Weight Room Title Bar

by Rebel

There was all kinds of cardboard and bubble wrap scattered out across the living room when she walked in. She was home early, and she knew that her old man didn't do any cleaning until 4:30, but it still annoyed her a little to come home to this wreck in her living room.

>whunk< "Shit!" Both noises came from the bedroom. She stepped over the cardboard and headed for the room, getting a little nervous.

When she got there, her husband had the leather chair turned upside down and was twisting a screw into it. He didn't look hurt. "Honey-"

She was going to ask if he was okay, but she startled him so badly that he whirled to face her so quickly that he startled her. It was one of those moments that married people have that wouldn't really be funny to anyone else. But they were married people, so they both started laughing. He set down his screwdriver and walked over to hug her.

He loved the way that she hugged him, always had. Her body was large and soft, and she kind of leaned into him with an aggressive yielding. That doesn't make sense until you hugged her, then you'd know just what I mean. He squeezed her tightly to him, enjoying the feel of her soft tummy and the scent of her soft hair. Every embrace with his beautiful wife was a sonnet of pleasurable sensations.

"Hiya Gorgeous. You're home early, aren't ya?" That question told her that he had been working on this chair for quite a while. He always lost track of time when he did something mechanical or creative.

"Yeah, I had an appointment to go to the chiropractor." A pause just long enough to be polite, then "What are you doing to that chair?"

"You'll see. I'm nearly done. Go and change clothes and I'll show you." He kissed her neck lightly and went back to his screw driver.

When he kissed her neck, she noticed that he had shaved recently. She knew what that meant about his current state of mind. She went to the closet and decided that putting on something sexier than her normal house clothes was in order. "Where are the kids?" she called.

"I sold them. One to Gram and one to the movie theater. We can option them back tonight if we want to."

She grinned and set about taking her business suit off. She tossed it into the pile with the rest of her dry cleaning, then stretched her arms around behind herself to unfasten the sturdy bra she wore.

It felt so good to get that damn thing off! Her heavy tits, now loose from their confinement, hung down over the top of her belly and reminded her of just how large they had become. Each one swelled broadly out to the sides, and also curved outward to the front. The magnificent boobs weren't saggy at all, it was just their mass that made them fall over the roundness of her big tummy. In the mirror she could see her nipples, surprisingly well-defined for a natural blonde. She had always been proud of her bust, even more so now that her fat tits were seeming to grow almost daily.

Her belly had finally gotten back to the point where it rolled over her meaty thighs again. For a while they didn't meet when she was standing, then there was a slight crease unless she stood very straight. Now her beautifully rounded stomach was always in contact with the fat thighs that had also grown to meet it. She had a wonderfully furry snatch that could still be seen beneath the fall of her belly. It had plumped up too, particularly on the inside, according to her husband.

Because she knew that he would ask, she stepped up onto the scale in front of the mirror. The reflection showed the sweet flab on her legs wobble as she shifted her considerable weight from one foot to the other. Not that she needed to see it, the ripples chased around to her tremendous ass cheeks and ended up tickling at her pussy lips. It felt wonderful to have her own body giving itself loving caresses like that.

At last she heard the dial on the scale quit spinning. With both hands she pulled her woman's paunch in so that she could read her weight. The last time she had weighed was a week ago. She had weighed 224 pounds, a tie for the most she had ever weighed before. Now the scale showed a different number.

She stepped off of it to see if her old man had messed with the settings on it. It didn't look like he had, so she stepped back up.

Same thing. It read 231 pounds. There was no way around it, she weighed 231 pounds today. That means that had gained a pound a day since last week. Was that possible? Well her husband had been very enthusiastic about feeding her once he realized that she was about to be bigger than she had ever been before. And his enthusiasm was contagious when she found how attentive he was to her now, so she had eaten everything that he served her.

The amazing news made her bolder. She pulled her panties off and grabbed an old silver leotard that she bought before she even knew her husband. It was a great struggle to get the garment over her incredible ass and hips. By the time she got the thin straps over her soft round shoulders, the silver material was stretched almost to the point of transparency. She tossed her mass of blonde hair just to give it a little wilder look, stepped into a pair of pumps, and stepped out of the closet.

He was absolutely speechless when he saw her. The old silver leotard did almost nothing to contain her bulk, but it did show off every bulge and curve and crease to its best advantage. Each ripple shimmered across her flesh beneath the thin shiny cloth. It was no wonder that he truly thought of her as a Goddess.

Since he wasn't going to say anything, she asked if he was finished with the chair. It was back upright now, and she couldn't tell that anything on it had changed. He motioned her to come and sit in it. when she did, she noticed that the thick bulge in his jeans was growing every second.

"You remember how you have to sit on pillows when you want me to eat your sweet pussy in this chair?" She loved it when he talked dirty like this to her. He continued after she nodded, "Well check this out..."

He flicked a switch that she couldn't see, and suddenly she felt the front of the chair rising. Her feet could barely touch the floor, so she figured she had risen about six inches. The smile in his voice was evident, "No more pillows now. This should bring you right up to exactly where my mouth is."

She spread her knees apart and secretly cursed herself for not choosing a skirt. "I think we should make sure about your measurements, don't you?" She grinned wickedly as he dropped to his knees before her.

He leaned forward on his arms, and then leaned further so that his face was indeed directly between her plump thighs. He scraped his chin against the fabric that was covering her twat, and she squirmed in spite of herself. With that encouragement, he began to take a few playful bites at the full lips which were clearly displayed beneath the silver leotard. In almost no time there was a small darkness at the lower edge of her pussy where her wetness was soaking through. He kept on teasing her this way until it was getting to the point where teasing would no longer be an option for him.

"Damn it, why didn't I wear a skirt?!" She complained as she slammed her heavy legs together and straightened, pulling her crotch away from his playful mouth. "I'm not ready for you to stop that, but I think that's as far as we can go while I'm in this outfit."

"Well then why did you put it on, goofy chick?" He was smiling up at her from his place on the floor. His eyes were dark and passionate.

"Because I knew that you would get a hard-on just from seeing a gorgeous goddess like me stuffed into such a tiny little slut-suit." She grinned back down at him when he shrugged, meaning that she was right. "And now I'm leaving it on because it's just too damn hard to take off right now."

"So what do you want to do now, O My Gorgeous Golden Goddess?" They were never sure who enjoyed that title more.

"Oooohh... Let me cook dinner. I am SO hungry!" she exaggerated, knowing that he wouldn't argue with her on that point. If there was one thing that he stayed out of her way on, it was eating.

Ever since they first started dating, he was amazed at the way that she could whip up a gourmet meal in minutes, including the clean-up! This time was no exception. It all seemed so very easy to her. Just do something with oil and garlic, then boil some pasta and some shrimp, get some bread cooking, a couple of vegetables on the stove, and some sauces going. While all that was happening, make a salad. Presto! He thought it was like watching someone play a difficult piece of music. He helped as much as he could by staying the hell out of her way. Instead he cleaned up his mess in the living room and the rest of the house.

"Supper's ready, Honey," she called to him. She was still hungry, which surprised her a little. It used to be that cooking would steal her appetite for a while. That was a problem she hadn't experienced recently.

"Okay. Let us dine in the bedroom tonight, ya wanna?" He was using a silly accent, which meant that he was in a good mood, or he was trying to be sneaky, or both.

He had arranged a place for her in the blue leather chair. There was a new end table perched beside it, and it was facing the television. "Oh Honey, this is nice." She started to sit, the spun on him and asked in mock suspicion, "Just what have you got planned here, anyway?"

Big brown puppy dog eyes stared back at her. How anyone could look so much like Satan and still look innocent too was beyond her.

"Oh Baby, you been a-workin' so hard." He knew that she loved baby talk. "Poor Baby done got all sweaty..." He set their plates down and put his hands on the shoulder straps of her leotard. "Let me help you out of this thing, poor little One..."

The damn thing didn't come off much easier than it had gone on. However, they both wanted her to be naked, so the silver material didn't stand a chance. As soon as her rubenesque figure was bare, she sat down in the chair like queen on a throne. The cool smoothness of the leather felt good as her ass broadened and spread across most of the cushion.

He smiled sweetly and bent to kiss her. "That's my good little girl. Now, would you like a surprise?"

This time, her suspicion was not entirely fake. She hesitated a few seconds before she answered "Yes, I guess so..."


He gently wrapped his hands around her delicate wrists and lowered them down to the arms of the chair. He pressed on them to let her know to leave them there, then straightened enough to kiss her again. She didn't notice that he slipped his left hand over the back of the chair until there was an audible click like a switch had been thrown.

Before she could respond, she was securely strapped into the chair! Bands of sturdy black plastic had sprang out of the chair and wrapped around her chest and arms. Another one was across her thighs. She could even feel them around her legs. She sat in stunned silence for a while, just staring at the straps and wondering how they had gotten there.

"Surprise." It was deeper than his normal voice. She looked up and saw that he was wearing a leather mask. Oh SHIT! He was Dominus! She knew full well that her husband wouldn't ever hurt her, but he had often gotten carried away while role playing Dominus.

There was a sly smile under the mask. "Ingenious, isn't it? Magnetic plastics, sort of like computer printers use. I assure you woman, you are securely bound."

"Honey," she started calmly, "I don't really think -"

His fingers were suddenly tightly wrapped around her right nipple. He wasn't hurting her, but the threat was obvious. "No, apparently you don't really think. Otherwise you would not have started to question me, hmm?" He slowly released the nipple, then quickly grabbed it again.

She flinched, expecting him to really pinch hard this time. He didn't.

"Good, I see that you remember with whom you are dealing." He stroked her hair with his hand as he reached behind the chair again. Another click, and the chair was humming. Actually it was vibrating in the seat. She could feel the gentle buzzing through the soft flab on her ass, then further up until she could also feel it all through her pussy.

"Now, open your mouth, woman." She did, and he placed a forkful of pasta inside it. "Again." his voice demanded. She ate her entire dinner just like that. There was never a word of protest from her, and he was an attentive, if pushy, feeder. By the time she had been fed both of their whole meals, plus a couple of glasses of wine, she was beginning to enjoy this little game of his.

"You've done very well, little piggy." His deep voice toned.

"Thank you Dominus. I enjoyed it." She didn't make eye contact with him.

"I think now that you deserve a small reward..." He knelt between her fat thighs just like before and forced his head into the tight canyon they formed. There was nothing gentle or subtle about the way that he ate her pussy this time. His stout tongue burrowed straight in to lap directly at her clit. His strong mouth, his hot breath, and the insistent vibrations of the chair had her crashing into an orgasm in just a very few minutes.

She hadn't recovered from the afterglow when he said "Come on. Time for supper. NOW." He was holding a plate full of baked taquitos with a generous bowl full of sour cream. She started to protest. Dominus or not, he couldn't make her eat anymore!

Then again, why not? It was very odd, but she didn't feel especially full. She opened her mouth almost reluctantly and accepted the first bite. It tasted wonderful, salty crunchy and hot, with the cool creaminess of the sour cream. And so, with just a minimum of threats, she began to allow him to feed her the taquitos. Before long, her eyes had shut with the pleasure of being fed by this masked man.

"Mmm-hmm, you are being a well behaved little piggy aren't you?"

She opened her eyes just enough to see that the plate that had been so full was now clean. "Yes sir, Dominus."

He knelt to reward her again. This time her orgasm was slower to arrive, but still it hit her like tornado. Another difference was that this time, she could feel his nose and leather mask rubbing at the bottom of her belly. The orgasm left her too drained to think on it too much.

"Don't even think that you are through yet, little piggy!" This time his hard fingers did pinch her nipple hard enough to hurt. She was more annoyed at how hard it got after he had done it, though. He was carrying a large bowl of ice cream.

She ate it, and then he ate her. She didn't know if it was the bondage or the food or the vibrating cushion, but her orgasms came strong and quick under his mouth. She noticed that his neck must be getting tired, because it was getting harder for him to squeeze his face between her big legs. She had five more meals, and five more orgasms the same way.

"All right then, my perfect little slut. I have one last meal for you." He waited for a response.

"Yes sir, Dominus." was all that she said. Her erect nipples and huge tits were sore already from his 'corrections'. If the food and the orgasms hadn't been so great, she'd have gotten sick of this game a while ago.

He loomed threateningly over her and flipped another switch on the back of the chair.

The bands around her arms and chest fell away. She was still securely bound from the belly down, however. She stretched her shoulders by rolling them backwards once, then sat still, awaiting the next command from her mad lover Dominus.

"Play with your perfect heavy breasts for a minute." He watched her with a confident nonchalance. "Show me how you love having those big fat tits."

She lifted her boobs and mashed them tightly together. Then she brought one up to her lips and sucked carefully on the nipple. It was sensitive from being pinched so often through the evening, so she licked and suckled at it tenderly. After a moment she switched. It was still a little surprising to get milk from her breasts. The few drops were sweet on her tongue, more than normal. She swallowed her milk with a secret smile. Her eyes shut during a moment of contentment as her gentle mouth soothed her swollen nipples.

While she made love to her own body, he tied a long black blindfold around her eyes. She had thought that he was nearly done, but the blindfold had her worried.

Then there was something large and hard pressing on her full belly. She tried to open her eyes even though she knew full well that it was his big cock touching her. His dick was almost as thick as it was long, and as hard as a tree limb. Climbing slowly onto the chair with her, he forced her fat boobs apart with his strong hands. Finally he had his thick rod up between her massive breasts. She could feel it there, hard, pulsing, insistent. She could feel the weight of his balls too. Even though she couldn't see them, she knew that they were tight and full from the way that they rested so heavily against the top of her tummy.

"Open your mouth, my sweet fat whore." His voice was husky and full of passion. "I want to feed you myself now. You will suck my cock until I have sprayed every last drop of my cum down your throat"

"Mmmm... Yes Dominus." she answered breathily.

She grabbed the broad shaft of his dick in one hand, and put the other around his butt to pull him closer to her. Her lips slid expertly over the head of his cock and she stroked him with her tongue. Then she took his long hard rod all the way into her mouth, and sucked even harder.

Since he was pumping slowly and gently into her mouth, she took her hands and used them to squeeze his rigid cock and heavy balls between the deep flesh of her boobs. His hairy thighs bristled against her aureoles, the tense muscles of his legs excited her even more. She went on that way for sometime, fucking his massive cock with her soft tits and her talented mouth.

It seemed like she had been giving him head for a little while, and still he hadn't made a sound. She wasn't sure for a second if she was doing it right or not, even though she could feel his dick head brushing at the top of her throat. Out of curiosity mainly, she grazed the back of his shaft with her teeth

For that, she was rewarded with a gasp and his hands grasping at her shoulders. She bit him a little harder this time, dragging her teeth over both sides of the meaty rod. He growled, then his body started to quiver. Again she pressed her white, even teeth against his pulsing cock, harder than before. This time he roared and his whole body tensed. He straightened and put on hand on the back of the chair for balance.

God damn it, she thought, this fucking teenager is about to come in my mouth already! It was too late for her to slow down now, so she drew his granite cock in even further. Instantly there was a gush of warmth as he came against her throat. She kept her lips securely wrapped around him so that not a drop would escape. She swallowed his second and third pulsing sprays at once. He still wasn't done, so she kept after him with her lips and tongue and teeth as he kept on cumming in her eager mouth.

Then she noticed it. Her belly was growing, actually growing! He was cumming in bucketful's into her willing mouth, and it was making her magically fatter. The plastic band around her swollen paunch was getting tighter by the second. She could feel her huge belly pressing harder against the top of her thighs, and she could feel her boobs rising as her tummy pressed them higher.

It was something out of one of those stupid weight gain fantasies that he was always trying to get her to act out with him. Somehow he had found a way to make it actually happen. This was the real world, and the strap around her waist was truly getting tighter as she swallowed more and more of his hot sperm. Already it felt like her great belly was thirty pounds heavier.

It was too much. The orgasm literally attacked her without any warning at all. One second she was sucking away at his spewing dick like a cheap whore, the next she was writhing in the full embrace of the most powerful orgasm she had ever dreamed of. It was like a lightening bolt radiating from deep inside her pussy and asshole. The last actual thought she had was noticing that she could feel her pussy juices pouring out between her broad thighs. Her whole enormous body tensed and rocked with the all consuming sensation of the grand mother of all orgasms.

She devoured the cock in her mouth, drawing still more warm cum from its head. She had forgotten the man that it was connected to, forgot that she might be hurting him. For a timeless moment, her fat body, her growing body, was the only thing in the universe. This was the ultimate orgasm, and whatever magic he had found to give it to her, she wanted more.

After an unknown time, the orgasm faded. She fell into a drained slumber as soon as it had passed. She slept for a while, only the lingering tingles left in the wake of cumming so hard disturbed her.

Finally she awoke to find him lying on the floor in front of her chair. She was simply sitting in the chair, there was no sign of the plastic straps that had held her earlier. On his face, she was glad to see that the Dominus mask was gone. Now it was just her devoted husband's gentle eyes gazing up at her. She smiled and stretched opulently. "Oooohh Baby... How did you do that to me?"

"How did I do what?" he asked innocently. She could plainly read the amusement on his face. Fine, after that growth-induced super-cum, he could play any game he wanted.

"You know, make me cum like that." Then she placed her hands on her round belly and said, "And the other thing..." She wanted to know just how fat she was going to have to get to keep cumming like that.

He still had that innocent, amused expression on his face. "What other thing, my Gorgeous Golden Goddess?"

How could she mind him playing this game while she was still buzzing with the afterglow from that orgasm? "Making me grow so fat just by swallowing your cum." She didn't know how else to describe it. "Was it a drug or some kind of magic or what?"

A broad smile rose to his face as he sat up. "Well actually, that was sort of a trick." He got to his knees before her and placed his hands on her wide thighs. "I adjusted the strap that went over your belly so that I could make it get tighter with a switch on the back of the chair. When you felt the belt getting tighter, you just thought that you were getting fatter. I never expected it to work that well though." He placed his hands gently on the swollen curve of her belly. "See? It's just really full from my force-feeding you. That's all, Darlin'."

An orgasm like that left no room for embarrassment in its wake, there was only a contentment and acceptance. But she did have a question about that. "So then, what caused me to have that orgasm? I've never felt anything like that in my life! I was sure that had to have been some kind of magic."

Now he smiled even bigger. Standing, he leaned over and kissed her gorgeous lips. "As far as I can tell, it was just the thought of getting so beautifully fat so fast that brought you off like that. It was the greatest orgasm I've ever seen you have, I wish I could take credit for it." He replaced his hand almost reverently on her tummy.

She grinned up at him, enjoying the worship so evident in his gaze. "You were, Silly! You're the one who made me this fat, and you're the one who taught me how sexy it is." Then a mischievous look stole across her grin. "And you're the one who's going to really make me fat enough to cum like that again someday!"

Oh, how he smiled for her then!!