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The Ceres Lady
by Bruce Powell

Sandy looked up the ships gangway. She felt both fear and excitement. For the last few months she had wanted nothing more than this job. And when Empresses Cruise Lines called her she was ecstatic. She was going to be the Chief Accountant on their newest ship, The Ceres Lady. And only six months after getting her CPA. Most of her class-mates would be working in some stuffy office for many years to come. Sandy was overjoyed at this aspect of her new job. She could look forward to many exciting nights and some very sexy guys. The main accounting office on shore would take care of most of the mundane things, leaving her time to do most anything she wanted to do. She figured that most of her work could be done in about two hours. She thought that she would lay on deck and workout in the spa.

She reported to the Personnel Office on one of the lower decks. She was given a stateroom of one of the higher decks and a time of meals on board. The chubby redhead that was in the personnel office told her that only the evening meal require formal attire. Sandy nodded in agreement an left to find her stateroom. She was not planning to spend to much time at the other meals, it was the evening meals that she would meet most of the good looking guys.

She just had enough time to change into her uniform and report to the Pursers Office. She met her boss the Head Purser, a fat blonde about three years older that she was. Sandy was told her duties and set about to get them done. Since this was check-in day she had some extra duties to attend to. Once these were done she was off for the rest of the day. The Head Purser told her that she was required to be in the office for three hours an day and on call for the rest of the time.

Sandy went to her room and then walked up to the deck were the aerobics classes were being held. But there her idea was shattered. The room was packed with the customers. She would have to miss her work out that day. She went up to the Main Deck an picked out a lounge chair. Once again she was to be disappointed. There was no swarm of eligible bachelors, those that where single were in the geriatric set and the rest had girls on their arms. Oh, well she could always work on her tan.

She had just about fallen asleep when the sun was blocked above her. She opened her eyes with a sharp retort that died on her lips. Standing above her was a Greek God. He was tall dark and very muscular. As she was staring up at him he smiled. "Hi, you must be Sandy. I am Jon Strevis. I was told that you might be up here. I am part of the Crew Committee. That is a group that welcomes new crew members to the crew and makes sure that they are comfortable."

For the next hour Sandy enjoyed a nice conversation with her new acquaintance. The she worked up the courage to ask him to dinner that night. He smiled and said, "I am afraid that I must decline. You see I am the ships chef. But if you are up for a little late night snack I would be happy."

She was taken back at the knowledge that this man was the chef of this ship. She readily agreed and set a time to met him later in his cabin. Sandy just ate a chef salad for dinner and was quite hunger when the time for her date with Jon came up. Sandy dressed for the date. She wore a clinging long dress that fir her like a second skin. She looked in the mirror to check her reflection. Her 39-20-34 figure was perfection. Although she was short at 5'1" the slit in her dress showed that her legs were quite shapely. She brushed her blonde out of her eyes and smiled.

She walked down two decks and found Jon's stateroom. She knocked and the door was opened by Jon. He was dressed casually. He looked her up and down and smile. As she entered the room she smelled the excellent cooking and her mouth began to water. She sat on the couch and looked up into his eyes. He poured her a glass of champagne and left the room to get the late dinner ready. Sandy got up and walked around the room looking at the pictures and mementos. She came upon a picture that held her attention. It was a book type picture frame and held two pictures. They were both of Jon with a brunette. At first Sandy thought it was a picture of two different women, but after closer examination she could see that it was the same woman. In one picture the brunette was very fat in the other she had slimmed down and was a knock out.

"That was Karen." Sandy jumped at Jon's voice behind her. "She was my fiancee. She was killed last year in an auto accident just north of Los Angeles."

He was setting the table. Sandy could hear the hurt that was still in his voice. She looked back at the photos. The change in the woman was remarkable. As she looked at the photos she did notice that Karen looked happier in the later photo, where she was slender. Sandy remarked on the change in the woman. "She must have lost a lot of weight after she met you."

"Huh?" Jon responded. He crossed the room to Sandy's side. She could feel the heat from this man, her knees was becoming weak. "No, you are looking at them backwards. This one on the left was taken in Hawaii in 1990 and the one on the right was taken in Cabo San Lucas early last year. In eighteen months she had gained 135 beautiful pounds. She was my goddess." As he went away to finish dinner Sandy looked at the photos in shock. How could this stud love that blob of fat? As she looked at the photo the fantasies that she had refused all of her life came flooding back. The "fat Sandy", "Sandy, the fat lady", and others resurfaced in her conscious. Disgusted she tried to push them back into the dark corners of her mind. But just for a second, she saw the fat Karen change and she was looking at herself in the photo.

As Sandy sat down she broached the subject with Jon. "So, you like your women with a bit of meat on them.?" Jon blushed a little at her forwardness, but answered the question truthfully. "I do. I am what they call a Fat Admirer, or FA. I am what they call a Feeder. You see a Feeder is a man who not only likes his ladies large, but likes to feed his ladies so they get larger. Karen was what is known as a Feedee. That is a woman that has overcome society's bias against the large lady. She loved to eat and after a while she saw that fat was the pay off for the overeating. There are a lot of us out there, and more coming out of the closet everyday."

As she listened to Jon talk of Feeders and Feedees something awakened in her. Something that told her all of those late nights that she lay in bed with the pillow under her T-shirt pretending she was fat was not weird. All of those dreams where she was overweight, all of those orgasms that she had due to a "fat dream", and all of those longings she had looking into a bakery window were all right. She listened in rapture as she ate. Without knowing it she had finished not just one helping, but she had seconds. Jon smiling offered her desert, a slice of French Silk. She refused, but he insisted and she gave in.

Sandy returned to her cabin stuffed almost to the point of pain. She walked in and just had to unzip her dress. She looked at her reflection and she could swear that she could see her belly bulging. That night she had a very erotic dream and woke up in an shuddering orgasm. She had been dreaming of her being as big as the large picture of Karen. She was laying in a bed and at its foot Jon was cooking another morsel that would make her even larger. As she lay there in the dark she reevaluated her life.

The next day she noticed for the first time that all of the women crew member were at least chubby. most were bordering of fat. Tanya, the Head Purser, must have weighed at least 200 pounds, a fact that the Navigator, her boyfriend, seemed to love. Over the next few days she noticed that the female crew looked better than the skinnies that were hanging on the arms of the customers.

It was three days later that she was able to get another date with Jon, feigning homesickness. She wore the same dress as the night the last time, but she was surprised at how snug it was becoming. She set out to get his attention by outdoing herself. She sat down to a platter full of Linguine Alfredo. She managed to force it all down, but then she was assaulted by desert. It was strawberry short cake with real whipped cream. She sat down to a helping that was enough of three people. Thirty minutes later she was near comatose. Her belly was ready to burst if she took too big of a breath. Groaning she pushed herself back from the table and struggled to her feet. She almost lost her footing due to the roll of the ship, and Jon caught her. Her threw herself into his arms and found herself on the couch naked and having her belly massaged by Jon. The act helped move her from pain to pleasure.

From the night on the pattern was set. First there was a late feast for dinner, topped of by a huge desert, and finally a night of great sex. After only three weeks she found that her uniform had "shrunk" in the wash and she was unable to zip up the skirt. She then went to her closet and found out that all of her clothes had shrunk. She then went down to the ship's store to purchase a tape measure. The plump redhead smirkingly sold her on and Sandy raced back to her room. There she undressed and measured her belly. She was shocked to see a three inch increase! Looking at her reflection in the mirror she could she the changes that were beginning. Her face had softened, as had her belly and hips. She was getting chubby!

It was "Last Night" so she could not show Jon until after midnight. He insisted on her wearing the blue dress that she had on their first date. Sandy could hardly get it on. She was shocked to se how much her belly bulged now. As she entered the room she new that this was the last time she would wear that dress. On the table were all of her favorite deserts, and Jon was sitting at one end with a fork. Three hours and one ripped dress later Sandy walked to bed with all of the sweet feast in her distended belly.

The next morning she woke up and realized that she did not need to get to her station. Jon must have known this because her was entering the room with a tray heaped with food. Sandy was still feeling the effects of the binge last night, but to please Jon she dug in with gusto. After wolfing down three large piles of delicious pancakes smothered in butter and syrup. Three large cold glasses of chocolate milk settled on top of the huge breakfast. Sandy rubbed her belly and cooed at Jon. She then drifted off to sleep.

She dreamed of eating mountains of pancakes and swimming in moats of chocolate. When she woke up Jon was there with her lunch of roast beef awash in brown gravy. There was mashed potatoes on the side smothered in the same gravy. The beverage for this meal was three ice cold dark beers. At the end of the meal Sandy was in pain. All of the volume of her belly was used up. The skin over her stomach was stretched tight due to her overeating. Once again she fell asleep, only to awaken to another huge meal. At the end of this on she was almost sick. She lay in the bed in a reclining position. She couldn't sit up due to the size of her bloated stomach. Later, as she ate a large bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce, Jon massaged her body. As he reached her feet he began to kiss and lick her legs. Higher and higher, until he reached the area between her thighs. As she exploded in a shuddering multiple orgasm she though how she could get used to this.

Weeks turned into months and Sandy was now known to be Jon's girlfriend. Her 39-20-34 figure had expanded to 45-30-44. Her belly now spilled over the waistband of her larger uniform. her thighs had expanded to the point that they touched as she walked. A small double chin was beginning to form. She had never though she could be so happy. Each night she ate a huge gourmet meal and then had several hours of great sex. But after four months of this the bottom dropped out.

Sandy was standing on the Main deck with Jon as the next group of passengers came onboard. She was wearing a pair of shorts that were just about two sizes too small and a halter top that could hardly contain her 45EEE boobs. As they were getting ready to return below decks a feminine voice called out "Jon, Jon Strevis! Is that you?"

They turned around to see one of the passengers coming toward them. She was a very fat redhead. She literally waddled toward them. While she was slightly taller than Sandy she must have weighed over 100 pounds more. Most of her weight was in her large hips and thighs, which the short dress that she was wearing emphasized.

"Rachel? Is that you? I haven't seen you since Karen's funeral. I must say that you have not been pining away." The remark made the redhead blush. It was obvious that Jon was remarking on the redhead's weight, which must have increased since their last meeting. That was how Sandy met Rachel, and it was the beginning of her worst weeks on the Ceres Lady. It seemed that throughout that cruise Jon spent more time with Rachel than he did with her. For the first time in months she felt skinny and insignificant.

At the end of the cruise Sandy decided to take the month of vacation that she had coming. She told Jon that she was going to visit her family, but she just wanted to be alone to think. She went to the nearest market and stocked up on groceries, because she knew that her cupboards were bare. She noticed that this market had a delivery program, she wrote down the number and paid for her goods then went to her apartment.

As she sat munching on some Chips Ahoy she flipped through the channels. She then turned to the frozen pizzas that she was heating in the oven. this was how her day went. But no matter how much she ate the empty feeling in her stomach didn't; go away. That night she passed out on the couch after eating three Sarah Lee chocolate cakes. The next day she continued her bingeing. At first it was because she was so upset, then as time passed it was because she loved the feeling of being stuffed.

After three weeks of almost continuous eating she had outgrown almost everything in her closet. All that fit was a pair of light blue sweat pants and a T-Shirt of Jon's. And those were becoming distressingly tight. The elastic on the sweats was at the last bit of its stretch, due to the constant distention of her gorged belly. The T-Shirt rode high on her belly due to her swelling breasts. She noted that the bottom of the T-Shirt and the top of the sweats no longer met. She was going to have to go to the mall to get some larger clothes.

As she made her way to the car she noticed how the walk tired her out. The last three weeks of gorging herself ever waking second with no exercise was really showing. She reached the car and slide behind the wheel. Sandy was surprised to find that her belly now rubbed the steering wheel. As she drove to the mall she stopped at both Burger King and McDonalds to get something to eat. She was starving!

As she entered the mall she walked down the entrance way and was ready to turn to enter the mall she noticed her reflection in the mirrored wall to her right. The shock made her stop in mid-stride. Was that chubby, no fat, blonde her? As stood looking at herself she smiled, she was huge! She walked toward the wall, and noticed that her walk was turning into a sexy waddle. Then she noticed the gap between her shirt and pants and remembered why she was there.

After moving between three stores where she had bought clothes before she went to the food court in the center of the mall still without finding anything to where. As she sat munching on her second extra-extra-large sundae (a specialty of the local ice cream store made with 10 scoops of ice cream and then drowned in chocolate and whipped cream) a rather large woman came up to her and sat down. The stranger looked Sandy up and down pausing on the gap caused by her expanding belly. Smiling the newcomer said, "Pregnancy or Divorce?"

"What?" asked Sandy around a mouthful of sundae. She looked at the other woman. She must have weighed close to 300 pounds. The other woman was older than Sandy and brunette. She looked like someone's kindly older aunt. But she was dressed impeccably.

"What caused the weigh gain, a pregnancy or a divorce?" To emphasize the remark the newcomer pointed to the widening gap between Sandy's pants and top. Sandy blushed at the comment and the gesture.

"Neither, I just kind of started eating and can't seem to stop.

" They exchanged a few more comments, then Sandy found herself telling this woman her lifestory. The older woman nodded here and there during the story as if it was familiar. As Sandy finished the story she stroked the flesh exposed on her belly, "Now I cannot seem to find any clothes to fit. I guess I've outgrown the regular stores."

The other woman nodded. "I can understand that. By the way my name is Barbara Sanders. Just call me Barb. You are in luck, you see I own a store in this mall called Barb's Big Rack. It has clothes from size 14 up. If we don't have your size we can get it made. Why not come up and check it out?"

Sandy followed her up the escalator to her store. There she found several things to wear, including a pair of teal shorts and a light blue top that she has decided to wear home. As she paid the salesgirl Barb came out and motioned for Sandy to join her. Sandy walked into the office of her new found friend. There was a platter of pastries on the desk within easy reach. Barb reached for one and offered the rest to Sandy. As they ate Barb spoke of various things and soon Sandy felt very at ease. Then Barb asked her the question that she had been leading up to, "Sandy, have you heard of the National Association to Aid Fat Acceptance or NAAFA?"

Sandy had heard of it through Jon and told Barb so. As the conversation of what NAAFA could do for her developed Sandy sensed that Barb had another question to ask her but was holding back. As they reached the end of the pastries Barb broached the subject. "Sandy do you know about Feeders?"

Taken aback slightly, all that Sandy could do was nod. She felt herself blushing and bit her lower lip in shyness. Barb went on, "Then you must know what a Feedee is. Do you think that you are a Feedee, Sandy?"

All that Sandy could manage was a slight nod as she was looking at the floor. That another person, besides Jon, knew what she felt was her dirt secret was very embarrassing. Barb got up and walked to her side. She put her hand on Sandy's shoulder. "There is nothing to be about. If you want I could introduce you to some other Feedees. You could talk and get to know each other. In fact, I am a bit of a Feedee, and my husband is a little bit of a Feeder. I didn't get this big by eating celery and salads."

Barbara made a few phone calls and an hour later they left the store and were moving across town to the home of one of Barb's friends. It was in a middle class neighborhood, just where you would expect Wally and the Beaver to live. They pulled into the driveway of a nondescript house and walked to the front door. Barb rang the bell and a speaker to the right of the bell asked, "Is that you, Barb?"

After Barb answered "Yes" the voice told them to come in and a buzzer opened the door. The two of them entered the house to be greeted by delicious smells. The whole house was seeped in the scents of fine cooking. Sandy was reminded of how Jon smelled when he came in from the kitchen. As they removed their coats a woman entered the room with some slight difficulty. This was due to her sheer size. As she waddled toward them Sandy was in awe of how sexy the woman was. She was Hispanic and just a little taller that Sandy, maybe about 5'3", but she must have weighed over 500 pounds. She introduced herself a Nina Richards. She lead them back to a room that was part kitchen and part living room. Nina seated herself heavily in a couch. As they got to know each other another ring at the door came. Nina reached one fat arm over and used the intercom to find out just who was at the door. Barbara volunteered to get the door and left the room.

When she returned there were to quite fat women with her. One was little more than a teenager, in fact she was just 20, and the other was Sandy's age of 26. The younger of the two was Cristi and the elder was Monica. As they got talking Sandy was surprised to find that they all were Feedees.

She was more than a little embarrassed when Cristi stood up an made an announcement. "Look at this sexy gut, can you believe I weight 340 pounds? Just last year I was under 200. Kevin sure loves his fat baby." As she spoke she caressed her belly and struck a sexy pose. Nina moved into the other half of the room and returned with platters of pasta. All of them dug in. Sandy was stuffed to the point of bursting when they were ready to break up. The group made plans to met later in the week at another girl's house.

In the next two weeks they met 10 times, by the end of Sandy's vacation they were meeting every day. She called work and asked for an extra week due to illness. By now Sandy had to admit that she was addicted to food. Even when she was stuffed to the point of pain she was dreaming of her next meal. Sandy was pleased to see that by the time she had to go back to work all of the clothes that she had bought a Barb's were too tight. She waddled into the bathroom and struggled to get the scale out from under the sink. Her belly was distended from her latest session of gluttony, so she could hardly bend over. She stepped on the scale and then stared ins disbelief. The scale spun and finally rested on 255 pounds. She had gained 58 pounds in five weeks!

She dressed and drove down to the ship. She was ready to quit. She didn't know what she was going to do, but she wanted to leave the ship so she could spend more time with her friends. She waddled into the Head Pursers office to stares and open mouths. As she filled out her resignation she heard Jon's voice in the outer office. She wasn't ready for this, but now was as good a time as any.

Jon entered the room and stopped still. "Sandy? Wow!...I have some good news...I am leaving the line. A friend and I are going to open a restaurant. Will you marry me?" The proposal came so fast that she was stunned. She found herself saying yes before she realized it.

Later she asked Jon about Rachel and it turned out that although they were good friend he did not love her. They were married on the ship that cruise and honeymooned on the Ceres Lady. When they returned to port they set out to get the restaurant ready for customers. Sandy's part seemed to be as a taster for all of the specialties of the house. She was continually gorged by her new husband. She went down to the restaurant to set up the bookkeeping system and to eat lunch. The trademark was to be a very heavy woman holding sheaves of wheat in each chubby arm. This was to represent the goddess Ceres. Sandy posed of the trademark and an artist friend of Jon's created the artwork.

Soon Sandy was doing little more than eating and sleeping. On their first anniversary they closed down the Ceres Lady for a party. Sandy was stunning in a white satin dress that clung to every curve of her 478 pound body. She noticed that her 78-69-84 figure was overflowing her clothing, perfect she thought. As she made her way around the room she met Rachel, who was just about the same size. Sandy mentioned that she seemed a little peeked. Rachel took up the challenge and as the two sat down Sandy told the waiters to keep it coming until one or the other told him to stop.

Plate after plate of food disappeared into the two beautiful fat faces. Neither girl was going to give up until the other had cried enough. Course after course, platter after platter, they kept it up. Soon, Sandy's feedee friend were cheering her on. She pushed herself past stuffed, past gorged and still she ate. The white dress burst it seams and still she ate. The contestants had slowed, but they still continued. Sandy decided that it was time for her coup-de-grace. "Bring out the shakes," she was able to gasp out. Two large containers of viscous fluid were wheeled out onto the floor. Each was set above the heads of the contestants. A tube ran from the bottom of the container. Sandy picked up the free end of one of the tubes.

"The rules are simple. Drink until you cannot hold anymore. The winner is he one who can hold the most." She slipped the end of the tube into her mouth and opened the clamp holding the drink back. Rachel watched in horror as Sandy began to drink. The redhead ran her hands over the remains of her red dress, then grabbed the end of the remaining tube and began to drink.

It was over soon there after. Rachel began to gag and had to stop. She stopped the flow of drink and pulled the tube from her mouth. As she lay there gasping for air she watched Sandy take one or two more pulls on the bottle then stop the flow herself. Rachel noticed that Sandy had drank almost three gallons to her two. But the victor had paid the price. Sandy's head was lolling and she was barely conscious. The skin on her belly was stretched so tight it was shinny. The two contestants were wheeled off to separate rooms to recover. Sandy had the pleasure of seeing Rachel pass out while her boyfriend was pouring warm oil over her obscenely distended belly. The redhead was groaning with pain.

Jon walked into the room with a pot of warm oil and began to massage her huge gut. He smiled at his victorious glutton. "Well, you are my Ceres Lady." With that Sandy passed out and began to dream about other larger meals.