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The Castle
by mjm

She stood in the dark forest somewhat dazed and bewildered. Her brown hair framed her plump face and rested on her shoulders. The red silk dress she wore fit snugly around her hips and accentuated every curve. She didn't now whre she was but she knew she was hungry. Then she heard the low rumble of their raspy voices. "Hey you, fat stuff. Over here. How about somenice broccoli?" said one of the trolls standing next to a tree stump. "No! Over here. What you need is some Brussels sprouts," saidanother. As hungry as she was, she would never eat anything that the trolls had to offer.

The trolls began to approach. Each trying to convince her that she needed to eat the legumes that they offered. She looked away and saw a light in the distance. The tiny little stooped trolls moved too slowly to keep up with her long but heavy legs as she headed for the light. The intensity of the light increased as she got closer yet was not harsh by anyone's definition. As she stepped from the dark forest into the light, a feeling of peace andcalm swept over her. A gentle cool breeze caressed her as she entered the beautiful meadow.

She was panting a bit after having fled from the trolls, their ugly forest and their disgusting diet food. The trolls stopped at the edge of the forest, apparently unable to chase her into the meadow. As she stood there trying to tune out the nasty little voices of the trolls chanting to come back and become thin, she could hear other voices. Tiny little child like voices began to surround her and seemed to literally swirl about her. The voices were those of winged fairies, darting about her. Their voices were soothing and mesmerizing. She would have followed them almost anywhere.

They lead her to a comfortable chair, pushed a table up to her and began to cover the table with cakes. Each cake was a little different but each was even more incredibly delicious than the one before. She sampled some of each. As a matter of fact, she did more than sample, she ate every last crumb but even as much cake as she had eaten, she still had room for and wanted more to eat. It was as though her stomach could expand enough to hold all that she ate no matter how much.

When the fairies helped her to her feet, she realized something else aboutthe indescribably delicious cakes, they must have been higher in calories than anything she had ever eaten because she had gained at least fifty pounds. Her dress was split up the front starting at her navel and traveled up toher more than ample breasts and down almost to the hem. The fairies praised her beauty, her capacity for food and lead her to another chair and another table.

As she sat down, the dress split at the hem but she did not notice. The hypnotic sight of the ice cream feast that the fairies set before her captured her attention. She merrily gobbled ice cream while the fairies praised and encouraged until she had eaten every drop. Like the cakes, the ice creams were not only the best she had ever had but also the most fattening. She was at least another fifty pounds fatter and the dress was more or less in tatters. As the fairies helped her to her feet and lead her to the next table, the dress fell away.

This next table was soon covered with chocolates and she dug in. Once again, they were the best and the most fattening. She was close to four hundred pounds, yet felt incredibly light on her feet as the fairies lead her to yet another table. This one, covered in pasta dishes, like the tables before was more irresistible and more fattening than any pasta she had ever had. Soon it was all inside of her bulging belly and she was another fifty pounds fatter and more beautiful. Away to another table, the fairies lead her.

This process went on table after table. By the time she finished the cupcake table, she was starting to feel full for the first time that day. She was just over nine hundred pounds as the fairies lead her to the last table. This was her personal Waterloo. The cheese cakes were incredibly delicious, incredibly fattening as well as incredibly filling. When she finished thel ast cheese cake, she moaned that she was stuffed. Now, at a little over a thousand pounds and unbelievably stuffed, the fairies seemed self satisfied.

They lead her to a downy bed which was more like resting on a cloud than on a bed. Her body spread out and she filled the bed from side to side.The fairies gave the bed a push and sent it flying along a flume. She knew not where she was headed, nor did she care but somehow she knew that it was going to be even more incredibly enjoyable than where she had left the fairies.

As the bed drifted towards its destination, she massaged her enormous overstuffed belly and played with her new fat and it was the most thrillingexperience she had ever had. The bed came to rest in front of a castle. Not a huge castle as castles go but big enough to get lost in. However, the castle was extraordinary for one reason. It was edible. Her mind swirled at the prospect of eating an entire castle, even if it was only a medium sized castle, along with how fat she would become.