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The Blimping of Earth
by R. B. Lawrence

The ship orbited in the silent vacuum above the Earth. It was by no means of Earthly origins. In fact, no one on Earth even knew of it's existence, for it was screened by a highly advanced electronic cloak, so not even a high powered telescope, let alone radar, could detect it's presence.

The ship's pilot, like his vessel, was also very technically advanced. His(For our purpose, we'll refer to the pilot as a male. To really explain it would take too long and the details are particularly unnerving!) race was the most technologically advanced life forms in this arm of the galactic hub. But with this knowledge came great boredom. So, armed with the most perverse sense of humor known in the galaxy, they became the most notorious practical jokers of all time. And, unfortunately for Earth, the pilot was the grandmaster of them all!

With a nearly infinite life span (Considering our life span, his' definitely rated infinite!), he could take his time planning his gags, which in the past ranged from turning the water supply of a planet into their equivalent of strawberry axle grease to supernovaing a small sun to try and detour three travelers in another direction about two thousand years ago. He had orbited above the Earth for over two hundred years, working up gags and discarding them, changing elements in each one, fine-tuning them until, one day, he had hit the right combination; a gag that would totally disrupt the so-called status quo of all Earth societies, some more than others, for generations to come, with an ultimate punch line that wouldn't come about for at least fifty years!

He placed commands to the biological lab on the ship to start producing the genetically refined spores in mass quantity. When it was done, he released the spores into the upper atmosphere. At the same time, he aimed the ship's communication array towards the proper coordinates in deep space, and began to transmit the special recorded information. He then just sat back and waited for the fun to begin.

The spores drifted into the atmosphere, and sifted themselves across the planet. Where the touched the unliving, they died. When the landed on living beings, they filtered into the cells, seeking out the nucleus. It read the shape of the DNA, and in the core of a particular creature, it found the right code. And when it read a particular message, the sex of the host, they got one of two commands : either go inert, or to mass produce, and invade

every other cell in the host, changing it, adapting it, preparing it for the proper time.

The time was April 1st....(I told you he had a perverse sense of humor!).

Karen Tower of Los Angeles was one of the first to fall victim to the joke. She was leaving a restaurant with her boyfriend when she began to experience some discomfort with her clothes. Her boyfriend, Russ, asked what was wrong.

"I must have eaten much too much lunch today.", she answered. "My clothes are a little tight."

She paused, then, with a look of shock on her face, she screamed," OH MY GOD!! THEY'RE GETTING TIGHTER!!!".

Russ later said that the whole thing seemed to take hours, the next event took place in less than two minutes.

Karen's body began to swell like a human balloon. Her breasts expanded magnificently, easily blowing the buttons off her blouse to make way. They nearly quintupled in size. Her flat, slim belly inflated, spilling over her jeans. Her arms, ass and legs grew so fat that her clothes burst off her. Her face looked like she was sucking on an air hose, with several extra chins surrounding it.

Karen was barely conscious during this. When she came too, she found several things had changed. She was standing stark naked on the sidewalk, the shreds of her clothes hanging off her. She was surrounded by a crowd of men staring at her. And that she now weighed nearly 350lbs. She also noticed that she was taller than Russ, would stood 5'11", when she just saw eye-to-chin with him before!

Russ regained his composure just at that moment. He saw what Karen saw, but for a minute, it looked like Karen was almost...well, almost glowing.

Russ quickly threw his coat over Karen, and helped her into his car nearby. Throwing a blanket over her, he drove like crazy back to her place, squeezing her huge frame through the door, into her bedroom, where she collapsed on the squeaking bed frame which strained to support her.

Then, as if a switch was thrown, Russ began to get very aroused. His erection came fast and hard. He began caressing her huge, swollen body with ever increasing passion. Questions about what had happen were pushed aside by mounting sexual energy. They experienced the most incredible climaxes, over and over again, reaching new heights each time, until he collapsed back, totally drained but satisfied beyond description.

He slowly reached for the TV remote, and when he turned it on, he found that Karen was not alone. Reports were pouring in from around the globe, of women suddenly "blimping". Over the next weeks, blimpings were recorded in all the media. A major prime time sex kitten was caught on tape blimping on a network late night talk show. Cunning paparazzi photographed a member of the royal family sporting a new rotund figure. An exercise guru was led away in a straight jacket after his whole class blimped out before his eyes. The most popular erotica video was a tape of a porn queen blimping out while in the act, as if every thrust of her co-star was pumping her up.

Other facts began to arise in this time. Researchers had announced that the effect was only in woman who had reached puberty. Also, with a few exceptions, no woman who weighed more than 200 lb. was affected(We'll discuss the exceptions later.).The blimping also altered the genetic, as well as internal structure of the women. They grew taller, as well as fatter, but they also gained not just fat, but an incredible reinforcement of the skeletal structure, doubled, or nearly tripled the muscle tissue, as well as a marked expansion of the vascular and respiratory systems. The effect was as if the body was remade to handle the extra weight comfortably. Women strode instead of waddled. Their gait was impressive, almost majestic, and quite erotic!

Another change was in the sweat glands, which now, on command or when excited, could give off a highly concentrated form of pheromones, a powerful sexual attractant which men, (as well as a many lesbians) found irresistible, and sometimes, incapacitating.

Slowly at first, but with increasing momentum, society began to find new fascination with these amazons, who began to permeate every aspect of society in all nations. Large began to become the standard of beauty in the world. Young girls found it was now attractive to be plump, even rotund. Girls unlucky to not be blessed with excess weight began wearing padded clothes to enhance their figure. Around the time of puberty, they would wear clothes made to stretch in case they blimped in public. Designer lines turned toward enhancing the bulges and curves of their new models. Artists began painting women again in the style of Rubens, whose famous ladies looked anemic when compared to these modern day voluptuaries.

There were those also fascinated with the idea of women even larger. Those few ladies who were fat to begin with, and gained additional weight when they blimped ranged in size from 500 to nearly 900 lb. They were able to handle the weight, and became famous in society. A number of them became married to millionaires, two became movie stars, three became porno stars, two more opened a private "gratification" clinics in Nevada, and one who was once a professional lady wrestler became governor of California.

The phenomena was astounding. Then, women began to realize that

their special gift could be used as incredible leverage to control society, reshape it, change the world into their own image of life. But, instead of trying to rule, they merely lent aid.

Their amazing ability with the pheromones comforted man, had eased pain, quelled violence. They began to move into politics, law enforcement, the military. They became foreign ministers and helped in being the end to countless wars. They became police and reduced street crime to almost nil. A touch of pheromones was all it took to calm a crazed junkie, or convince a holdup man to drop his weapon.

And, in the most important move of all, they used the gift to help calm the hearts and minds of the world's military. The slow and tedious process took two generations to accomplish it's task, but the day came when the word came... No more. Every offensive and defensive, strategic and tactical, cruise missile and back pack payload, all nuclear arms were gone. No more!

A new age came about. Within four generations, Earth was at peace. Money used for arms fed the world's hungry, sheltered the homeless. Genetic shifts drove out almost all birth defects and genetically traced diseases like hemophilia, diabetes, tuberculosis. Man and woman shared power and respect equally. An unheard of harmony was worldwide.

That's when another ship arrived.

It's homeworld had received the strange, almost garbled message from this world years ago. It almost sounded like a cry for help. It told of a cosmic disaster which turned society upside down and changed life forever. The people heard this cry and sent out a ship, filled with the best scientists, their greatest technology and the most capable military leaders they could offer to help this sister world whose people were almost exactly like themselves...almost.

The captain stood over the first officer at the control console. The concern showed was evident on the leader's face.

"Are you sure of the findings?", the captain asked.

"Almost, commander.", the first officer replied. "Many of the history records are not available to our scans, but the dates of the occurrence seem to match the time the signal was sent out. What you see here seems to correlate directly to the information we received. An unknown, cosmic force, possibly caused by an intelligence other than Terran, created this...abomination to the females of the planet."

The captain frowned. Her heart went out to these humanoid sisters, as pitiful looking as they were. "Can this effect be reversed?" she asked.

"Thanks to the Gods of Lumbia, the science division has announced success with the females we took off the world. But, it seems that the psychological aspect has been more serious than we thought earlier. The men have brain washed the women into believing that they were thinner before."

The captain shuddered at the words. Her long blond hair visibly shook, and ripples spread over her huge body.

"How hideous! That women should be this puny, but be forced to share power with men. It's unbelievable!"

The first officer watched in admiration, and some lust, as the captain's 7' tall, 900 lb. frame strode back to the throne like command chair, tended by captain's new number one slave. Her old number one died just before the journey. It seems he couldn't handle the extra "responsibility" of his mistress's promotion.

As she settled back in the chair, the first officer spoke up.

"Captain, the science division reports ready with the bio-agent. Ready to release on your command."

"Release them...Oh, and by the way, I have transmitted our findings to the Lumbia high council, along with a recommendation for your promotion to a full captaincy. If they approve, we could hold your assimilation on board."

The first officer blushed, and looked down at her full, rounded body. She was only 700 lb., but the assimilation would make her as big as her commanding officer. Promotions gave not only extra responsibility, but extra weight as a badge of rank.

The first officer looked up with admiration and spoke. "You know there are rumors that you will be chosen to join the council if the mission is successful. Perhaps, a double assimilation will take place"

The captain grinned at her exec. The thought of another 250 lb. was erotic. The power and stature would be thrilling.

The look on her number one was less than ecstatic. He could barely handle her passions now. They killed his predecessor. The thought of becoming the number one to a regent of the council was exciting , but fraught with deadly implications, such as being smothered.

The executive officer turned to the control panel and signaled for the release. By tomorrow, the average weight of Earth women would be 500 lb. In a few months, after the effect was complete, the ship would land and offer their assistance to them to help get their society back to normal.

Later, after a furious lovemaking session between the captain, the first officer, and their number ones, the captain glanced out the window of her cabin at the dark side of Earth and said, "Sleep well, sisters. Your glory returns tomorrow.".

"Tomorrow" was April 1st.