremely pleasing and immensely passionate for both. There was not much eating beyond that, not until much later that evening. Cold chicken, not too bad after an evening of lovemaking. This evening would change and forever link their lives together. .


The "Plan"


Jill knew that Bill , deep down ,was a passionate, loving, romantic. His passion for her was only matched by his passion for her cooking. She thought, if I could put some meat on his bones, maybe he wonít be so ornery and feisty, getting into trouble . Iíll fatten him up, and he wonít be able to put on that gunbelt, nor would he want to. He will be so happy, Bill will never go without a hot meal, hot bath or clean clothes again.

After a couple of weeks, the result of Billís and Jillís feasting and lovemaking was having a definite impact. Bill went down to the feed store, "Howdy Floyd, can I use your scale?" The pointer indicated 265. Bill thought to himself, "gez, that woman is getting me soft and I seem to be likiní it". "Hey Floyd, hand me that Sears catalog, I need some new clothes" Bill looked through the catalog, picked out some clothes several sizes bigger, anticipating some more growth. "Bill", Floyd said, " It looks like beiní in love agrees with you, that woman has herself a man, and by the looks of it, you ainít fightiní it too hard, are ya?" "Naw" stated Bill, " Iím gettiní tired of being out there on the prairie, alone with my horse, lousy food, dirty, dusty, all alone for weeks, even my horse was startiní to look pretty good to me". "Floyd, a little settliní in, can be good for a man, fatteniní too."

Basically, that was all Jill had to do for Bill, and she knew it. Before long, she figured, Bill would never want to leave, and even if he did, he would have to take the stage or get a buggy. because it would not be possible for his horse to carry that much weight, any distance. Bill was a great lover, and she loved to cook, and he loved to eat. A match made in heaven.


The Bake Shoppe



Bill had some money saved up, and felt that now was a good time to look for a business and settle down. "Jill" he asked, " With your skills baking, and cooking, why donít we open up a little cafe and bakery? I have plenty of money to get started, and together I think we would do great, this town is growing ( as he pats his tummy and Jillís) and they need a good restaurant." " What do ya think, sweetheart?" Jill replied, with a hearty laugh, and said, "You betcha, I got some great recipes, and you and I certainly make for good advertising for our terrific food."

So the two of them opened up their cafe and bakery. They became known throughout the county for a good hot meal, and plenty of it. As their business grew, so did Bill and Jill, they seemed so happy together, every night after they would close the doors, they would prepare a special meal together, sit in the corner, illuminated by two lighted candles, and a table covered with a variety of food. It always started out with Jill breaking some of her fresh baked bread, and feeding it to Bill. He loved it. On this particular night, Bill prepared some tasty ribs, he had put in the smoke house a week before. Huge slabs of ribs, plenty of bread, corn on the cob, greens, a feast that both would savor each and every bite, washed down with a nice bottle of wine. In between courses, they would play with one another, admiring their fleshy bodies, massaging one another and usually becoming so passionate, they would make love on the big couch in the waiting area, or on a table big enough to support their tremendous weight. Not only did Bill gain a lot of weight, but Jill was carrying a few more pounds as well. Then came dessert, usually baked by Jill that afternoon. This nightly ritual would last for a very long time. The food, the lovemaking was a combination that proved to be quite powerful for the both of them.



The Feed Store

" Evenin Floyd" as Bill and Jill walked into the store. "Evenin you two, come to look at the catalog, again? Clothes are lookiní a little snug" chuckled Floyd. "How did you guess, is it that obvious? By the way Floyd, how high does your scale go.?" "500" , Floyd told them.. "Well, Jill, who should go first? It has been almost a year since we weighed ourselves". "You go hon, I want to see if my cookin needs a little help" Bill ambled over, heaved himself on the scale and watched the point go past, way past the point he first weighed himself almost two years ago when he met Jill. "375, Honey, I think your cookiní is just fine, I wouldnít change a thing, letís see what you are up to these days." Jill slowly walks over to the scale, squints her eyes, and tells Bill, " I canít look, you do it"

"367, Jill, youíre beautiful, and I love every inch, and pound on you. we look great together, who would trust a skinny restaurant owner?" They both smiled at each other and hugged, then went over to Floyd and ordered some more clothes.