Weight Room Title Bar

Part I

Cherie lay stretched out on the massive rococo bed in her palatial bedroom, propped up on large, billowy satin and silk pillows. She wore only a tiny purple silk bikini bottom. As she awoke from her afternoon nap, she looked languidly over her bloated body - huge tits and belly, to view two of her young, hunky body slaves, standing obediently and silently at the end of the bed, powerful biceps bulging with arms folded on their smooth rock hard pecs. She lazily turned her head slightly to see what goodies had been brought by the servants to surround her. There on gold trays, on the bedside tables, were two dozen big, chocolate bon-bons, stuffed with caramel and macadamia nuts, piled in a pyramid of lusciousness; two dozen large chocolate dipped doughnuts, dusted with sugar, stuffed with whipped cream; a six-layered red velvet cake with pecan and walnut creamy icing; and fried fritters, stuffed with cinnamon apples, topped with butter ripple ice cream.

"Is that all?" she whispered, then yawned lazily. Instantly, the virile young men sprung to attend her.

"Shall we order more from the kitchen for your divine fanny?" Eric whined in disappointment. "Your wish is our command!" Eric stuck out his chest at attention, the large bulge showing from his thong.

Cherie was mildly amused. "Oh, I guess this will do for a start. What time is it?"

"Four O'Clock, your majesty," replied Rip. "Lunch was ages ago. Surely you must be hungry." His smooth, masculine, muscular body, also clad in only a thong, poised to serve her.

"I'm famished. Stuff me, you silly slaves," she said yawning again, letting her heavy, dimpled arm fall unassisted to the bed. The boys fell over themselves, grabbing the confections and fattening pastries, quickly cramming food into their Queen's fat face.

As she was gorged on the heavy, sugary sweets, she gazed up at the wall where there hung a 10-foot gilded portrait of herself, four years ago, just before the death of her husband. William was 85 when they married. Cherie was 25 and much slimmer but voluptuous and beautiful. She had olive smooth skin and dark brown eyes, long brown hair and weighed only 140 pounds. William was an extremely wealthy industrialist and entrepreneur. He left her his entire estate, worth 5.6 billion dollars, including the 100-room palatial 18th century French mansion and 1500 acre estate. The house was loaded with grand antiques and fixtures from 17th and 18th century Europe. It was Cherie's favorite palace, although she had several others around the world in exotic places.

After her husband's death, Cherie, let herself go - all she wanted was to be a fat, lazy gluttonous tyrant, and she soon vowed never to lift a finger again. She fired her husband's staff and hired her own servants, each swearing loyalty to her, including a trusted chief of staff to delegate details. She tapped her vast wealth totally to feed her self-indulgence. Through her Chief of Staff, she hired six chefs, 60 new servants and 5 personal body slaves to lift her and carry her. She demanded that they satisfy her slightest whim and most gluttonous appetite. She immediately started to gain weight, and as she piled on the fat, she hired more and more body servants to support her ever increasing weight. Two of them seemed to be bred to lift. One white, the other African American, in their early 20's, were olympic weight lifters.

At 380 pounds, Cherie was roly poly fat. She'd gained 240 pounds in four years. Her body type was such that 80% of the weight was in her hips, ass and thighs - especially her ass. Massive, yet still somewhat toned, it protruded even when she was relatively slim, with firm definition of each cheek. Her youth and genes struggled to hold its shape against the overwhelming tide of her lavish lifestyle. At 29, her "fanny" was huge, deep and wide. It ballooned out behind her like two giant globes of flesh when she stood up. But unusual to this body type, she also had large, bountiful breasts which now rested on a great belly. When she stood, all of this fatty flesh sagged, with the lower curve of her belly rolling down over her pubic hair. All of which delighted Cherie. Why? Well, Cherie was a very sensuous woman. She wallowed in the luxury of indolence and gluttony and simply loved to eat. She adored pampering to the nth degree. Furthermore, she was actually turned on by her fat and the extreme decadence of her heavy rolls dominating young macho muscle. The fact that young, cute, muscular and powerful males were dominated by her fat ass made her wet! And the fatter and heavier her ass got, the more strain it put on the men and hence the more her domination and the hotter she got. Thus, her natural laziness and love of food combined with her husband's fortune gave her the ass and the power to ignite a real sexual fantasy which she indulged daily.

She had ordered a royal- style gilded litter from Europe, complete with ornate canopy, rich, purple velvet and silk drapery, and a wide couch with a thick soft mattress. Her big, strong slaves bore her on the litter, grasping the poles at either end while the smaller, but impressive muscle boys assisted in the middle along side.

Cherie gazed languidly at the portrait of the slim beauty as she gobbled down a mouthful crammed with bon-bons. "iMMMmf..m so gorgeous.." she muttered, mouth packed, chins shaking slightly.

"Oh Yes! Your gorgeousness!" intoned a muscular twinky. "Would you care for a piece of cake, now?"

Cherie nodded slightly, conserving her energy as usual. Rip sliced a big slab of red velvet cake, making sure to slather it with the excess icing and with his adroit and coordinated action quickly delivered it to Cherie's greedy lips. She looked dreamily and longingly at the cake as though she was about to be fucked by her best lover and opened her fat face to accommodate a huge bite. "MMMMM." She moaned, eyes shut. Rip smiled, for he knew she was having the equivalent of an orgasm and he knew she'd be in a good mood. The fat woman lay nearly nude being gorged thusly for half an hour. Finally, she moaned, "Enough." Eric quickly wiped her sticky lips, cheeks and chins with a damp cloth and towel.

"I want to survey my empire and let the peasants behold my greatness and beauty!" she declared. Then she let out a grotesquely loud, long belch. She frowned, holding her lower belly with one fat hand. "But first - I must faaahhhrt and "sit". Lift my leg you fools." Rip and Eric bumped into each other, rushing to obey. Eric reached her massive leg first and lifted it, bending it so as not to stretch the hamstring, as the fat of her bloated thigh jiggled. Eric knew he had to move it enough to separate her fat fanny cheeks to ease the passage of gas. But he surely didn't want to cause her discomfort, or he'd be punished. This time he was successful, for he heard Cherie's less than feminine fart emerge from the rolls of fanny fat, loud and long. "Ahhhh" she sighed, eyes closed in ecstasy. "Now, lift me and carry my divine fanny to my throne." Rip had already called Jock and Chris, the two weight lifters and within seconds they knocked at the massive door.

"You pretty boys are such weaklings," Cherie said. By the time she weighed 300, Eric and Rip felt they could no longer safely carry her massive fanny. They called in the heavy muscles at that point and Cherie loved to chide them about it. Now at 380 lbs of dead weight, even Jock and Chris seemed to struggle as they delicately hoisted Cherie's fat ass up and out over the floor and into her house sedan chair. She forbade wheels and forced the men to bear every ounce of her fat ass. She had decided she would not allow Jock and Chris to escape so easily as Rip and Eric. She would forbid them any help as her weight increased. She wanted to see them suffer. In fact, often as she was being stuffed, she fantasized about weighing more than their limit and watching them strain their muscles in pain and sweat.The sedan chair arrived at the palatial bathroom and the goddess was lifted out and onto her foam cushion-seated toilet throne. (her purple panties removed first, of course) She again ordered more food - this time she wanted greasy fries and loads of dip. Eric and Rip were paid well, but it took them time to get used to Cherie's excesses. They had been with her throughout her weight gain, and both had been her lovers. They hadn't minded performing oral sex and giving her all the pleasure when she weighed 140. But as her body expanded Cherie got off exposing her decadence and gluttony and in humiliating her muscular menslaves. At first she didn't allow them to witness her farting and defecating. But it heightened the domination and humiliation to more tittilating levels and she reached more powerful orgasms during sex. The guys couldn't help but stare incredulous at this rich, bloated fat woman, huge dimpled ass cheeks hanging over the sides of the elaborate chaise lounge toilet. The fries were brought and were dipped and fed to her. Cherie lay semi-prone on the lounge chair commode and relaxed her anal sphincter even as she ate, dumping and farting without restraint. Her fat face shown with ecstasy as her anus was stimulated and the pressure in her bowels was relieved. "Ahhhh.." she breathed heavily. "I think I'm done. Ass wipe, please."

Rip clapped his hands "Asswipe!" he called. A young twenty-year old, shy but very attractive, appeared with velvety soft tissue paper, made especially for her royal fanny. Eric and Rip parted Cherie's fat thighs, her feet were already propped so that she sat with her legs open. The asswipe reached the pile of tissue into the large ass cheeks until he felt her anus and wiped - changed paper and wiped again and again. "Enough," she commanded. "That's better. Now bath me and adorn me as your empress."

Following her bath in the giant marble pool, Cherie was lifted and carried over to the huge industrial scales, made for her. It had a large seat, padded heavily and covered with soft velvet. Chris and Jock eased her fat behind down on it and it read "390". "Ooo, ten pounds in two days!My divine fanny is so sexy!" she cooed. Cherie's female attendants fixed her hair and makeup and the males then brought out the foundation garments, heavy duty girdles and corsets. She had a corset for everything, including arms and thighs, everything tailor made. But these fit at 300 pounds. Her fat thigh rolls were squeezed into the tight corsets, then her fat arms. Next, the men pulled up the girdle. Cherie stood erect during this, but she was tiring as she stood on her feet only minutes each day and was not used to supporting her own weight. "I must be slim and trim, you fools. Hurry!" irritation in her voice and a little panting from shortness of breath as her slaves squeezed her giant belly into the tight corset. Eric wondered if the stays would hold. Then Eric and Rip stretched and stretched the spandex girdle up over her thunder thighs, then to the massive hips and gargantuan fat ass. There they stalled, pulling and tugging desperately to get the girdle up over the mountains of cheek fat. Cherie panted and gasped. "Idiots! What are you fools doing? My petite little fanny is hurting." Then she felt another fart coming and got turned on. She leaned forward slightly as the boys got the girdle up to her crack, when she herself reached her fat arms behind her and tugged on either massive cheek, opening her anus and POW!Out came an explosive loud and smelly fart, right in the slaves' faces. Both Eric and Rip winced. Panting again, she said "Lucky fools, to smell my royal fart now (pant!) help me! I order you to squeeze my little fanny into this ridiculously small girdle!" The boys grimaced and grunted as they pulled the girdle up, using their muscular hands to stuff the dimply fat rolls into it as they pulled. Rip wondered if the seams would hold. Finally her huge ass checks were stuffed tightly into the tight girdle which strained mightily to hold it all in. A servant handed them an expensive gold silk dress which they slid over Cherie's head and tugged it down. It too was too tight, though only made recently. Next her massive jewels - huge diamonds, emeralds and sapphires set in 24k gold, rings, bracelets and necklace and a diamond encrusted tiara crown, worth over $100 million, on her head.Finally she was done. She stood teetering, appearing faint from the effort. With all the fat held in and her boobs lifted up, she again appeared hourglass-shaped, though much larger.

"Now, set me in my sedan chair..Quickly!!! I'm exhausted!!" she puffed. Jock and Chris were ready, moving the large rococo gilded chair next to her. It was a magnificent piece. It had a very wide seat, originally made for two. The big men grunted as Cherie fell into their powerful arms. They strained as they lifted her and bent over to assure her soft landing in the seat. The antique chair creaked as it suddenly had to support nearly 400 lbs of Cherie's fat.

"Lift me, you fools! I'm a feather!" she said, waving her bejeweled hand languidly. "Carry me outside."

The weightlifters bore up the chair from each end and struggled out of the mansion onto the grounds. Cherie was followed by her retinue of Eric, Rip (still in thongs), six ladies in waiting carrying mountains of food fresh from the kitchen, and her chief of staff, Alec. Even before they had moved away from the house, she wagged a chubby finger, and the girls quickly gave Eric and Rip fried chicken, fried onions, fried this and that, a bowl of biscuits soaked in gravy, potatoes swimming in cream and butter, etc. to feed Cherie along the way. The sky was crystal blue and their was a breeze. The huge sculpted gardens lay out before her chair.

"My divine fffanny...wules all!" she muttered exuberantly, mouth stuffed with fattening food. "More! More!" By the pound, her hunks rushed more greasy goodies into her gaping mouth. The procession moved slowly and Cherie pigged out greedily along the way. Half-way to the outer perimeter fence, she noticed the discomfort of the corset increasing. Her girdle and corset fought valiantly against her massive belly and gigantic blubber butt. Still, she cried, "More!More!"

The timbers holding up the chair seemed to sag more and more and it creaked in protest. Meanwhile, Jock and Chris were dripping with sweat and breathing heavily under their heavy yoke. The path started to incline and they slowed. Cherie, just beginning her massive dessert of twelve different pastries, all soaked in butter, ice cream and whipped cream, frowned. "Why are we slowing? Faster! Faster! You fools!" She looked down disgustedly at Eric as he reached up and stuffed a huge chocolate covered cream donut into her mouth. "MMMmf...you slaves are so lazy and worthless..weaklings." Eric and Rip looked at each other. Jock and Chris both redoubled their efforts and moved quicker up the incline. Finally they reached the back fence of the estate where there was a gate. Cherie, now completely bloated, felt a stab of gas pain. She desperately wanted to fart but couldn't with her ass cheeks so tightly bound.

"Open the gate, Alec," Cherie ordered. "I want the peasants to behold their goddess, and I don't have much time." They were at the remote public road that ran behind the estate. Outside there were poor folk, including one young aggressive buck named Rod, who were happening by as Cherie's chair was being carried out. "I don't like this,your majesty," said Alec. "You may not be secure, and the men are scantily clad." Cherie, just finishing her massive desserts, ignored Alec, belched loudly, and surveyed the peasants. Instantly her eye picked out young Rod. She watched him approach, clad only in ragged denim shorts, with a broad black belt and a cotton shirt rolled up, open at the chest, socks and boots. His dark, tanned skin revealed his exposure to sun, a day laborer. His biceps bulged and his legs were very muscular. His jaw was square, his eyes transparent blue and his hair sandy blonde. One of Cherie's eyebrows rose and she felt a rush as she became aroused. She couldn't take her eyes off Rod. "Stop here." Her slaves set the chair down heavily, exhausted. It creaked loudly and sagged as its supporting legs spread noticeably. Eric held out a final fattening goody. "No more. I'm stuffed," she puffed as her eyes remained fixed on the approaching peasant men - especially the young adonis. She almost forgot the discomfort of the corsets and girdle.

Alec recognized some of them. "Former factory workers. They lost their jobs when we closed a local plant...it wasn't making the usual profit," he whispered. "It's been 5 months. They must have odd jobs now."

Cherie felt the corset cutting into her fat. The girdle pinched her big cheeks. She could hardly breath after her gluttonous repast. "Help me up," she commanded. Rip slip on her golden slippers. The men walked up as Chris and Jock, now half recovered, jumped to serve the large woman. She weakly held up her big arms as their muscular arms encircled her huge bulk and lifted her up. Rod watched in amazement as her slaves lifted Cherie up and stood her in front of them. They beheld the spectacle in silent skepticism. It was clear that this woman was big and fat and uncomfortably stuffed into her expensive dress. But she had a beautiful face, just a lot of it. And she was wealthy. The men stared at her huge tits and her jewels. Cherie locked her gaze on Rod and placed her hands on her hips. Now that she was standing, she could take deeper breaths to recover somewhat, but her heart pounded at the sight of Rod.

"Are you the mistress of the great house?" Rod asked. He noticed that her face was very fat and that her figure was tightly corseted, but he liked big women and her dark eyes, skin and full, luxurious red lips were beautiful. Cherie recovered her arrogance. "I am the empress of my vast financial empire. What of it, peasant," she said. Rod frowned. He recognized who she was. "You own the town, don't you. You laid us all off, left us to fight for whatever scraps we can find. You're the one who oppresses us!" his voice rose in indignation. She could see his muscular neck and arms tense. Cherie held out her right hand, heavily bejeweled. Rod came closer and their eyes locked. "OOoo. Aren't we a rebel. But I shall forgive you. You may kiss my divine hand, peasant." She looked away, arm still out. Her gut was really protesting the girdle now. Rod stared at her in disbelief. Now Cherie frowned."I've offered you the honor of touching my divine hand, you fool!" Rod didn't know why, but he was getting extremely aroused by this rich, pampered fatty.And even from her front he could see that she had what he liked, an enormous, firm ass. He almost blushed, but turned to see his friends' disgust. But they hadn't seen anything yet. Cherie could not stifle the loud belch that came next. "oh, I'm so bloated," she panted. "You peasants get away this instant!<puff> My divine fanny rules you. You should kneel before it!" she wheezed, her chins quivering. Cherie was now completely exhausted from standing and she desperately need to fart. Suddenly, the stays on her waist corset began to pop and instantly her huge belly thrust forth out of its prison, ripping open the front of the dress. Next the girdle seams finally gave way and her massive dimpled ass cheeks exploded out of the back. In less than three second the silk gown was in tatters. And as her fanny cheeks spread out, she let out a long, loud fart. Rod and friends stood aghast as the goddess'great dimpled rolls of fat were revealed unabashedly. Others were passing by as well at the time. But Rod had a hard on like never before. He knew he must fuck this incredible fat bitch in her precious pampered fat ass.

"Oh,gaahhrds, help!" Cherie whined. Her four male slaves rushed to her rescue. She collapsed in their arms and was heaved back into her chair. Alec moved to protect her. "All right the show is over. Disperse and move along." Rod stood still as the others moved against Cherie and her entourage, yelling insults and reaching down to pick up rocks and sticks to throw. Fortunately, Alec had detained them long enough for Cherie to escape behind the huge gate. Cherie had fainted and did not revive until she was brought near the house.

For weeks thereafter, Alec hired extra armed guards on the estate. The incident did not chasten Cherie. Cherie blamed the trashy ingrate peasants and wanted them executed. Alec did agree to her demand that all of her local plants which hired men be shut down, leaving the town destitute. After giving that order, she celebrated with extra helpings and wine. Behind her walls she felt secure and she continued her gluttony and self-indulgence unabated. She became even more tyrannical. Her weight ballooned, of course. At 460, her sedan was reinforced and her toilet lounge widened. But out there lurked rebellion.