Weight Room Title Bar

by R.B. Lawrence

Harry cautiously opened the antique door which lead into the old curio shop. His nose was instantly assaulted by a myriad of odd smells and peculiar odors which ranged from perfumed incense to rank smells of must, mold, decay and just plain rot. The air was heavy with dust and smoke which filtered what little sunlight was available from the front windows. He could see some light in the rear of the shop, probably from candles or a small lantern.

He slowly walked into the shop, eyes peering into the dark nooks and crannies surrounding him. Items of indescribable age and questionable origin filled the shelves he walked beside. He passed by sculptures of oriental style, some almost ribald in their posing of semi-human shapes. Another shelf held a jar which contained a embryo of some creature preserved in fluid, which, if it wasn't for the dim light, he'd could have sworn the eyes had opened and had followed him as he walked towards the counter in the rear of the shop.

He had just reached the counter when he heard the door bells chime as it closed on it's own. He turned back and jumped at the sudden appearance at the old oriental man behind the counter.

He opened his mouth to speak, but before he could utter a word, the oriental man spoke in a voice that was crisp, clean, and had no trace of an accent.

"Welcome to you, young man, and to your troubles. How may I help you?"

"Ha-H-How did you know I needed help?" Harry blurted out.

"You carry one of my special business cards in your pocket. It is green, therefore, it has been given to you by someone who has already been a satisfied customer."

That much was true, thought Harry. The card in his jacket pocket came from Tommy Stuart. He had confided in Tommy over several drinks the previous night and Tommy handed him the card, saying that this shop held all the answers. But, two things bothered him. First, that Tommy refused to say how he had been helped. The other was how did the old man know that it was in his pocket?

"I'm not sure that you or anyone else can help me." Harry admitted. "But I know that my friend was miserable for quite some time. When I saw him so happy the other night, I had to know what had happened. All he did was give me your card and said that this was my answer."

Harry handed the old man the card in his pocket. Again, Harry thought that the light was playing tricks on him, for as he handed the card over, it seemed to turn from green to red.

"Ahh, yes. Mr.Stuart was quite pleased by the results of his purchase. Now, tell me everything you told him."

Harry, slowly at first, but then, with the ease he had last night, told his story to the old man just as he had told Tommy.

He had loved Allison since he had first met her. She was smart, easy to laugh with him, made love like a banshee, and had a face that would shame any model's, and a slender, almost boyish build. That was the problem.

He had, up to now, only dated women who were big. From his earliest memories he had been turned on by women who were full figured. He had slept with pleasing plump co-eds in college. He had been seduced at an early age by a young girl who was the fat lady at a circus that came to town one year. He was a young, well built 17 year old, and she was just 21, with a face that would shame the angels, a loving touch that would fill his dreams for years afterward, and a body of elephantine proportions. He remembered with great fondness suckling her balloon like breasts while his body was smothered by her immensity. Since then he had made love of all shapes and sizes of advoidopois.

He loved Allison with all his heart, and she loved him. So much so that she went on eating binges just to fatten herself up for him, but to no avail. Her metabolism slendered down even the slightest trace of a potbelly or swelling breasts. It was driving them both crazy.

The old man nodded and "ah-ha"ed throughout the whole story. When Harry was finished, the oriental turned and disappeared through a set of curtains. He returned moments later with a small blue bottle. It was translucent, and was marked with cuneiform of unknown origin.

"This is for you. Use it only as I tell you to. Any deviation will have a disastrous effect. This bottle will bring about the changes you and your loved one wish for. One drop, twice a day until she is the right size for both of you. Any more than that, and only the antidote will reverse it, ..maybe. And the cost will be more than you bargained for."

"How much for the bottle?"

"Two hundred dollars."

Harry swallowed hard, but if it worked, it would be worth it.

"And the antidote? How much for that?"

"It will be too high a price for you to pay, so be careful. I will write down the instructions on a separate piece of paper. Follow them to the letter, and there will be no problem." The old man wrote furiously in a scrawlish script, and handed the paper and the bottle to Harry, who handed him the cash.

Harry dashed home to the house he shared with Allison, sat back and read the instructions. One drop per dose, taken orally with food or drink, never alone. Wait eight hours between doses and no more than two doses in a twenty four-hour period. Easy enough, thought Harry.

At noon, Allison came home for lunch, at Harry's invitation. She normally brown-bagged it, but Harry said something special was in the works. She came into the apartment to find the table set with a large, lavicous lunch, and Harry waiting for her with a bottle of champagne, and two glasses poured.

"What is going on?", she asked, eyebrows raised.

"Oh, nothing special. I just wanted to see you." Harry replied, and sat her down at the table.

"Well, it's real nice, hon, but we're gonna have leftovers for days. I can't eat this much."

"Don't worry about it. Here. Have some champagne."

She sipped the champagne, and found it to be very sweet. She finished the glass and found her whole body was tingling. She then began to eat.

A half-hour later, she pushed her self away from the table. There was not a single scrap of food left to eat. As she slowly stood up she noticed that she now had an obvious potbelly pushing out through her dress.

"Whoa, where did this come from?" she said, patting it, then lovingly caressing it. "I bet you'd like this to stick around for a while, honey." She glanced over at Harry, who was obviously turned on by the results of the first dose.

Harry just nodded. "Well, I'll try to keep it, "she said, "but don't hold your breath."

They kissed with some great passion, Allison finally breaking the clinch.

"Boy, if this turns you on, I should overeat everyday" she said, grabbing her coat and walking out to return to work. She was still patting the bulge on her way out.

Harry was ecstatic. He couldn't believe the results. And, if he had read it right, the instructions said that the effect would occur without food eventually.

That evening, Allison returned to find a 5- course dinner awaiting her. She was shocked by the size of the meal, but didn't complain after the first glass of wine. She just wolfed down all the food she could get her hands on. During this, she had told Harry that she was hungry most of the day, snacking on candies, cookies, anything she could find at the vending machine at work.

When she was finished, she struggled up from the table. Her potbelly had expanded more, and he could see her breasts beginning to swell beneath her blouse.

That night, they made passionate love to all hours of the morning, Harry literally coming at the sight of her body filled out. She even enjoyed her new softness.

"Oh Harry. I just love being plump, even if only for a little while. I know it excites you, and I know this sounds funny, but I feel some much more alive with my fat, fuller, more sensitive to your touch. I wish I could keep it on for a little while longer."

"Be careful what you wish for, darling." Harry whispered. "You might just get it...and more!"

The next morning, Allison devoured the huge breakfast Harry had made. Since he was an independent financial consultant, he made his own hours, so he could find time to cook for her all hours of the day. She came home to a fabulous big dinner, topped off by a incredible night of sex. She found her hunger lasted all day at work. She continually brought extra food to the office, snacked all day, and usually consumed two lunches during her break. This routine went on for two months.

At the end of this time, the changes were more than obvious. It was like watching a time-lapse film. Her slender body swelled beyond Harry's imagination. Her small, flat breasts grew incredible huge, rising like two balloons on her chest, full and heavy with fat, until they slowly began to move out to her sides.

Her belly filled and doubled over itself, eventually hanging down past her crotch, until it filled her lap when she sat down. Her stick like arms and legs became engorged with fat, quintupling their width, till they were bigger around than Allison's waist when she started her growth. Her beautiful face was puffed up around her cheeks and was framed by several chins which sat like huge rolls of fat laden flesh beneath her smile. And her ass spread out over the sides of even the widest chairs, becoming more plush and dimpled with every pound she put on.

As Harry's admiration of her grew with her size, and so did her own love for the blimpish form she had become. She giggled with glee with every waddling step she took, finding laughter in seeing the wave like ripples cross her bountiful flesh. Sex was also a new and better experience. By the third week, her boobs became so big she could suckle them herself. She could no longer reach her clit, so Harry bought her a vibrator with a long handle to turn herself on when he was away. But when he was there, their passions were of the same magnitude was her ever-expanding form. They made love for hours on end, Harry finding new little crevices to make love in.

During this time, Harry kept a diary of every new day of doses. The bottle was half-empty, but Harry was most satisfied by Allison's size. There would be no more doses. Although she joked with him about being larger, Harry knew that he could not survive her passions if she was bigger. She now weighed nearly 500 pounds, as big as his first fleshy lover so many years ago under the big top. He was most content.

Then, one afternoon, he came home to find Allison's car in the driveway. He walked in, wondering what she was doing home so early.

He found Allison's briefcase open on the kitchen table, with a typed letter sitting on the top of her papers. He picked it up and read it.

"...And due to your physical size becoming a handicap in your work, as well as a poor image to our company, we must regretfully request that you either take a leave of absence to give you ample opportunity to help correct this situation, or tender your resignation."

Harry was furious. There was no call for them to say such things. He began to reach for the phone to call their lawyer when he heard Allison call him from the bedroom.

"Harry. Come here hon. I've got something to show you."

He walked to the bedroom to find Allison's huge form lying on the bed. She wore nothing but the special super sized black lace teddy he had made especially for her when she outgrew all the others the store had to offer. She had a bottle of champagne in her hand, half-empty, with two more empty ones on the end table. She was obviously a little drunk.

"Oh honey," Harry said, "I'm so sorry about what happened."

"Don't be, love. It was coming for a while. Those jealous Barbie dolls couldn't stand to be around a real woman. In fact, some of the guys in the office began to ignore them and come on to me when I became fat. But, I've called our lawyer, and the lawsuit is in the works. But, I have a special surprise for you."

She reached underneath the pillow and pulled out the little blue bottle. Harry's expression turned to one of shock. "Where did you get that from?" he asked.

"I've known about it for some time. You can't hide anything from me. I always could find your Christmas presents you hid from me."

Harry's face showed a sign of apology. He was about to say how bad he felt about tricking her when she spoke again.

"Don't feel bad hon. I thought it was sweet of you trying to fatten me up. I've been trying since the first time you expressed your feelings for big ladies, but felt bad that I couldn't. In fact, I was taking extra doses to pump myself up faster. And, now, I thought we should share something even more."

Before he could react, Allison popped off the cork and downed the rest of the blue bottle's contents, washing it down with a swig of champagne.

Harry stood in shock as she lifted her huge bulk off the bed and waddled over to him. She wrapped her fat laden arms around him, and kissed him warmly with her pudgy lips. He placed his arms around her, then suddenly realized they were being forced apart.

Allison's eyes open wide, then she said, "Harry. Something's wrong!"

She staggered back and saw the look in Harry's eyes. She turned to the full-length mirrors on the wall and saw what he was staring at.

At first, it appeared that Allison was attached to an air hose, like her body was pneumatically expanding like some human balloon. Her already fat form was growing even fatter every second with a deep gurgling. Her belly and breasts expanded so furiously that they blew the flimsy fabric of the teddy to shreds. Her belly doubled and then tripled in size. She fell backward to the bed, crushing it. In an instant her legs were lost under the quickly expanding apron of her stomach. She grew rounder, wider, and fatter with each passing moment. Her arms began to stick straight out to her sides, pushed out by her inflating torso. Her breasts grew and grew until they were as big as her body was before she drank the potion. Her neck disappeared as her chins grew larger until her head was just visible behind her blimplike breasts.

Harry was trying to reach her shock-ridden face, but her belly forced him back. He then called to her, "I'll be back honey. I'm going to get some help."

He drove like a madman to the old man's shop. Rushing though the door, he ran to the back. Seeing no one, he entered through the curtains behind the counter.

He found that the old man was no alone. Standing next to him was Tommy. They were both looking at Claire, Tommy's wife, who was quietly crying in the corner.

The old man turned and spoke to Harry. "This is what I warned you about. My potions work well when taken properly, but when used without proper restraint...". He motioned to Claire.

Harry knew Claire, and he knew of Tommy's fascination with big breasts. Claire was no lightweight in that category. Her huge 44-double E's were magnificent. But he hardly recognized her now.

Her breasts now covered her lap and sagged over her knees, flowing outward on the floor. The nipples were the size of beer cans, with the areolas each as big around as a watermelon. Harry knew in an instant what had happened, as well as he knew what was happening at home.

He turned to the old man. "My lady has taken the rest of the potion. She's still growing. Help me."

The old man shook his head. "I warned you. There is something I can try, but remember, it will cost you much, for she will never be the same again. Your friend's wife was much worse before I gave her the antidote, and she may never be the same. But I will try."

He turned to a shelf, grabbed a green bottle, stuffed it in his coat and turned to leave. Tommy just looked at Harry, then back to Claire.

Harry once again drove like a madman back to the house. He could see nothing through the windows. As they reached the door, they heard a creaking sound, then the door splintered open, followed by a wave of pink flesh which slowly oozed through the frame.

The old man jumped into the wave, followed by Harry. The whole house was filled by Allison's flesh. They crawled across the soft, warm, rippling surface towards the bedroom. He finally caught sight of Allison's face bobbing up and down in the sea of fat, her hands sticking out of her body like two flippers, frantically trying to push her breasts away from her face to keep them from smothering her.

The old man reached her face first. He opened the bottle and poured the contents down her throat. Suddenly, her body began to shake like an earthquake. She opened her mouth, gave a mighty belch, and, to Harry's shock, opened her mouth ten times wider, and sucked the old man in, swallowing him whole! Harry could not move. He was petrified!

More rumbling could be heard as her body began to violently vibrate again. Another powerful burp came from her lips, propelling the old man into the air, through the window and depositing him into the neighbor's pool. He dragged himself out and scurried off

Harry sat there for how long, he couldn't tell. He then began to notice Allison's body beginning to slowly shrink away from the walls. As she shrank, he saw that everything was crushed beneath her. With the exception of the outer walls, not a single room divider was left standing. Two hours later, she had stopped shrinking. But, she wasn't just 500 pounds anymore. She was now well over a ton. She could barely move. She was as big as she was when Harry left to get help.

Harry kissed her as she cried. "Oh god honey. I'm sorry. What are we gonna do?"

Harry just smiled and said. "Don't worry. Everything's gonna be all right. I just glad your safe and alive."

"But I'm so fat, and our house is ruined."

He just nodded, and began searching the rubble of the house. When he finally found the phone, he began to make some calls.

Pulling in some old favors, Harry worked quickly. The crane arrived an hour later. When the insurance adjuster showed up, he found the house in shambles, with one exterior wall caved out.

The RV manufacturer was an old friend of Harry's, so when the order came for a specially made trailer, extra wide with super heavy suspension, it was no problem to make it up in record time.

And with the check from the insurance company for the house, as well as the settlement from the lawsuit with Allison's company, payment was easy.

Both Harry and Tommy, with their ladies, disappeared, without a trace, with only a mailbox in the Midwest left as a forwarding address.

They say there is a very special circus out there. It doesn't travel much, but it gets fabulous crowds because of a very special sideshow. Two of its most popular features are two unique ladies. One is touted as having the largest breasts anywhere. And the other is called the fattest fat lady on Earth.

And both these ladies are well loved by both their men, for Harry was always a boob freak, and Tommy had a special love for fat women as well. And who doesn't like a circus?