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BBW Bordello
by Betsy C. B.

Not too long ago, somewhere in the mountains that divide Northwestern Washington from the sea, in a quiet little town where everyone minded their own business, and the townspeople were kind, there stood a quaint Victorian home, which served as a Bordello. Passing through its doors, one felt as though they'd entered another time--a time when women were softer, days were shorter, and a person could still reap what they'd sown.

Greeting her customers at the door was the bountiful owner of the house, Madam Elizabeth--her breasts overflowing from the low-cut camisole she loved to wear--with the top two buttons always open and welcoming, its ribbons in disarray.

On her bottom, she often wore a pair of white pantaloons that hugged her voluptuous behind and belly in a most attractive manner. A large, luscious roll of fat peeked out between the top of her pantaloons and the camisole. She had lovely, long, reddish-brown hair, that was generally piled loosely on top of her head, with soft tendrils falling down here and there. It gave her, overall, a charmingly disheveled look.

She weighed perhaps 400 pounds, and was the favorite of all the men who frequented her establishment.

The other ladies ranged in weight and size from "pleasingly plump" at 185 pounds, to "satisfyingly fat" at 350. Apple, hourglass, and pear shapes were all equally, and most beautifully, represented.

One day, a tall, slender man of about 35, in a long black coat, came to the door. He had pitch black, wavy hair, and deep brown eyes that spoke of infinite sadness and longing. His high forehead and intense stare revealed a startling intelligence, while, at the same time, portraying a man of endless compassion.

Elizabeth's eyes met his and she found herself unable to speak. She was lost in his profound gaze. He was likewise entranced, and for the first few moments, no one said a word.

Finally, he spoke in a beautiful British-sounding voice.

"Miss Elizabeth?" he inquired.

Elizabeth's heart melted.

"Yes?" she paused, still entranced. "Oh! Please come in!"

They entered a small parlor to the right of the front door. Elizabeth made motions with her hands for the girls that were sitting in the room to leave. This man was hers--of that she was sure.

They sat down beside one another on a deep red velvet loveseat, her flesh pouring over onto his leg and pressing against his body. She turned her body slightly to face him and he couldn't help but stare for a moment at her vast cleavage.

Elizabeth smiled. "How may I be of service to you, Mr. . . .?"

"Oh, forgive me," he began. "My name is Wagner, Jared Wagner. I was told by a friend that you might be able to help me fulfill a fantasy that I've had for a very long time."

"Absolutely. Tell me more." said Elizabeth.

"Well, it is a bit unusual . . ." he stammered.

"Even better." She leaned closer still. "Please go on."

"All right, then. Ever since I was a teenager, I've had this fantasy of growing a woman--that is, of making her so fat that she is completely immense--the fattest woman on Earth--essentially feeding her to immobility. I realize that there may not be anyone here who would be willing to indulge me completely in this, but I am prepared to pay $500 for every pound she gains."

For a moment, Elizabeth didn't speak.

"Oh dear. I've shocked you." he said.

Elizabeth came out of her reverie. "Oh, no! It's not that at all! It's just that, well, I've had that particular fantasy myself!"

"Really?" he said.

"Yes, ever since I was, well, a much littler girl!"

"Do you mean that you would consider allowing me to pay you to grow fatter?" he said.

"I don't really see how I could resist."

They talked awhile longer and made detailed plans on how and when to begin.

It was agreed that he would come to visit her once a week, and that in between visits, she would try and put on as much weight as she possibly could.

That afternoon, just before he left, they retired to a private room, where he weighed and measured her. He jotted down the results in a notebook, and they then proceeded to photograph her from every angle with a 35mm camera, followed by a short videotape.

Jared was pleased to note that her starting weight was already a rather impressive 410lbs. and her measurements were 63-73-83! Her thighs were 36 1/2 inches each, and her calves 21 inches. He did notice, however, that her scale only went as high as 500, and promised to send her something more appropriate for a woman of such potential substance during the week.

Just as he was about to leave, she threw her huge, jiggling arms around him and pushed her soft, round belly against his body. She could feel his very impressive manhood stiffening against her as she kissed him sensuously on the mouth. After a long while she stopped--though it required all of her self-control to do so.

"That's so you don't forget me during the week!" she said as she escorted him out the door.

"That could never happen." he said sweetly. The door closed and each of them sighed with a deep, inner satisfaction.

On Tuesday of the following week, an amazingly huge crate arrived, addressed to Elizabeth. She had the delivery person place the box in the rather large Master Suite of the house--as she suspected its contents. She had two of her girls open the crate for her, and sure enough, just as she'd hoped, it was a freight scale--a present from Jared. It could weigh over 2,000 pounds.

During the week, Elizabeth doubled her usual portions at mealtime and took to drinking a full quart of cream at bedtime. She wanted to be noticeably fatter by Saturday, when Jared was due to arrive.

Saturday came, and he was right on time--and even handsomer than Elizabeth had remembered--with his amazing dark eyes that sparkled when they met her own.

Elizabeth's body was spilling out of a black bustier that had not been nearly as tight the previous week. The tops of her stockings cut into her thighs, and the fat fell over them in lovely folds. Her ponderous tummy hung down in a delicious arc, which rested against her thighs and ended just 3 inches from her knees.

"Oh my!" he exclaimed sensually, "You do seem to have gained a bit since I last saw you."

She guided him to her room, where she stepped on the enormous scale. The counter read: "424."

"Very nice, indeed." said Jared. "You've gained 14 pounds in the past week! That means I owe you $7,000--and it's well worth it!"

He moved closer to her and began to caress the new fat and folds that were spilling over her top. Elizabeth was in ecstasy. They made love and Jared inserted his impressive erection in the folds of fat on her belly and sides. He climaxed on her tummy and rubbed his semen into it like an exotic oil afterwards.

"This will help you to grow even larger. It's magic."

She smiled dreamily--she'd never been so turned on --and they made love again. This time, his beautiful 11" entered her in deep, throbbing thrusts, and she felt truly fulfilled for the first time in her life. She climaxed in loud, breathy gasps, and then collapsed, completely satisfied.

Before Jared left, he told her that he had to go away on business for about 6 weeks. Elizabeth was very saddened to hear this, but she was already thinking of the potential surprise she might have for him upon his return.

Elizabeth decided that she would try to gain as much weight as possible while he was away. She ate extra portions to the point of bursting and snacked constantly. She had her "girls" wait on her hand and foot, so that she would expend as little caloric energy as possible. She stoped seeing her other customers. She didn't weigh herself, as she too wanted to be surprised when Jared returned. During this fattening process, she wore a stretch-lace gown which was a little loose when she began. By the time the 6 weeks were up, it was straining at the seams.

The day finally came. The door was answered by one of Elizabeth's girls, who escorted him to her bedroom. He entered, and she closed the door quietly behind him.

It was a huge 4-poster bed, with sheer white drapes all around. He could see her shape through the gauze, but only vaguely.

"Come closer, my beloved. I have a surprise for you." whispered Elizabeth, in her beautiful, sexy voice.

Jared approached the bed slowly and parted the curtains.

"Wow!" was all he could think of to say. His erection was immediately evident.

She lay before him on the bed--a huge, soft, round mass of flesh--straining to be freed from the confines of her gown. Her belly lay on her upper thighs and completely obscured them all the way to her knees. Her breasts were at least three times their previous size, and seemed to be dripping with a pale, white liquid.

She explained to him that she'd been using an electronic breast pump to engorge her breasts with milk. She ached for them to be suckled--and he happily obliged. When he touched her gown it ripped open in several places, and the grateful fat burst forth in relief.

Afterward, she got up with some difficulty--as her huge belly made it difficult to sit up--and she waddled over to the scale. Both of their mouths dropped open as they saw the results of the past 6 weeks of feeding. The scale read "508.3" in a large, digital exclamation.

"My darling!" he exclaimed. "You are wonderful!" He began caressing her drooping layers of fat from behind, as his erection pressed into her back. She moaned deliciously, and he led her back to the bed where they made love in numerous ways for hours on end. He left her a sizeable amount of money before he left--$42,000 to be exact.

The following week when Jared came to visit, he proposed. He brought her a huge amethyst engagement ring--in an emerald cut with little diamonds on either side. She accepted readily, and they made plans for their future. Elizabeth would leave the bordello in the hands of her most capable girls, and she would go to live with him. As he was very wealthy, there would always be servants to cater to her every need, and she would be able to spend most, if not all, of her time in bed, growing ever fatter. Elizabeth saw this as the fulfillment of all her dreams and was anxious to be started. She confided in him that paying her had never been necessary--she would have happily gained for him for free.

They were married shortly thereafter. On their two-year anniversary, Elizabeth weighed an impressive 743 lbs. She still had her mobility, and would slowly make her way to their large indoor pool each day, where she and Jared would make love. He loved to watch her fat floating on the water. He loved to watch her move and jiggle. Her huge belly was just past her knees now. Her immense behind begged to be squeezed and fondled. Her breasts hung to her ever-larger belly button, which was 9" deep and several inches wide. He loved to enter her there and climax on her belly. The fat on her thighs hung in huge, grapelike bundles--a copious flowing of fat. The fat hung on her back in lovely, draped folds, in arcs around her shoulder blades. Her arms stuck out at her sides--wider than a chubby woman's hips.

He drank the milk from her breasts--taking at least two of his meals in that way daily--to help them stay as big and full as possible. Sometimes, she would squirt the milk in his face and all over his body. On occasion, they would pretend that she was a cow--and he would milk her breasts in a pail, and she would even "moo" for him as he mounted her from behind.

Over the next few years, Jared happily fattened her even more. With each pound she felt more and more sensual and sexy. They made love often and with great passion. She was committed now to growing as huge as she possibly could.

Jared had a special bed constructed for her that would accommodate her bodily needs, as well as a wheeled section so that she could be rolled to their private pool. He had a lift installed in the pool, to raise and lower her into the water. They spent many wonderful days and nights there.

The bed itself had been rigged with a sophisticated rope and pulley system that would raise her abundant belly up and back so that he might enter her, and to accommodate numerous positions while they were making love.

Jared had special lingerie made for her, which she would wear until it burst at the seams--and then he would have new pieces made. He loved to watch as the fabric grew ever tighter, digging into her soft, flowing flesh.

He often photographed her, and had an ongoing video in production, that began with her weight at 410 lbs. and went to the present. They often watched it as he was feeding and caressing her. She was his own, personal Goddess, and he worshipped and adored her, stroking and kissing her beautiful Buddha belly.

The last I heard, her weight had soared to over 1,500 pounds, and they were blissfully happy. The bordello is still doing a thriving business, and I hear that there is another woman there now who is just aching to meet someone like Jared who will pamper her and grow her to immense proportions.

Copyright 1997 by Betsy C. B.