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Christmas Wish
By Bruce Powell

Bob walked out of the church on West Central Avenue. He had been working with the Fathers there for around 6 Christmases. He helped them ensure that some of the less fortunate people in the community would receive a nice Christmas dinner.

While he was not extraordinarily wealthy, he used what he had for those that might not receive anything. It made him feel good. But he also ensured that the underprivileged children in the community could have a chance to go to summer camp and he supported the Boys Club. So he was not one of those that only gave at Christmas.

It was as he was nearing his car that he slowed. He loved this time of year. The snow that was falling softly helped mute the harsh sounds of traffic. As he walked he heard the soft crunch of the snow beneath his feet.

He pulled his jacket closed to keep out the brisk breeze that had come up. Bob looked up at the church to see it all light up, heralding in the Christmas season. Bob was glad he had worked hard to ensure that he light bill would be paid, and today, the day before Christmas Eve, he got the power company to turn them back on.

Bob strode toward his car. His breath steamed from his face, and some became frost on his beard. High above him the church bells began to ring calling the faithful for nighttime mass. He stopped to watch a few children skating on the pond in the churchyard. He smiled remembering he days that he had been one of hose. Bob turned to open the door of his late model car when the cry rang out. Someone was calling for help!

He turned to see that one of the young children had fallen through the ice and was drowning. He ran across the frozen churchyard, slipping and skidding. He knew that the pond was chest deep for him, but well over the heads of the child skaters. He yelled at one to get Father Daimen and saw the boy speed off. He crashed into the pond and the cold took his breath away. He could not see the child. He dove under the ice and looked but it was too dark. Again and again he dove under the ice to look for the child. The cold was clouding his thoughts; his limbs were becoming numb. But just as he was about to lose consciousness he found the child.

He stood up and broke through the covering of ice. Bob struggled to get the child to shore. The others helped and soon Bob and the bundle in his arms were on shore. He looked down to see a young girl, no more than 10. She was blonde and very pretty lying there. She looked like an angel taking a nap.

Bob checked for a pulse and breathing. There was neither. He started CPR. But before too long three priests from the church were there. Bob was helped into the church where he lost consciousness. Strange, instead of freezing he was warm and in a very cozy place.

The next time Bob opened his eyes he didn't know where he was. But the white walls and slight antiseptic smell told him he was in a hospital. He was in a bed and covered in a multitude of blankets. He could tell this because he could feel their weight. He was suffering from Hypothermia, or low body temperature. He didn't feel all that cold; in fact he was in a state where he was in a semi-dream. He was drifting in and out of consciousness when she appeared. She was quite short and dressed in a red mini skirt trimmed with white fur. Bob was wondering how the hospital let their nurses or candy stripers run around in such a short dress. She had long red hair that looked like it had just been permed. Her green eyes held a twinkle that was infectious. As she walked toward Bob's bed he could hear the heels of her knee high black boots on the tile floor. Her perfume hit Bob like a freight train; it was spicy, but had a subtle musky scent in it. She was carrying a large black leather bound ledger. Before he could ask a question she spoke in a sexy contralto.

"So, you are Robert Johnson. Well, well, we have heard big things from the Head Man about you."

Bob decided to let the joke go. If she wanted to play angel so be it. "Head Man, you mean God?" he asked innocently.

A questioning look came over her face, then it turned to one of understanding.

"No, I'm not an angel. I'm an elf! The Head Man I speak of is Santa Claus."

Bob could not restrain the laugh that burst forth. Christ! How naive did she think he was? "Right. I thought all elves had pointed ears."

"We do!" she said and with a sweep of her hand she pushed back her luxuriant red tresses and showed him her ears. Sure enough they were pointed. But for some reason Bob wanted to nibble on their cute little lobes. "You see Bob, I'm here to tell you that your brave act this evening impressed the Ol' Guy and he wants to give you a Christmas Wish. Anything you want, anything at all. But before you wish let me tell you that to wish for a long healthy life or financial security would be wasted. You see these things are to be yours due to past Christmases. You have spent your life trying to better the world, and you have been rewarded. But with tonight's act you have earned a special reward. Just ask for it and it will be yours."

Bob looked at the redhead at the end of his bed. She was obviously an escapee from the hospital's mental ward. But how did she know so much about him? He thought furiously for a "wish" he could tell her to get rid of her.

As he thought she opened the large ledger-like book she carried and began to read. She looked up at him several times as she read. Then she seemed to come to what she was looking for. With an "Ah-ha!" she read the rest of the page furiously.

"Well, well, what do you know," she said as she finished. "I'll tell you what - I might be able to help you choose. The Book tells me you have a desire that you can't bring yourself to satisfy. Maybe we can work something out. It says here that you love fat ladies. But you are afraid to let it be known - is that true?"

Bob felt his face redden. How could she know that?? Not even his bride of less than a year, Deb, knew of his secret fantasies. He had hidden all of his fat girl mags and tapes in the garage. Nobody knew about that, nobody. He began to wonder about who the hell this woman really was. As he sat up his head began to spin, but he mastered the felling of vertigo. The short girl then walked behind the screen that blocked the rest of the room from his view. All he could see were the heels on her boots. Just before she disappeared from view she turned her head over her right shoulder and winked. Then all he could do was watch the heels walk across the bottom of the screen. He did notice the ticking sound of her heels changed pitch from a high-pitched tick to one of slightly lower pitch. But nothing could prepare him for the sight that emerged from the other side of the screen. A short lithe woman of about 110 pounds went behind the screen but a beautiful chub of approximately 250 pounds emerged. Bob's mouth went dry!

If she was good looking before, she was beautiful now. The red dress had grown with her and now caressed her bulging form. A cute little potbelly spilled out in front of her and the legs that showed under the dress had gotten a lot bigger. She smiled, showing off a sexy little double chin and the beginnings of some devastating dimples. She slowly walked in front of the screen, showing off her new figure.

"Well, I see I have gotten your attention. But I really don't know..." With that, she disappeared behind the screen again. This time Bob heard her giggle. But even with that warning he was not ready for the form that waddled from the other side of the screen. The once lithe girl now was a 400-pound bulging behemoth. She waddled towards the bed that held a stunned Bob. He was speechless, but his erection let her know that she now had his undivided attention. He watched her slowly move toward him. A sly smile spread across her face.

"Ohhh, I didn't know how sexy I would feel like this. Boy, I could stay like this forever." She caressed her large bulging belly. The red dress had miraculously grown with her. Although it was stressed to the bursting point it was still intact. Her face was now haloed by second chin and the beginning of a third. Her face had grown a beautiful set of jowls, and her dimples were works of art.

"Now, baby, let's see what we can do about this." She motioned toward Bob's raging hard on. Right now he could cut diamonds with it. The elf waddled forward, the rapid rise in weight was quite a strain on her. She was beginning to huff and puff. But the glazed look in her eyes was that of a sex-crazed maniac. She lifted the sheet off of him with the grace of a waitress lifting the cover from a sliver platter. Bob watched with glee as her inflated upper arm jiggled for several seconds after the motion. The effect on his companion was the same as a hungry diner. She began to lick her lips in anticipation of her upcoming treat.

"Wow, what a dream!" Bob exclaimed closing his eyes in disbelief. He heard a slight "hummpf." He then heard, "I'll show you!"

Two things happened almost simultaneously. Bob opened his eyes, and he heard his female companion say, "Oops!" Instead of a 400 pounder standing there, there was now a 750 pounder. She was now so fat she could hardly walk. The red mini skirt was stretched so tight that Bob was amazed that it was still in one piece; in fact it had started to split at the largest roll of her belly. Her thighs had become a series of rolls that spilled over her knees and flowed over the top of her boots. Even though the dress had grown with her, well over a foot of belly spilled from under the bottom her skirt. Her face was now a sea of jowls and chins. Her eyes were closed and her teeth held her bottom lip. Her fat hands traveled up and down the mass of her distended belly, her upper arms jiggling at each move. Then she shuddered in an orgasm.

As soon as she could catch her breath the elf looked at Bob. "Now, how would you like to be able to do this to any woman that you wanted? Is that a good wish?"

Her hand moved under the sheet and found his rock hard erection. As she began to manipulate his man hood he closed his eyes. She repeated the question and as Bob lost his load he groaned, "Oh, yeah."

Several minutes later Bob opened his eyes. Finding himself alone in the room he thought that he had just had a terribly erotic dream. He was then worried that he would have to clean up his mess, but there was no evidence of cum in the bed.

He laughed it off and fell into a fitful sleep. A few hours later he woke up to find a doctor in the room. "Good afternoon, Mr. Anderson. I am glad to find that you are awake. Your core temperature is normal and you seem to have made a remarkable recovery. If you feel up to it I will release you."

"Yeah doc, I'm up to it. By the way, could my problem bring on hallucinations?"

The doctor thought for a second then answered, "Yes, I believe that I have heard of this in some cases of hypothermia. It is like being in a sleep state. Some people have encountered REM sleep in some of these cases."

Bob was released in a little more than an hour. He was met by one of the brothers from the church. The brother wanted to drive Bob home, but he insisted that he could drive. After collecting his car Bob began the drive home. His mind kept drifting back to his elf dream. With a smile he drove to his house.

He arrived at his house just after sunset on Christmas Eve.

He walked slowly up to the door. When he reached the door he realized that he did not have his house key. Father Damien must have removed it so that there would be less risk of it being stolen. He reached out to ring the bell when the door opened.

Deb stood there waiting for him. "Oh. lover. The doctor called and told me that you had been released. I then called the church and was told that you were on the way home. Are you alright? Come in."

Bob followed his wife into the house. She stood only 5'1" tall. She was very well developed. He watched as her ass swayed from side to side. She was wearing a white lacy cover-up. When she turned around in the front room he looked down in to her white cleavage. Deb might have looked like a little girl, but she had tits so big that any men's magazine would have killed to get her on the cover.

Under the cover-up Deb wore a white teddy. Bob had bought it for her birthday a month ago. While he had tried to get the size right it was just a little too big. As he stood there he let his mind wander to the "gift" he had been given. He wished that he could fatten up Deb. He would turn her into a willing blob of fat. Of course, it would take a few hours. He wanted to enjoy this. Smiling he kissed his wife and went upstairs to take a shower.

"Babe, hurry up. Remember I have that party for my club tonight." Bob grumbled a little, but move quickly though his shower. As he was toweling off he noticed that the ice had left a bruise on his side. It was then that he noticed what he thought was a dressing gown on the bed. It was huge. The red garment covered almost all of the double king sized mattress.

Bob finished dressing and went down stairs. Deb was sitting on the couch. In front of her was a pizza box. She stood to go take her shower. As she did Bob noticed that the teddy was now quite snug. Thinking that it had shrunk in the wash he made a mental note to take it back to see if he could ensure that it would not get any smaller.

Deb walked past him munching on the last slice of pizza. She mumbled something about having a quick snack. Bob looked at her and was shocked to see that the teddy was ripped and her thighs seemed larger.

Bob sat down with a drink. This can't be right, he thought. Women don't gain 15-20 pounds in a few minutes. It must be the strain of the hypothermia. He chuckled at his "gift."

The doorbell rang and he moved to get it. He was greeted by two girls in French maids' uniforms. One was brunette and the other was a redhead. They asked where the kitchen was and then began to get to work. The brunette carried on a conversation with Bob as she set up a second folding table. She was much taller than either Deb or her red headed friend. Bob noticed that she was quite leggy and reminded him of Geena Davis.

Bob heard Deb coming down the stairs from the bedroom. "Love, could you help me with this belt?"

He turned and was shocked to see her dressed in the red tent that he had thought was a dressing gown. She was attempting to belt the waist of the dress and then distribute the gathered material. When he questioned her she answered that it was a gift from Mai-Li. "It was so funny. I opened the box to find a dress that was a size 70. And then we found that a side had been folded over when it was made. Who knows how big it really is."

The dress hung to the floor. Bob noticed that she seemed even heavier than before. She must have gained some weight and he had not noticed. Deb moved to the table and began to tell the catering people how to set up the party. The doorbell rang and Bob moved to get it. It was Mai-Li. She looked like an oversexed china doll. Raven black hair hung to her knees and blue eyes sparkled. Her father had been a missionary. Her parents fled China just after the Second World War. She had been born very late in their lives. She had been orphaned when young.

Dressed in a skintight spandex mini Mai-Li was drop dead gorgeous. She entered the room and asked where she could place her load. She walked to the table and dropped off her two layer cakes. She was having a little problem walking on the carpet in her heels. There were the only thing that made her 2" taller than Deb. As the girls chatted Bob moved to the kitchen.

As he poured himself a cup of coffee, the redhead was making up a cold cut platter. She looked up at him as she popped a piece of smoked turkey breast into her mouth. Bob smiled at her as she smiled back.

As he entered the front room the doorbell rang again. He opened the door to find two of Deb's friends, Erika and Linda. Both were wearing coats. Bob reached out to take their bundles. He carried them to the table. Both were canvas bags that held a few containers. The Geena Davis look-a-like took them from him and shooed him away. He turned to notice that Deb had regained her seat on the couch and was presiding over the party like a queen.

Bob turned to answer a question from Mai-Li on how he was feeling. He was shocked to see that the spandex mini was hugging a bulging belly. He answered the question and as he did so he could swear that Mai-Li got fatter. Shaken, Bob moved to the bar and mixed a drink.

He nursed the drink and looked around. Each and every girl in the room was gaining weight right before his eyes. Linda now had love handles hanging over her jeans and Erika's top was straining to hold what looked like 44DDs. Bob shook his head. This was impossible, but it was happening. He walked over and gave Linda a "Christmas hug;" while he was doing so he grabbed one of her love handles. Linda giggled as they separated.

While he was taking this in he looked over to the food table. It was groaning under the weight of enough food to feed a regiment. He looked to the couch where Deb was holding court with her ladies. She had a hunk of chocolate cake in one hand and an éclair in the other. She chewed what was in her mouth and then stuffed the éclair in. She stood up to walk to the table. Erika motioned for her to sit back down. Deb reached down to her belt. Bob was amazed to see that her belly was trying to over and underflow it. She tried to loosen it. It seemed that she had loosened it and it was now at the end of its length. Deb sat back down as Erika brought her another plate from the table.

Bob moved into the kitchen to try to make sense out of the situation. There he found that both of the catering girls were not immune to the effects of his gift. The redhead seemingly had gained the most. She now barely fit into her maid's uniform. Most of the weight had settled below her waist and her cheeks were beginning to show.

He returned to the front room to find that the effect had not stopped; in fact it seemed to have accelerated. Mai-Li's dress was straining to cover her newly found belly and his. Linda had lost a few buttons on the bottom of her blouse and her belly now overflowed her waistband. He looked over to the couch and almost came on the spot. Deb's belt and finally given up the ghost. He could see where the remnants lay on the couch. Her belly swelled in front of her. Her face was now round with a second chin. She looked up into his eyes and smiled. She was still chewing something. Erika waddled over and asked him to get something from a back room. When he retrieved the item he was not surprised to find that it was a huge layer cake. He could not help looking into the massive cleavage that she was now sporting that two of her shirts buttons had popped off.

As he was placing the cake down, the door bell rang. Deb heaved herself off of the couch and waved her entourage away and waddled toward the door. Bob was amazed to see that the outline of her hips was becoming visible even under the monstrous dress. She seemed to be having some trouble with the dress. It swirled in between her legs and threatened to trip her. She opened the door to let the two missing women in. Norma was a tall blonde that ran the aerobics academy that Deb used to attend. She looked as if she had quit using it also. Bob estimated that she was pushing 200 pounds. With her was Susan, her sister. Susan used to be Norma's prize student and a part time model. Susan looked as if her next modeling job would be for a super-sized clothing house.

Deb waved them toward the table. The two newcomers looked like a mini-stampede to get to the food. As Deb walked back to the couch she nearly tripped. Cursing, she bundled up the front of her dress and raised the hem to 5" above her knees. Bob's jaw dropped when he saw those knees. Her thighs now met all the way to her knees. They jiggled as she walked and Bob could see where a few rolls were forming on the inside of both of her thighs.

Over the next hours Bob turned from one sight to another. Mai-Li's dress continued to stretch over her expanding body. Bob found her look of an over-inflated china doll to be very erotic. As the chins formed and obscured her neck she smiled more. Her belly hung over the waistband of the struggling spandex and hung to where the hem had climbed. She was the first to leave. Waddling toward the door Bob was wondering if she would fit through it. She did by turning sideways.

Linda was the next to leave. She was wearing a bed sheet. Her jeans had split over an hour ago. Her hips had spread to over 100" across. As she waddled she rolled from side to side. Bob had gotten a look at her thighs when the jeans burst and was in lust. They had turned into columns of rolls. She smiled at Bob as she left and winked over her shoulder. Bob could have sworn that she had attempted to shake her hips.

Erika and Susan left together. They were going hit several fast food joints then move to Erika's. They had called their boyfriends and were planning a party of their own. Erika's bustline had kept up with her belly. They would have hung past her knees except for her belly. She would have to buy all of her bras special order. She had outgrown all of the specialty stores. Susan would never model again. She must have tipped the scales at just under 700 pounds, which made her slightly smaller than Erika. Her belly hung past her knees and moved as she walked.

Norma was sitting in a chair near the serving table. The table was finally decimated. Bob was sure that Norma had also reached a career change. He wondered if she would fit though the double door to the side yard, let alone the door to her shop. Sitting, her belly hung to the floor. Her hips hung over the chair, obscuring it. As she chewed the last things on her plate her chins and jowls shifted around and were a joy to behold. Her upper arms had burst though her dress and flowed over her elbows. Her wrists disappeared in a roll of fat. She licked her fat fingers to get the last drops of chocolate. Bob had to help her to her feet. She waddled to the double doors and squeezed through.

Bob went into the kitchen to tell the serving girls that they could leave. The brunette was waddling toward a chair. She was breathing heavily. But she was in better shape than her friend. The redhead sat on the floor. Her knees had buckled under her massive weight. She sat there, the remnants of her uniform in her rolls, eating the last of the éclairs. The brunette looked over, "I'll help Crystal get out of here as soon as I catch my breath."

Bob nodded and left the room. He looked to the couch and once again fell into a speechless lust ridden coma. He had watched over the evening as she had grown. Slowly filling out the tent-like dress. As she began to overload it Bob found that he was filling her dishes; the other girls were getting too big. Her jowls and chins made turning her head more difficult. Still she ate, then the seams began to give. Then she was sitting there in rags and still she grew. Then just after Linda left the couch shuddered and gave way.

There was no way that he could get her to her feet. Bob walked over and began to massage the nearest roll. Deb shuddered and munched. Bob reached over and took the last of the food and set it on her belly shelf where she could reach it. As he was getting around to finding his bride's new erogenous zones the doorbell rang.

Grumbling, Bob answered the door. He found himself looking at the elf. She was as big as he remembered her. She giggled and walked into the room. Turning, she looked at Bob. "I will not stay long. I was just wondering how you liked your gift. Poor girls! Mai Li's dress exploded just as she got home. I don't think that Erika's and Susan's boyfriends will ever get over this night. Norma is going to need a crane to get out of bed in the morning and Linda is designing jeans that can fit her new ass. What about...Oh my."

The elf turned and finally saw Deb. She smiled and looked at Bob. "Well in the morning there will be a new teddy for her. She is your present. Just remember, the gift isn't over; just use it sparingly. Merry Christmas, Bob!"